Saruhiko Rei

Helpful but sarcastic... Mr. Wolf if you target me please do be kind about it

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a character in “Rabbit Doubt”, as played by MysteriousIllusion


Name: Saruhiko Rei
Nickname: Scarf Boy
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Role: Player 6
Appearance: Image
Appearance description:
Saruhiko has incredibly pale skin that has no sign of any blemishes on it. His eyes are a piercing violet colour despite being mostly blind. His hair is a dark brown that gets lighter around the tips. He is always wearing a blank grey scarf, that has no sign of any insignia or decoration. His glasses have black ivory frames and stand out against his pale white skin.

His expression always appears to be completely blank, no sign of emotion is ever seen on his face. He is quite short for a male and is often teased about his height. He has a medium build and isn't very strong in comparison to other men.

Personality: At first he can come off as incredibly cold, but actually has a desire to help others. He cannot see without his glasses at all, so it's best not to take them off. He shows a lack of expression when talking and always seems to be on another planet when being spoken to. In his heart of hearts, he cares for others and wants nothing more then to expose the wolf and save as many as possible. He enjoys reading and having an afternoon nap, sometimes this can occur at the same time. He detests exam periods despite his passing grades and also hates karaoke. He lacks the ability to sing and aspires to be a novel writer one day. He also wants to find somebody to love but due to his expressionless nature has zero luck. Some of his other interests include pagan mythology and playing video games. When he isn't at school or at home, he is usually seen in a book store looking at the English section or at his part time job. During the course of playing Rabbit doubt, he discovered a new love for discovering murderers within a group of innocents and began to read manga and novels with such central themes. Both his parents disregard him due to not meeting their perfect score standards and tend to blame this on his addiction to Rabbit Doubt. On the day before it happened, he moved out of his parent's house and began renting an apartment on what little money from his job. He has no connections to the other players aside from playing Rabbit Doubt.
Barcode: Ankle

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