Henry Camaz

When I hear music, I fear no danger. I am invulnerable. I see no foe. I am related to the earliest times, and to the latest.

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Name: Henry Cristiano Camaz
Nickname: Hank, Cristi, Cris, Cam and I don't particularly care for any of them.
Age: 17
Power: Invulnerability, which means I'm basically immune to most anything you can throw at me. Kicks and punches land like flies and I brush them off as such. When it comes to actual weapons I'm pretty well protected by the denseness of my skin. Guns, knives that sort of thing, have no effect as far as I've tested. Which has been a far amount. Not saying that a bomb or nuclear missile couldn't do it, fire hurts like hell, but just maybe they wouldn't. Won't know until you try, right?
I may be invulnerable but I'm not invincible. I get sick like everyone else. Colds, flus, food poisoning you name it I can catch it. I assume this is the same for terminal illnesses like cancer or heart disease. Fire is definitely a weakness, I can't feel most things at least not the way they're supposed to be felt , but fire isn't one of those things. Although I've also found that extreme cold doesn't have much of an effect on my body. So you know, give and take.
Sexuality:Straight I suppose. I dunno, I don't tend to think about it. No, that doesn't mean I'm closeted just means I'm frigid I guess.

Which Side?: Good or Evil? Where have you been lately? Under a rock? We're all just labels now and they stuck me at the forefront of the "evil kids". I personally never thought of myself as a threat. A daredevil and more harm to myself than anyone. That is if I could cause myself any harm. i guess when you mix being nearly indestructible with evil...people get scared. I can't help but to feed into it a bit. Why shouldn't they be scared of me, I'm fucking unstoppable.
+ Sports. Baseball, Soccer, Tennis anything with a ball with suffice.
+ Hanging out with like minded people. You know, non-assholes.
+ Long debates about nothing.
+ Winning
+ Thrill-seeking. Skydiving, base jumping, deep sea diving whatever you got that'll raise the heart rate a bit you know.
+ Pushing my limits. Seeing how fast and how far I can push myself and going faster and farther every day.
+ Classic Alternative Music. I know, one of these things is not like the other, but eighties indie music is untouchable.
+ Being Questioned
+ Losing. Anything. I hate it and I have no problem saying I'm a poor loser and a poor winner.
+ People who pretend to be something they're not. I watch a lot of these kids react to whether they're good or evil and the ones who deny themselves are the saddest.
+ Driving. I'm not good at it and I don't care for it.
+ Fire, the one thing that really hurts...a lot.
+ Getting sick. I'm kind of a germaphobe. All it takes is one illness serious enough and I'm done for. No thanks, man.
+ Being Laughed at or the butt of jokes. You might be laughing now but it won't be for long, I promise.
+ Dreams. I only remember the nightmares.
+ Burning Alive. Fire is one thing I can feel in its entirety. It doesn't do much damage and I don't think it could kill me not that I've extensively researched it or anything. The sensation of burning across your whole body, being engulfed in flames and incapable of dying. No cool embrace of death to escape to. Yeah, I'd say I'm scared.
+Terminal Illnesses. The one thing that can most assuredly kill me is some kind of disease or virus. I've got no natural defense against cancer like I do bullets. It scares the hell out of that there's something my body can't overcome
+Being Alone, I'm not particularly romantically inclined but I do love my friends. They are my family now.

Personality: So I'm pretty much your basic teenage boy. I like sports and hanging out with my friends. I'm always up for a good time and I WILL crash your party if I'm not invited. It's not an event until I show up. I'm not much into the whole dating scene though, seems like a waste of time. My friends would say it's because I'm already much too involved with myself which I can't deny. I'm kind of high maintenance and my sense of humour is dry bordering on sarcastic which doesn't always get me very far. Usually though I'm a pretty happy go lucky kind of guy and I try to be helpful when I'm allowed to. For some strange reason people seem to think I have ulterior motives now. Hmm, wonder why?

I was born and raised in Florida, Miami to be exact to my Cuban mother and Portuguese father. I was the youngest of four and doted on as we all were. I had two older sisters and an older brother and we all got along pretty well, constantly playing tricks on one another or sneaking around after bedtime. Concocting stories to frighten each other and of course I got the brunt of it but it was always good natured. There probably wasn't a day that didn't go by that I didn't hear "Cristi did it!" shouted by one or all of my siblings. I was the baby what more could I expect?

My father was a doctor, an orthopedic surgeon who made enough money for us to live comfortably and for Mother to stay home with us. As we grew older she also became our teacher. My mother was probably the smartest person I know. She had to be extremely clever with four rambunctious children running rampant and my father away at work for the most part. She was always encouraging us in whatever interested us. Art, dance, sports, there was always music and laughter and amazing food.

We were a loud, crazy, loving family. We were allowed to express ourselves in whatever way we pleased, so long as it wasn't criminal or obscene. We painted on the walls, performed a thousand plays and broke a few windows with misplaced baseballs. We were the perfect family.
Five years ago my father finally decided to take a vacation after years of my mother nagging him. We'd been to little places here and there, places close by that we could reach by car. This would be the first time we'd actually be leaving the country and going on a true adventure, or so I thought. Sitting on the plane set for Portugal, the home of my great-grandfather, I could feel the excitement building. I'd never flown before or been outside of the states, I'd be meeting family and practicing my rudimentary Portuguese in no time.

I woke up with a start, the sound of an explosion reverberating through the cabin was deafening. I watched uncomprehendingly as a chunk of the plane tore away as if our plane was made of paper. I could see my family but couldn't hear them. Their faces a mirror of my own I suppose, their mouths wide. Screaming lost in the void as they were ripped away before I myself was falling. The world was strangely silent as I watched my family flung to the sky, the plane burning bright and crashing towards the water. The water was the last thing I saw.

When they found me I was unconscious floating among the debris. The only survivor of a horrific plane crash. Not exactly normal for an average human being. I was hailed as a miracle boy, some kind of amazement to stare at and wonder about. I was taken to the hospital to be checked out, there had to be internal injuries of course, right? Other than the fact that a needle couldn't penetrate my skin I was tip top. My invulnerability had kicked in, saving me from the hand my family and the rest of the passengers on the plane were dealt. After coming to some realization that I might be something special and seeing as how I had no living relatives in the states, my caseworker made a few calls here and there made arrangements. That's when I started school for the first time and I've been here ever since.

Theme Song: http://youtu.be/ePyTcmw00BA The English Beat (Sole Salvation)
Anything else: I'm pretty good at the piano, but I'm getting better at the guitar as we speak.

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