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Elliot Reynolds

"I know what happened, but don't worry, your secret's safe with me."

0 · 394 views · located in Maldoy Academy, La Veta, Colorado

a character in “Radioactive: The List”, as played by Angel's Whisper


Elliot Reynolds


Name: Elliot Tommy Reynolds
Nickname: "A lot of people call me 'El' or 'Elly', I don't really mind either, some people even just call me 'Reynolds', I'm fine with anything."
Age: 18
Sexuality: Heterosexual "I'm friends with a lot of guys, but I wouldn't feel comfortable with anything more than that-not that I'm against it or anything, I'm just not into that sorta thing."

Power: "Retrocognition comes in pretty useful behind the scenes of a battle. With one touch I can shuffle through the past of someone or something I never met before or even have seen before. I can gather information to start wars if I wished-but you know-I'd never do that cuz that's just wrong and everything. It also works with items, so if anyone were to steal something I'd know exactly who was the culprit, it came pretty useful when I lost my phone in the airport. I accidentally bumped into a guy and had a flash of memory about my phone, turns out he found it and was just about to bring it to the lost and found. Another perk is that there is very rarely anyone who can shield themselves mentally from my retrocognition, sometimes there are a few some that can resist, but they will eventually give in. While I am going through memories, the victim will be rendered brain dead until I exit their consciousness, so it's pretty useful.
Despite how useful I think my ability is, it's practically useless when it comes to battle. I mean, sure I can find crucial information like the headquarters or main base of enemies and direct people to where ever it is, but that's usually where the usefulness of my ability ends. I'm also rather defenseless when shuffling through the memories of someone or something. I could easily be attacked while I'm preoccupied. Going through a memory takes just as much time as it actually happened in the past, so if it took you five minutes to walk from home to school, it'll take five minutes to go through that memory. That doesn't mean I have to watch every single memory however, I can keep going through until I reach the certain memory I want.

Which Side?:
"Good, of course."
"I didn't exactly get why the school is sorta divided, and I felt kinda bad for the people on the 'evil' side cuz some looked genuinely upset or confused as to why. I guess a substantial part of the decision comes from your power. Retrocognition isn't exactly harmful, if you hadn't noticed yet, so I guess I wasn't seen as a threat, ergo put in the good side. I could see why some of the evil kids got put in there though, some of their powers were designed purposely to hurt people. Still felt kinda bad for them though..."

+Genuine, sincere people
+Self defense
+Breezy, sunny days

-Hurtful comments
-Being told he can't do something
-Storms/Natural disasters
-Leaving anyone behind
-Jump scares
-Being alone for long periods of time

Fears: Ever since he was little, Elliot dreaded becoming a burden to someone and always tried his best to keep from becoming exactly that. He's also had a slight fear of heights. It doesn't bother him when he knows he's safe like on an airplane or a rollercoaster, where he's strapped into the seat, but when it comes to a high rail or just a plain of glass that's keeping him from falling, he'd rather keep a respectable distance away. Thirdly he has a fear of being abandoned or lost. He suffered a rather traumatizing experience when he was little where he got separated from his mother and from then on he hated being abandoned for fear of never being found or finding his own way back.

Personality: Elliot is the classic, nice boy across the street character, but he can sometimes be the borderline class clown. With a charming smirk, which most mistake as a cocky grin, Elliot can have you feeling like he's your best friend within minutes. Though to those who value their personal space, he may seem rather pushy, if not nosy, but he's completely oblivious to it unless told straight into his face after which he'll apologize utterly and completely. He never means to cause trouble, it just sort of floats around him like a fog that can never be lifted. It isn't any harmful trouble, just things that may bother the people he tries to befriend. When he is told that he is being a bother, Elliot will merely shrug it off with a sheepish grin before apologizing and keeping a respectable distance to try and make up for his troublesome ways. He also knows when he's gone too far. There are just some people who don't take to his ways, so he apologizes before going off doing his own thing. More often than not though, the person tends to become ridden with guilt and become his friend anyway in which Elliot accepts them full heartedly. This could also become at a very bad advantage for Elliot trusts way too easily. He will invite people in without even realizing that they may have ulterior motives and only see the best of them. He isn't the type of person to dwell on the negatives of a person and he's the furthest person from a pessimist. He'll be the guy charging face first into the pool, wearing the Boston Red Sox hat to a Yankee game, and make strange sounds at a yoga meditation class, and he won't think anything of it.

Elliot's also fiercely loyal and protective. He would sooner beat the crap out of someone than take their money to root for the other team. He isn't the type of person just to stand by as someone's getting abused or mistreated, actually he'd sooner be the person jumping onto one of the abusers' back and tackling them onto the ground despite being outnumbered. He'd sooner get beat within an inch of his life than leave anyone behind whether he knows them or not. He once saw a little boy get bullied in his neighborhood playground when he was around ten. The bullies outnumbered him 5-to-1 and they looked a few years older, but that didn't stop little Elliot from pouncing on one of them only to be ripped and thrown off before getting bruised and cut rather heavily. His parents immediately found him and got all the bullies' parents mixed up in the conflict which ended in them getting into serious trouble, but he barely registered the fact, his mind simply on the little bullied boy that, before running away, mouthed 'Thank you' to him. His parents merely gave him an understanding yet slightly confused expression seeing the lopsided grin on their son's face.

History: Elliot grew up in a small, and very close neighborhood. When there was a major event be it a wedding, newborn, or birthday, the whole community would lend a hand in the celebration. Elliot grew up in that friendly and sheltered environment and knew nothing of the bad side of people. He became known as the little boy with the never ending smile. His parents didn't exactly help with it either since they were known as the ever-so-happy couple of their large neighborhood family. That is until one night when he was twelve that woke up to a rather loud conversation his parents were having the kitchen. The loud conversation turned out to be a full almost-screaming argument. Elliot was bewildered, he'd never heard his parents that loudly unless he was doing something that could danger himself, he stayed quiet and listened. After a little while, he figured out what it was about. A few years earlier they received the rather depressing news that Elliot's mother could no longer birth any more children due to a disease that caused her eggs to die off much earlier than usual. She was crushed, but his father comforted her through the next few weeks. Though his father put up a strong wall, Elliot knew that there was a pain in his eyes. Now his father was reaching his limit, right when the words "You can't give me anymore children!" came out of his mouth Elliot scampered away back to his room, but not before the undeniable sound of a hand slapping against a cheek echoed through the silent hallways.

It wasn't long after that that his parents had a divorce. Elliot became the center of a joint custody, though he stayed with his mother the majority of the time for school, he visited his father every other weekend and most of the summer. That was the first time Elliot felt so useless and couldn't bring himself to look into his parents' eyes when all he saw was forced love. He was the only thing that kept them together for so long, he realized a few months later. It slowly made him depressed, as if it was slowly disintegrating his heart along with his ever so positive attitude. It was around his thirteenth birthday that his mother told him she had a very special present for him, though they'd have to go a little father than usual to get it. Elliot simply shrugged and gave his mother a light hearted smile before following her to their car. Elliot didn't really process where they were going until he noticed the mass amounts of people walking up and down the streets and realized that they were in New York. When they exited the car, his mother gestured him to follow her into the practically stampeding crowds of people on the sidewalk. It was easy at first to follow his mother's jacket clad back, but it wasn't long until people started to gather too close around him and he slowly lost sight of his mother's slender figure. He called out to her, but his voice was drowned out in the yells and bustling city sounds that came in hundreds. Slowly he started panicking as he stood there in the center of the rushing crowds. He kept whipping his head around, but all he saw were more and more strangers. His heart pounded heavily against his chest, he even felt that uncomfortable prickling heat behind his eyeballs. He shoved and pushed his way through the crowd to rest against a building wall. He didn't know what was happening, but his breathing grew heavy and he even the cement sidewalk a mere few feet below him started to look blurry. It wasn't until a man from the crowd called out to him that he realized he was leaning entirely on the building, as if it was the only reason he was still standing. It was at that moment, when the man grabbed his hand to steady him that he felt that first rush, that first pulse of adrenaline that started his ability to look through memories.

Elliot was more confused than scared, in the subconscious of another person, it was just a mere windowless room with countless moving pictures, or what some might say look like little movie screens, lined up all along the walls. There, he found a single moving picture of his mother yelling for him standing in front of a baseball stadium he caught sight of not too long ago. With the newly acclaimed knowledge, Elliot forced himself out of the other man's subconscious only to find that the man was a sleeping heap right beside him, though no one seemed to mind so he quickly headed straight for the stadium where he did in fact, see his mother still worriedly looking around for him in the crowd. When she caught sight of him, she made quick work of smothering him into a hug and ushering him inside the stadium for the oncoming baseball game which was her present to him. Elliot continued to practice with his newly awakened abilities and even told his mother a few months later. She seemed to take it well enough, once he calmed her down and urged her not to call any physics or therapists. It also wasn't that long afterwards that he found he could also apply his ability to items after having broken a vase and accidentally went into the memory of him breaking it again. When Elliot received the invitation to Maldoy Academy, he hesitated, but after thinking about his love for his ability, he begged his mother to let him go. It didn't take long for her to agree, since she always did have trouble saying no to her son, and from then, Elliot only learned to love his ability even more.

Theme Song: Lucky

So begins...

Elliot Reynolds's Story