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Space opera adventure in the far, far future of mankind, featuring amazing technologies, exotic ruins, exciting battles, stellar tyrants, weird apocalyptic cults, and a mystery about the nature of humanity itself...with a 1980s sound track. ACES!

392 readers have visited RADICAL SPACE since DocRotwang created it.


Space is big, and we're everywhere in it. Once we had RAD-capable starships, there was no stopping us; the Reciprocal Alternate Dimension was our bridge to everywhere, and we did what we did best: go somewhere, and adapt to it.

Our civilizations have risen and fallen more times than most people can count, and there's evidence of our presence everywhere you look: glittering megacities, domes holding back exotic atmospheres, sprawling space stations...and ruins. Boy, have we left ruins. Some, we've rebulit. Some we fled, and have been taken by the inexorable forces of time and entropy.

But there's a funny thing about all those human fingerprints all over the stars:

All those aliens we expected to meet, out among the stars? Not a one. Not a living one, anyway -- just plenty of non-sentient ones, and a few dead ones.

Very, very dead ones.

They have left their ruins in places, but none seem to have made it off their own planets. That's The Human Conundrum -- perhaps the greatest mystery of our existence. Forget about why we're here. The real question is this:

Why are we still, and everyone else is dead?

In this game, you'll play freelance stellar adventurers and archaeologists -- interplanetary tomb raiders plundering humanity's rich history and, on occasion, someone else's, searching for the answer to the question of why it's just us. There will be gangsters, empires, bizarre religions, and even strange (but non-sentient) creatures making that hard on you...especially when some of them don't want answers.

NOTE: I've put some sample characters in the CHARACTERS section. You don't have to play them, but you can if you want; if nothing else, they serve as, um...sample characters.

Fire up some DEVO, A Flock Of Seagulls, and Thomas Dolby. We're going to mess with the future.

TL;DR: This game will take place in my own homebrew space opera setting, Radical Space, which -so far as anyone can tell- is like a big wad of Fading Suns, Traveller, Star Wars and Raiders of the Lost Ark, only without aliens and woo, all stuck together by my New Wave music collection.

Toggle Rules

  1. PLEASE, no anime tropes!
  2. No alien/non-human characters
  3. The GM will try to post at least once a day
  4. Please post at least one paragraph; bonus points for good dialogue and evocative dialogue
  5. Just to be clear, no anime stuff!
  6. The mood is pulpy, cinematic, stylish and a little quirky: think Star Wars (the original trilogy), the Indiana Jones series, Leon/The Professional, Streets of Fire, etc.
  7. Familiarity with 80s pop music is not necessary, but will be rewarding, because this thing fairly oozes with it
  8. Did I mention the part about how no anime? Because, seriously, no anime.

If you wanna play "RADICAL SPACE" (and why wouldn't you?), you'll need a character. And to help you to put one together, here's a thing: a character sheet!

Sort of!

How about you just fill out the following information? Note the examples I've added.

Names in Radical Space are remarkably like those of contemporary humans, except when they're not. A good way to start is to mix-and-match names from different cultures, or just go whole-hog on one and one alone. Also, don't hesitate to toss in weird-sounding words -- those are good. If all else fails, remember the following formula: first name=one syllable, second name=two syllables. Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon, Han Solo, Mal Reynolds...see?

Examples: Lev Zeno, Rand Mordane, Sendero Chispita Trevi de Mecano Y Rosasalvaje Belmez, Kobayashi Flynn, Min Raodang

The elevator pitch that sums up what your character is about -- who he is and what he does. Think of it as your role, your calling, your job, or just the thing that defines your character most.

When thinking about your character, remember this fact above all: she's human. That means she has virtues and flaws, and the dichotomy of the two can be interesting. Note that you're encouraged to be a little quirky up in here. It's cool.

Examples: Nosy Xenoarchaeologist, Bored Noble, Smuggler With Scruples, Creepy Weirdo Pirate Chick

Nobody's perfect. Humans least of all. And people who never have anything go wrong for 'em are boring as wet toast.

Don't be boring as wet toast. Come up with some challenge that recurs in your character's life -- either a flaw he himself has, or something that he just kinda keeps running into.

Examples: Nothing Makes Me Happy Anymore; Wanted By The Galaxian Empire For Crimes Against Their Ego; Easily Discouraged; Raised By Technophobes

This one's easy. Define the following:

  • Something you're great at
  • Something you're good at
  • Something else you're good at
  • Something you suck at

Don't be too broad, but don't hobble yourself by being too specific.

Examples: Piloting A Starship; Shooting; Charm & Persuasion; Exoarchaeology; Computer Operations; Research; Keeping Cool When Things Get Hot

Why in the hell are you zooming around the galaxy getting into trouble? What's in it for you? ANSWER ME!

  • Imagine your character is in a movie. What does she look like?
  • What did your character do before he started doing whatever it is he's doing now?
  • What are some other details about your character that you think are relevant, or that you want the 'audience' to know?

That's it. You're done. Submit the character and crack open a root beer.

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Character Portrait: Sendero Chispita Trevi de Mecano Rosasalvaje
Character Portrait: Lev Zeno
Character Portrait: Io Nova


Character Portrait: Io Nova
Io Nova

"Kleptomaniac Space Scavenger"

Character Portrait: Lev Zeno
Lev Zeno

Galactic Wanderer In Search Of...Something.

Character Portrait: Sendero Chispita Trevi de Mecano Rosasalvaje
Sendero Chispita Trevi de Mecano Rosasalvaje

Eager Young Xenoarchaeologist


Character Portrait: Lev Zeno
Lev Zeno

Galactic Wanderer In Search Of...Something.

Character Portrait: Sendero Chispita Trevi de Mecano Rosasalvaje
Sendero Chispita Trevi de Mecano Rosasalvaje

Eager Young Xenoarchaeologist

Character Portrait: Io Nova
Io Nova

"Kleptomaniac Space Scavenger"

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Sendero Chispita Trevi de Mecano Rosasalvaje
Sendero Chispita Trevi de Mecano Rosasalvaje

Eager Young Xenoarchaeologist

Character Portrait: Io Nova
Io Nova

"Kleptomaniac Space Scavenger"

Character Portrait: Lev Zeno
Lev Zeno

Galactic Wanderer In Search Of...Something.

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Well, it took not only a while, but also a change of ideas, then a combination of both the original and the new character ideas, and now I've gone with two characters instead of one. I even invited a friend of mine to the RP as well. Sorry to have kept you guys waiting. ^^


Woot to the woot. You should advertise this story on the forums to attract more players.


AnitaBreak wrote:Sorry, I've been working like a mad foo' on my own little baby on here in a completely obsessive manner. I'm posting my character right now. XD



Sorry, I've been working like a mad foo' on my own little baby on here in a completely obsessive manner. I'm posting my character right now. XD


Bring it on! Where is everybody?


80s space opera?

This demands a psychotic AI complete with billions of flashing lights.

As in, Skynet meets HAL 9000 meets DURANDAL-1707 (yes I know only Skynet is 80s).

Char inbound.


Well, there's a reason for the no aliens. But anyway, yeah! Write up a character, fella or fella-ette!


Oh an 80s Space Opera RP! I do love both of those things in equal amount. This RP needs more love.
Though I am sad for the lack of aliens. Firefly didn't have any aliens and it was a solid Space Opera.

I'll get to working on a character. I am thinking of a guy named Chaz, Chaz Lightley. Such a sleazebag name*. It will be a fun sleazebag character.

*apologies to anyone named Chaz.


Dude it totally worked. Aces.


I am posting a reply,


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