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Anna Birdbrooke

"I'm trying to think of something witty to say right now..."

0 · 175 views · located in Maldoy Academy, La Veta, Colorado

a character in “Radioactive: The List”, as played by Phoeni




Anna Dorothy Birdbrooke

Anna can’t really be shortened.


“I can literally break and bend the rules of logic and physics. Well, not exactly literally, its extremely complicated so I’ll just cut to the point. I can make your wildest dreams come true. I could fly, or maybe create a unicorn. Your childhood imaginary friend could be real. Sounds benevolent, right? The things that you imagine always turn bad or are bad. For example your imaginary friend will become your imaginary enemy. I can also make your most petrifying nightmares come true. What is that thought in the corner of your mind that literally terrifies you? Be it the devil or a giant arachnid I could create it. My creations are also actually real, as if they weren’t that would be classed as illusion manipulation.

There are some limitations after all, which I find slightly ironic. I can create ‘universes’ from my mind, living hells, although I need to be in a trance to do this. A universe is 1 hour in my time to 5 minutes in normal time. I can change this, although it takes a lot of effort. Too much gives me barely tolerable headaches and ringing sensations in my ears, which I fear may lead to some more sinister problems. “

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Which Side?: Evil

“Yes, I’m evil. I wasn’t really surprised, rather annoyed. Most of my friends were on the ‘good’ side, and good always wins. I don’t really want to be on the same side as Ursula and The Ice Queen! Just joking, although I’d rather have a power that would do good. ”

  • Nights In
  • Her guitar
  • Old Movies
  • Far away galaxies
  • Classic books and anything by John Green
  • Cookie dough
  • Singing


  • Chewing gum- both chewing it and people chewing it in her face
  • Small Insects/Parasites
  • People who think they know everything
  • People who think it’s cool to be ‘bad’
  • Stereotypes
  • Anything sickly sweet, such as candyfloss

  • She’ll become truly evil.
  • She won’t be able to control her power and will be caught up in a chaotic mess of fear.
  • Natural predators of humans.


“There's a rumbling inside of me. A stampede of feet, paws, hooves, claws. A want to explore, a need to rebel, a must to climb and yell and scream and shout. perhaps it's just a nature of mine, but I have always had the strongest of yearnings to stretch boundaries, break rules, take off into the night like a bandit and return as the rising sun that breaks over the horizon. I simply must stretch, fight, break the rules a thousand times over. I’m not a bitch. Nor a slut either. I’m not a drunkard or an attention-seeker, I’m me. Labels. Stereotypes. And when I get criticized for being one of those things, my favorite comeback is "Shut up," because it works on all occasions. I never really liked staying anywhere, you know? From my very first memory, all I've ever wanted to do was explore and visit the places beyond the US. I felt like I was being held back from something bigger than us. I thought that somewhere out there was my purpose in life. All I've wanted to do since was look for it. I wander the world looking for it every day. I'm not happy just sitting around waiting for the day. I know there's something bigger for me waiting out there. I can hear it calling my name at night and it puts a smile on my face thinking I might actually find it one day.

I don't get along well with people who don't get along well with me. I hate stuck up people, rude people, people who restrict me, confide me, close me up and squeeze me with their hands until I can barely breathe. People who remind me of my mother and my sister. I'm rough and tumble, as tough as nails and steel.. I'm quick to snap back with sarcasm, a temper worse than a dragon from storybooks, and am prone to jealous fits when I don't get my way. I'll never be her, I never was my sister. But sometimes, in moments when I hear bursts of laughter from the kitchen, or the living room, or anywhere throughout the house I am not, I can't help but feel that they would be better off without me. I am a hassle, a problem.

I like to sing. Singing makes me happy and I'm good at it. Maybe that's what I'm supposed to do. I don't know, but I know it makes me happy and I want to do it. I'm kind of competitive about it. I always like to one-up people in anything I can do. I don't even know why, but it's always been like "I know I'm better than you and I'm going to prove it." Maybe that's mean to you, but to me it's something I have to do to get ahead in life. Ain't no one going to step aside for you unless you knock them down first. I also like to be positive. I also like to pluck the humour out of ordinary situations. I tend to veer towards sarcasm or downright randomness, but that’s just my sense of humor. Personally, I hate sexual humour, and how women are portrayed in the media. My favourite place is in the comfort of my own bedroom, as I feel that no one can really judge me, and I can be myself."

History: Anna was born to a small family of four in Lousiana. Her father is dead somehow,she doesn’t remember exactly and doesn’t really want to. Her siblings were a strange bunch, all of them male except for her sister Tina and her other sister who nobody likes to talk about. Tina was the kind of girl who you could picture cooking a meal in suburbia. Their mother, who worked from home wasn’t mean at all, but Anna hated how she stopped her from doing anything remotely dangerous. Her mother favoured Tina, and although she tried not to show it, it definitely shined through her actions. Tina got all the new toys. Tina got a phone. It continued until Anna decided enough was enough, and she altered reality to make Tina not her sister.

Scared by her newfound power, Anna was referred to the school by a friend of her dads, who was also apparently gifted, and she has studied there for years. Unknowingly she was split into the ‘bad’ category. But, she doesn’t really mind and finds the whole thing a bit stupid.

Theme Song:
Mindy Gledhill || I Do Adore || This is how I imagine Anna’s voice.

So begins...

Anna Birdbrooke's Story