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Gabriel Bartleby

"Best thing in the world is flying"

0 · 278 views · located in Maldoy Academy, La Veta, Colorado

a character in “Radioactive: The List”, originally authored by Ivisbo, as played by RolePlayGateway



Extra Curriculars & Science Teacher at Maldoy Academy



Name: Gabriel Micah Bartleby
Nickname: Gabe, Mr. B, Mr. Bartleby
Age: 23
Power: Angelic Physiology. Also able to heal himself and small wounds on others.
Sexuality: Straight

Which Side?: Good. Gabriel has a strong sense of right and wrong and lives through his instincts. He is a great judge of character and can usually tell how someone will be as soon as he meets them. Occasionally, Gabriel will be wrong, but he is quick to change the image he has created of them. He does not hold grudges and is quick to forgive as long as the person deserves it. He has never really been bad and tries to uphold that title with every action he makes.
Warm Weather
Clear Skies
Days Off
Food and lots of it
Environmental Science

Mathematics (He can do it, just hates it)
Annoying Students

Damage to his wings
Being alone

Personality: Gabriel is usually a happy, outgoing, and positive guy. He hates seeing people unhappy or down and tries his hardest to keep everyone in good spirits. He is an excellent judge of character and can tell instantly how a person is going to act towards him. He does tent to create stereotypes based on what he thinks another person will turn out as and is very surprised when someone goes against what he would expect. Gabriel is his happiest when he is with others and is entertaining. He loves to laugh and tell jokes, especially with his students. He is the 'crazy cool' teacher, the one that acts like a student when he is actually much older then them. He loves to get the 'dirt' on the students lives, usually eaves dropping on girls conversations then suddenly jumping in with his opinions.

Gabriel is used to people staring at him. He has massive wings handing off the side of his back, who wouldn't stare? He has learned to accept the attention and turn it into a positive thing, making himself a 'good' image for others to pay attention too. Gabriel feels a responsibility towards other because of the attention he naturally receives wherever he goes. Maybe it is some inherited trait from his parents, but he still loves to give back to others as he did when he was younger.

Even though he loves to be around people, Gabriel loves flying even more. He will often take off in between classes for a small circle of the area, just to spread his wings and feel the wind between his feathers. His is deeply connected to his wings, so much so that even if someone where to brush them it makes his whole body shiver. He keeps them very clean and pruned, usually with the help of someone else for the hard to reach places. Gabriel is not a self centered guy, but he does adore his wings.

History: Gabriel was born a perfect baby boy...except for the scars running diagonally on each of his shoulder blades. The doctors were baffled but soon deemed it a birth defect. He had a normal child hood from then on with lots of friends and family. His parents were very religious and attended church every sunday, little Gabriel always in tow. They were the kind of Christians that donated to families in need, worked at the soup kitchens on their time off, and even flew to troubled countries to help build homes. Gabriel grew up always helping people as much as he could just as his parents did. He loved the happiness he could create for other people and would use all his extra time to volunteer. He got many scholarships for his hard work and was able to go to go to NYU with an Environmental Science major.

On Gabriels ninetieth birthday, everything changed. He was on his way home from college, excited for the small family gathering his parents had been 'secretly' trying to plan for him. His back had been aching all day, so he was having a little trouble driving well. To his dismay, it was also raining, which always seemed to put a damper on his spirits. He arrived home safely and put on a massive smile for his families surprise. But when he opened the door, no one was there to welcome him. It was deathly silent inside, eerily, so he threw down his stuff and ran into the living room. He searched the whole house and found in entirely empty. He was disappointed, but his back was beginning to feel like he was being stabbed to he took some Advil and went up to his room to sleep.

Gabriel woke up hours later screaming, his body glistening with sweat as he tore at his shoulder blades. They burned and felt like he needed to rip the skin to get whatever it was out. All his screaming did not send his parents running to his room like he expected, but he was too lost in his pain to think much of it. Gabriel scratched at his shoulders, anything to try and release himself from the pain. He could feel something pushing against the skin, something that felt oddly like an arm bone. He pulled his hands away from his back and looked at his blood covered hands, then ran to his full length mirror. Something was trying to break free right below either side of his scars. It was causing him pure agony so he did the first thing that came to mind- grabbed his pocket knife and ripped both his scars from the top of his spine to each side of his back.

Blood spilled on the carpet as he fell to his knees, dropping the knife to the floor. From the gushing, open wounds sprung two brilliant white wings, the feathers soaked in blood but still oddly beautiful. They filled the small room, cascading it in a glow of red and white. Gabriel stared at the mirror, his chest heaving while the blood continued to spill. He reached back and stroked the feathers, watching and feeling them quiver under his hand. He tried moving them, crashing all the knickknacks on top of his dresser to the ground as the powerful wings flew across the room. Wings, he had wings, beautiful white ones that looked like they could make him fly. He soon passed out from blood loss, but with a small smile on his face.

He awoke to the screams of his mother, and he thrashed awake, his wings flinging in opposite directions. His parents were at his doorway, staring at him like he was a murder of some sorts. He was covered in blood, but thankfully the scars had healed around his wings. They screamed at him, his father tried to rip the wings from his back, and then they threw him out. He was confused, utterly confused. Where were the open and friendly parents he had grown up with? They believed in [i]angels[/i[ for Christs sake...did he not have wings sprouting from his back?

Gabriel had no idea what to do from there. He lived in the forest for a week, knowing he could not go out in public. Thankfully he had been in boy scouts so he could survive for the most part, but he had run out of options. Then, one day, a faculty member of Maldoy Academy showed up at his dingy campsite and offered him a home at the academy. He spent the next four years learning how to control his wings and powers and was even offered a teaching position. This is his first year as a teacher and not a student.



6:30am – 8:05am

1st Period – Plan Period
8:15am - 9:09am

2nd Period - Plan Period
9:13am - 9:07am

3rd Period – Plan Period
10:11am – 11:05am

4th Period – First Years
11:09am – 12:03pm

12:03pm – 12:30pm

5th Period – Third Years
12:37pm – 1:31pm

6th Period – Fourth Years
1:35pm – 2:29pm

7th Period – Plan Period
2:33pm – 3:27pm

8th Period – Second Years
3:31pm – 4:25pm

7:30pm – 8:30pm

So begins...

Gabriel Bartleby's Story

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#, as written by Ivisbo

Bartleby rose before the crack of dawn on most days and spent in morning hours outside, enjoying the rich sunrises the land surrounding Maldoy Academy. Of course, he usually also spent these mornings in the sky, his massive feathered wingspan stretched wide and mighty on either side of him. He delighted in the feel of the rising sun on his feathers, something about the air of a new day made his wings tinge to be stretched and worked to their limit.

So he soared high above the view of any one outdoors at the school, high above the light cloud cover where the air was thin and cold. Thankfully along with his avian appendages, Gabriel was also equipped with a set of powerful lungs that allowed him to breath at high altitudes. He had also grown used to the cold air that went along with these extreme heights, though that did not stop a cold shiver from sweeping through his muscular form.

Another reason he enjoyed the morning hours, the time that most of the inhabitants of the school spent sleeping soundly in their dorms, were the lack of students. By no means did Bartleby hate the teens that he taught every day, but he also enjoyed his time alone. That and he usually flew shirtless, as it did not inhibit his muscle movement like a shirt did. So, while he loved his students, he tried to avoid soaring through the skies above their heads with his chest open for them to view. He was by no means a vain man, but he knew how to hearts of teenage girls worked...and did not need to deal with things like infatuation.

Gabriel flung his powerful wings downward, letting the tips of his longest flight feathers touch before lifting them back high above his head. He righted himself, beating his wings up and down the length of his body as he breathed in the morning sun. Then, with an arch of his back, the winged man rolled himself backwards and dove. He folded his wings tight, forcing the feathers to lay flat to avoid any drag as he fell back down the Earth. Bartleby's eyes watered as the air rushed upwards, but he kept them open, allowing himself to see the ground rushing down below him.

Just before he reached the grounds right in front of the school, he flung his wings outward and caught the air with his strong muscles, whiplashing him back into the air and in fluid arch. He rose once more above the school, but keep him self at an easy glide while he moved just behind the school. Gabriel came to a light landing on the pavilion near the cafeteria, taking a few steps forward as he righted himself and tucked his wings in behind him. He rolled his shoulders, a small grin on his face at the beautiful second morning of the new semester.

Although Gabriel was now a teacher, he still lived on campus. He could have moved out a simply commuted to work, but he enjoyed living at the Academy. Not only had they saved him, but they had offered him a home...a home that he was not quiet ready to get rid of. As he walked towards the door, Gabriel un tied the light blue button up collard shirt from around his waist and began the difficult process of tucking his wings into the slits running down the back. It took some careful aiming on his part, but he was able to pull each wing through the holes and button up the shirt. He had straight leg black jeans on as well as a pair of nice black shoes, so even with his wind swept hair he appeared professional enough for work.

He slipped inside the cafeteria through an outside door and walked towards the food, grabbing a tray along with a few of his students. He could careless if it was strange for a teacher to be eating food with the students...this was his first year as a teacher to begin with, he didn't care to be normal. While he was looking forward to being at the head of the class, Gabriel was still feeling a tiny bit apprehensive to take a position of power like this.

He grabbed his food and slipped between some students, waving at a couple that recognized him from the first day of classes. Bartleby walked back to the windows, keeping his wings tucked tight against his back so as not to accidentally bump anyone with his extra appendages. He sat at an empty table, tucking his wings over the chair before sliding in and digging into his massive breakfast.

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Eric's phone came alive.

BuZzZzZ "I've got a feeling, that tonights gonna be a good night, that tonights gonna be..."

The darkness quaked around Eric until he squinted his eye lids open, beams of light filled the room from the window and Eric rose wearily. "Ok, I know I'm not in my room. So whose room begs the question?" Eric peered around but stopped when he caught a glance of something outside high up.Gabe... He shielded his eyes with an arm, "You should do that at lunch!" Eric shouted, "You'll get more attention!" It was clear Gabriel couldn't hear though that was quite obvious by the two inch thick glass, but Eric smirked and shook his head regardless, That shy airborne fox. That reminds me. "You still owe twenty from bowling!" Finished with wasting breath Eric resumed his goal of deciphering his location. I wasn't drinking... "Great." Eric flung his arms up grumpily, "I killed myself again!" Eric noticed mops and brooms. "And in a broom closet of all places!" Fortunately for Eric, dying leaves him immaculately clean, so showering wasn't his greatest concern.

BuZZZzzZ "I've got a fee.."

The phone excited itself but Eric was awake this time and caught it before it sommersalted from the janitors desk."Now, what early mischief has..." Eric muttered, scrolling through.

Would you like to join Saoirse and I for breakfast?

Eric looked at his watch, "Darn." Eric, grabbed his coat, which had been laying precariously. No time. No visible blood. late. What DID I do last night? He slam the door as he rushed out.

Lucky I'm not the headmaster or anything, I might be in serious trou... darn. Eric would have quickend his pace but the kids could sort themselves out he guessed and he wouldn't be teaching in any serious capacity today anyway. Meet & greet day. Gliding around a corner Eric notices a wavy haired boy standing front of a woman, Ariana. Eric's pulse skipped, surprised by the encounter.

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Jessie felt Elsie try to wake her, but not being much of a morning person it took her another 2 hours to get up. She saw it was 7:00 already so she got out from under her mint green blanket and, in her lavender flannel pajamas, walked over to her own wardrobe , which was already covered in various stickers depicting things from hummingbirds to video game controllers. After turning on the main light for the room she looked through her wardrobe for some nice clothes for the day. Hmm... Aha! Perfect. She pulled out a short dress she wore more as a t-shirt that was made of fabric, but looked like paper as it was filled with Alice in Wonderland segments that were barely readable. Then she pulled on a pair of diamond patterned stockings and put a some beige shorts over those. She yawned, and as she tied the laces of her sand shoes she asked a spider in the corner of the room where Elsie had gone. The metal girl went to the food castle to meet the shield boy. Jessie grinned as she remembered the animals at the academy's quaint behavior towards humans, as they often saw their super powers and named them by that. So Elsie was metal girl because her power was technomancy. She also recalled that the smaller animals called the cafeteria the food castle. She giggled, glad to be back at Maldoy Academy. "Alright. Thanks Herbie. Um, you remember to steer clear of the people I told you about last year okay?" She smiled as the little huntsman spider nodded, and she picked up her satchel with her things in it and walked down to the cafeteria, checking the time on her iPhone as she left the room. 7:05. I'm in good time. That's good.

Jessie pondered as she walked down the hallway, hearing the sounds of other students waking up to get to breakfast. She didn't pay much attention to the sounds though, too busy thinking about the upcoming year for her at the academy. Maybe I should try to make some proper friends this year, rather than just be acquaintances with people. I should also really try and get ahead in my studies. Maybe practice my pranking and mischievous skills too. But only after I'm sure who's who this year. Don't get ahead of yourself Jessie, only get ahead in studies, remember? She sighed, and saw a new face talking to Ms. McQuillen. She snickered slightly as she heard him remark about his looks. She quickly hurried down to the cafeteria before he heard or saw the one responsible for the snicker. She was about to turn into the cafeteria when a small sparrow hopped up to her, and chirped loudly.

I hurt my wing! Jessie sighed. "How is it you always manage to hurt yourself? I can't always be here to help you you know." The little bird shrugged, then winced and chirped sharply, her wing hurting. Jessie sat down against the wall, lifted the bird onto her lap, and closed her eyes. She breathed deeply and her conscience went into the little bird. Jessie put the bird's own conscience into a corner of its mind. She identified the broken bone and got out of the sparrow’s mind. She pulled out a hanky from her bag and wrapped it around the bird’s wing. “Okay, once I’ve finished my breakfast I’ll take you to the healing lady alright? But you really gotta stop breaking stuff.” She looked down at the little bird, making sure it understood. It nodded, and she lifted it onto her shoulder. I hope Ms. Winters will help. Even though this bird can be a total twit, I don't want her to be hurt.

She entered the cafeteria, and looked around to see that not many students were up. She got a tray and walked down the serving area. There was a wide arrangement of foods. She saw the bird open its beak out of the corner of her eye and spoke before it could. “No, we’re not getting the sesame bun.” She closed her beak. Jessie decided to go for pancakes with maple syrup, a nectarine and a chai latte. She looked around, and was about to take a seat, possibly next to Gabriel, when a blue blur flashed past her. She took a step back and looked at the cause of the blur. It was the new kid, and he had a tray full of food. She tutted and put down her own tray on his table as she sat down in front of him. “You know, if you want to make friends in this school you gotta be careful what you do and who you do it to.” She smiled and pretended to look down at her phone under the table. She closed her eyes and entered a small squirrel, and scurried over to the new boy and jumped on to his shoulder, then his head. Happy with his reaction, she returned the squirrel to its tree, but not before leaving an acorn on his shoulder. When she returned to her body, Jessie tried to hold in her laughter from seeing the new kid’s reaction. She looked up, and smiled. “My name’s Jessie Garlow, on the so called evil list. Pleased to make your acquaintance.” She smiled and plucked a spring roll from his tray before munching down on it. “Mmm, this is new. So are you actually. What’s your name?” She raised an eyebrow, continuing to eat the spring roll.

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My Way-Frank Sinatra

"We volunteer!" Jessie groaned as Aiden grabbed her hand and raised it to the roof, pulling her to his shoulder as he volunteered them both to help out. She blushed as he talked loudly and everyone started to stare. "Aiden! What are you doing!?" She hissed through her teeth, remembering why she so often hated over confident people. Jessie was staring at him, trying to get him to sit down but he wouldn't. "We can meet people and talk while we're at it. Plus with our powers we can get our shares done in no time. C'mon, I bet you always wanted to try that Disney trick where you get a bunch of woodland animals to do stuff for you. I'll even sing along!" She groaned as he jumped onto the table, somehow managing not to stand in their breakfast. He then started singing My Way and now everyone really was staring.

She groaned, and prevented herself from face planting into the pancakes, but at least she wouldn't stick out as much as Aiden was right now. She sighed as she felt obliged to answer. "Been there done that, and who said I would volunteer? I am going to, but you should ask first." She looked at Ariana and awkwardly smiled apologetically, before looking up at Aiden again. She saw that he wouldn't get down until she sang the next lyrics. She sighed, took a deep breath, and sang out in a crystal clear voice. "To say the things he truly feels and not the words of one who kneels. The record shows I took the blows and did it my way! Yes, it was my way" Her voice was clear, and she thought it wasn't very good, but it really was quite stunning. She held the last note for a bar and let it go, falling silent. The whole cafeteria had been silent as Aiden sang, and because she was the only one making noise, it was just her and Aiden singing, and she blushed even more.

"You done now Aiden?Now get down!" She hissed the last sentence quietly, not wanting to draw any more attention to herself. "Anyway, I'm organised for the Masquerade, you don't need to get me anything." Jessie grabbed his hand and yanked it ever so slightly. She just hoped Aiden didn't do something else to embarrass her.

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Kids, Eric thought as he interjected a flaring conversation between Ariana and Aiden. Introducing himself was simple enough and Eric found himself invited to breakfast a second time. "So Aiden. I heard it's your treat." Eric smirked patting an arm around him and leading him on. Saved you, Eric briefly glanced back at Ariana.

Reaching the cafeteria Aiden took a moment to absorb the surroundings, "Actually, do we pay for these? Or are they complimentary?" He asked looking confused. In all earnest the meals were free, a courtesy of residence but Eric could tell Aiden hadn't clocked it until he'd scanned the room for a cash register. "I'll find some way this is on me, just you wait. I- Hey, is that the breakfast table?" The boy lost sight of his charming plans, "I'll just be a minute," and like a flash he was gone.

Taking a momentary respite Eric exited the main hall into the kitchen, I honestly can't remember when I last ventured in here at this hour. Eric thought having often visited during the less social hours. He saw many kitchen staff, most of whom paid him no heed and just carried on with business. One grossly large woman however stopped and glared from over the other side of the room, making her way towards Eric as he indulged himself with a tangerine. "Picky things these," he gestured to the fruit, "It's been...?"
"For yeahs! Four yeahs an' yoo de nerve tu descend unto MY kitchen all "seen yoo yesteday." uhuh no Caydon professor sir." The chef angrily bellowed pushing at Eric.
"Is this about those letters piled in my in-tray?" Eric questioned whilst failing to hold ground. His question seemed to rile the chef more and he found himself on the other side of the double doors sooner than he'd anticipated. "So now is the wrong time to discuss that raise?" He retorted to the door and smirked, I hate paperwork.

He found a lot of commotion upon his reentry into the cafeteria, Aiden was singing and... ... Jessie? Eric wasn't expecting a display from her. The peel dropped to floor and Eric finally tasted a tangy slice, noticing Ariana had rejoined Aiden and Jessie. "Feet down Posy," Eric dismissively said pushing her feet off the table with an arm as he passed, "... At least socially," Eric muttered ambivalently and sticking another slice of orange in his mouth.

Observing the caf, Eric saw Anastacia and Damon talking, whilst Cheveyo contended himself with breakfast; Scarlett, Nicholas, Kenzie and Emilia sitting on lone tables; Gabriel and Nina both similarly alone at the cafeteria's back; Koen and Elsie talking; Aiden, Jessie and Ariana now settling down; And a window revealed Alexander sitting outside finishing his tray. A lot other students we're scurrying to and from but Eric thought he'd sussed the gist of the morning, Go forth kids, meet and greet.

Walking to the back of the hall Eric shuffled his orange free hand into his back pocket removing a note. Gabriel looked up as he approached, "You're right. I did owe you $20," Eric spoke relinquishing the note onto the table. "I forgot which game we had stakes on; or maybe I'm a deluded loser..." He shrugged, "You were holding back the first game weren't you? And I fell for it, like a sucker." Eric tsked at Gabe, noticing a concealed smile. "And you're meant to be the angel?" Shaking his head. Before Gabriel had a moment to swallow his food and deny such jovial slander Eric turned away, "You eat, you're beat." He chuckled, "Enjoy your winnings, for now."

Another slice entered Eric's mouth as he swept across the cafeteria to the front. Another of these, Eric picked up another orange beginning to pick at it's skin as he walked towards Ariana. Act cool. Smile. He told himself rubbing the back of his neck. Note to self: Figure out last night.

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#, as written by Ivisbo

Gabriel had finished his eggs some time ago, now only a lowly degrading pile of toast remained. On the table a fat book lay out before him, equations and mathematical answers scrawled across the page. He had a note book resting against one side of the book, jotting down various notes as he prepared for the lab he was going to begin with the students today. Thankfully, Gabriel did not begin classes till 11am with the First Year students, so he had plenty of time to get the lesson in order. Bartleby grabbed at a piece of toast and took a massive bite, crunching the bread as he stared down at his work.

A fluttering of his feathers signaled the approach of another being and Gabriel cast his in human blue eyes up to meet said individual. Eric approached, an orange in hand and his usual charismatic jovial nature surrounding him. The winged man sat back form his work, his wings stretching back from the chair as he greeted the headmaster with a nod.

"Your right. I did owe you $20" Raised brows signaled Bartleby's confusion, but he accepted the money none-the-less, "I forgot which game we had stakes on; or maybe I'm a deluded loser..." Eric spoke, shrugging at the thought. Gabriel chuckled slightly, his memory of the wager coming back to him as he recounted the event. Maybe a small amount of hustling on his part, but he knew the age old man could handle it. "You were holding back the first game weren't you? And I fell for it, like a sucker. And you're meant to be the angel?" Gabriel smirked, nodding his head at the thought. He swallowed the meal final, having finished chewing, and opening his mouth to reply only to have Eric beat him to it, "You eat, you're beat. Enjoy your winnings, for now."

Gabriels mouth hung open as the headmaster turned on his his heel and moved across the cafeteria. Of course, Eric and his flamboyant charismatic nature at it again. It still felt strange to think of the man as an employer rather then Professor Caydon- Gabriel had been one of the immortals top students when he had learned at the school. Shaking his head, Gabriel ran his hand through his blonde tresses and finished the piece of toast he held.

He closed the book with the notepad inside and stood, grabbing his try to walk it over to the bins. He kept his wings pulled in close as he walked, trying to avoid knocking out and unsuspecting students with his wingspan. Gabriel exited the cafeteria and made his way down the hall, heading to his classroom.

While it was still the beginning of school, Bartleby already had a stack of papers waiting for his attention. The first day of class had merely been a 'get to know the students' kind of day, so thankfully he did not need to grade. But he had school work he needed to finish, papers he needed to sign, and a few things he get in order for the Masquerade. As Extra Curriculars Director, Gabriel was in charge of most of the work that needed to be completed for the party to be pulled off correctly. He already had a sign in front of his classroom, welcoming students to sign up (extra credit promised) and volunteer to help with the dance. It was the beginning of the year though, so he was not so sure many would be joining them.

With a furl of his wings, he stretched them out as far as they could go and allowed them to hand limp now that he was in the confines of his own classroom. He took a seat at his desk, leaving the door open incase and students needed his attention. Turning to the pile of paperwork, Gabriel set to work signing and reading over the files.