Toji Okami

A young wanderer

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a character in “Radiant Gardens Bar/Inn: KH&FF”, as played by Hellbreaker


Character Name: Toji Okami
Age: 16/7
Home World: Okamia
Occupation: Bodyguard/Security/Entertainer
Personality: A goofy, care free guy, he tends to remind older characters of younger siblings. He's also loyal, ironwilled, and not exactly amiable to bullies and whatnot.He loves fish and root beer, and loves a good fight/spar. He doesn't like heartless, or anyone who's a threat to his 'pack'.He's also kind of naive, and
History:He was born on the world OKamia. Okamia was split into two nations, THe Okami clan, a clan of ninjas and warriors desended from lightning wolf demons, and The Mechaniks, a nation of people who who used steampunk technology. Toji is the son of the Okami Cheiftain, and since he was old enough he was trained to fight with the Okami Ninjato, and lightning magic.He was also trained in using ninja style techiniques. One day, he happened upon a portal. Unknown to him, this portal was formed by a traitor, who pushed him in. Since then, he's been wandering, trying to find his home again.In his journeys, he's learned to play the ocarinia, and carries one to entertain himself, and also to get a extra bit of munny.

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