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Rabbit Doubt


The Liar Must Die.
We Will Hang Him Up High.
To Show The Wolf,
What His Fate Will Bring,
If He, Is Still, Alive.

One day, A wolf snuck into a group of friendly rabbits. As the others fell asleep, the wolf appeared in it's natural form. Day by Day, the wolf killed the rabbits. The rabbits, not knowing which of them was the wolf, arranged a(n) meeting. And then... the tribunal decided on which one of them that they believed was the wolf and killed it by hanging it. If they chose correctly, the rabbits win. If they where wrong... the wolf wins and kills all of the rabbits. This is a story of such a game... though, thing is, rabbits can't kill wolves.

In 2010, a game was made online called Rabbit Doubt. The game was virtual and each player picked a rabbit; there was seven players at the most and one or two people would be the wolf. The wolf(ves) would go and kill one rabbit per day; after each kill, the rabbits would chose which one of them they thought was the killer and killed them by hanging them. If they where correct in their chose, then the rabbits gained extra points, if they where wrong, then they would continue until each of the wolf(ves) or rabbits died; the winner getting most points.

The game was popular amongst the young people and everyone has played at least once by 2011. The game even flourished into actual games like Wii or X-Box games it became so popular. In 2012, many people started to meet up with each other and have fun games and go to small areas where they could talk, always out in public and soon, they even invented charms. The charms where of a rabbit being hung and it showed many people that they where involved in the game. At the start of 2013, a small group went missing that where involved in the game.

When the group was found, only one person was alive and he was holding the head of a small boy to be about fourteen or fifteen years old. The boy was put into custody and questioned, though, the only thing they got out of him was the taunting song that had the tune of Ring Around The Roses, "The Liar Must Die. We'll Hang Him Up High, To Show The Wolf, What His Fate Will Bring, If He, Is Still, Alive." With out further questions, he was put in an insane asylum until he was found hanging up in the room dead. The case was closed as a suicide and everything was gone; or so thought. Despite that, the game was still very famous amongst the young folk, meetings where still held and everything went on like a normal life. Oh how naive they where...

You and the other players of the game decided to make a small meeting and rented out a restaurant; everyone was enjoying it so well and you seemed to be having fun yourself. There was eight people in the room and all of them seemed to be enjoying it well, even the ones you thought where weird at first. Though, you feel fairly weird about yourself and suddenly, your world goes completely black at the sharp pain that was jolted in your neck. As soon you wake up, your in an unknown place that is empty, though, the smell of rotting flesh and heavy metal is all around you and almost makes you sick; but you also realize that there are others around you, all of them... except one.

Your trapped in one room and you tend to get a bit scared and claustrophobic, but then you realize that you have a barcode on one part of your body; you also realize that there are scanners on the doors, there are two doors. Even though the curiosity is killing you, you wait for the others to awake...

-Each post must be at least seven to eight sentences. Each sentence should have very descriptive details to them along with good grammar and spelling; writer's block is an excuse I will only accept every so often. I doubt you will have it here though(:

You must post at least twice a day every day. If you will be gone more than two days, then you will most likely be killed off, but if you wish to save your character, then you are welcome to; if you are gone more than two days WITH OUT telling me, then your character will be killed off with ease. I will send you PM when your character is killed off. If you wish to quite, please let us know and we will either open up a new slot or kill your character.

+The Wolf.+
I would prefer there to be one wolf, but a second one is available if I think you are qualified to play the wolf. First, you would have to PM me if you want to be the wolf. I would prefer the wolves to stay hidden and to be sly and smart. I also require the rabbits to not discover the wolves right off the bat, its annoying and it ruins the whole rp. At first, the wolves WILL NOT kill the rabbits until twenty four hours IN THE RP has past. When the wolves do kill, if there is more than one, then the wolves will PM each other to figure out who they kill. When they decide on who will be killed, they both PM the person they want to kill and kill them. That person will post the death of their character. -Part of this rule's credit goes to Lullyn-

I highly doubt that romance will be involved in this roleplay, but if so, keep it at a minimum. I personally don't want there to be romance, it gets in the way; but with violence, gore, other stuff similar to that is always welcomed.(:

+Killings, Accusings, and Similar Things.+
Lets face it, your character will most likely be killed in one point of the game, but thats why I prefer to take the killings slow and what not. Accusions won't take place until the second killing and all people will vote on who they think should be killed off in OOC. Though, please remember, just because you know who the wolf is, doesn't mean you can vote it off. Please be rational about it, and hey, that's the chance where you can vote off a person you don't like... just kidding.(:

Check in the OOC area for updates, votings and other such things that may be important. Be nice and respectful in the OOC and talk about what ever in the CORRECT box.

+The Game.+
The game is EVERLASTING. Once (More like IF) the rabbits are all killed, the slots will re-open and the game will start again. If the wolf is killed, then the rabbits will become free and will most likely play again if they want while the wolf slot will be opened up. If every player quits, then the wolf automatically wins and the player slots will be opened up.

Reservations will only be held for twenty four hours. If your character is not submitted by then, then I will announce that your reservation is up in OOC and PM. If you wish to reserve again, then tell me and I will hold up for another twenty four hours... TWO PEOPLE MAX CAN RESERVE FOR ONE CHARACTER. THE BEST WILL BE PICKED OUT OF THE TWO.

HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(:


The Players.
Player 1 (Taken By Silver Majix)
Player 2 (Taken By TheLastHunter)
Player 3 (Taken By Me.)
Player 4 (Taken By OverworkedWarden)
Player 5 (Taken By seventhesage)
Player 6
Player 7
Player 8(Optional.)
Player 9 (Optional)

~Character Skeleton.~






(Anime picture, if no picture, then you must give a detailed two paragraph description. If you give both, a detailed description AND a picture, then you have a better chance of getting accepted.)

(Detailed fourteen sentences. Everything, quirks, the bad things, the good things, their likes, dislikes... etc.)

Where is your barcode-
(Hand, Neck, stomach, chest... etc.)

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Unknown Building. 2013

Unknown Building. 2013 by +delusional+world+

The Unknown Building. [look inside for more.]

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Character Portrait: Matyoshka Milaszewska
Matyoshka Milaszewska

"If you are the wolf, you don't seem mean..."

Character Portrait: Kelsi Britchwaters.
Kelsi Britchwaters.

"A wolf in a rabbit's cloak, eh?"

Character Portrait: Shoko Hara
Shoko Hara

"Before you kill me Wolf-san, would you mind letting me finish me chocolate?"


Character Portrait: Matyoshka Milaszewska
Matyoshka Milaszewska

"If you are the wolf, you don't seem mean..."

Character Portrait: Kelsi Britchwaters.
Kelsi Britchwaters.

"A wolf in a rabbit's cloak, eh?"

Character Portrait: Shoko Hara
Shoko Hara

"Before you kill me Wolf-san, would you mind letting me finish me chocolate?"

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Character Portrait: Kelsi Britchwaters.
Kelsi Britchwaters.

"A wolf in a rabbit's cloak, eh?"

Character Portrait: Matyoshka Milaszewska
Matyoshka Milaszewska

"If you are the wolf, you don't seem mean..."

Character Portrait: Shoko Hara
Shoko Hara

"Before you kill me Wolf-san, would you mind letting me finish me chocolate?"

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Unknown Building. 2013

Unknown Building. 2013 by +delusional+world+

The Unknown Building. [look inside for more.]

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