Jack Lake

It is not by muscle, speed, or physical dexterity that great things are achieved, but by reflection, force of character, and judgment

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Name: John Harrison Lake
Nickname: Please call me Jack. Always. Only my mom calls me John.
Age: 16
Power: Dexterity - I can precisely control the movements and muscles of myself. When you really think about it it's probably one of the most amazing abilities. I mean I'm not super strong but there's more to life than picking up heavy things. I can use each of my limbs for different purposes. Writing different sentences with both my hands at the same time in different handwriting while hopping on one leg and hula-hooping with the other. Not that I've ever done that. I'm just saying there's a lot of possibilities. My friends said mainly in the circus. I can't help my ability gives me cat-like reflexes and enough dexterity to flip around like a monkey. I rarely fall unless pushed and when I do I usually land on my feet, it's nearly impossible to topple me though so good luck. It took a bit of practice but I can even stand on top of a moving car. Don't tell my mother. She'd kill me. My tendons and joints are capable of withstanding the most radical movements that would snap most normal humans ligaments like rubber bands. Not to say that mine won't weaken and snap, they totally could. Just have to know your limits.

Sexuality: I suppose if you want to get concrete about it all right, I'm gay. Girls can be fun distractions I suppose. I definitely had fun with my fair share, but I definitely prefer men to anything else. I'm pretty open about it.

Which Side?: I'm new here and as soon as I walked in the door they were telling me I was "good". I wasn't surprised. I've always thought of myself as a good person, never had to question it or wait for someone to tell me. I was just surprised something like that even existed. Kinda weird.
+ Music of all sorts.
+ Flirting with just about anyone.
+ Making people laugh
+ Using his ability, some would definitely consider it showing off.
+ Dressing Well. You only feel as good as you look, right?
+ Being well-informed. Some would say nosy, I say it's important to know what's happening around you. Especially since I'm new around here.
+ Dancing
+ Gymnastics
+ Stereotypes
+ People who never want to have any fun.
+ Those incapable of holding a decent conversation. We're nearly adults it's about time we start practicing those right?
+ Wrinkled clothing
+ People who seem to be angry just for the sake of being angry
+ That as far as I can tell there is no gymnastics team here.
+ Dirt. Cleanliness is next to Godliness and all that.
+ That my tendons are going to snap and my joints break down. Then what?
+ My Mother dying. I mean I don't think she is anytime soon or anything. She's all the family I have.
+ Bugs. I really just hate bugs. A lot.

Personality: I think I'm a pretty cool guy, some of my friends back home might say I'm a bit full of myself but they never hesitated to bring me down to earth. I'm sure it'll probably be the same here. I know I come off kind of snobby or uptight just from the way I dress and carry myself. It's my ability's fault I'm blessed with an innate grace and who doesn't like the look of a well cut suit? Impressions aside I'm usually making a joke or laughing, not at my own joke...then that'd really be conceited. I tend to be a bit of a flirt. It's such a habit that I flirt with most people I meet on a day to day basis. Doesn't usually mean I want to throw you down and jump your bones. I'm just a friendly guy like that and you never know who might flirt back. You'd be surprised. I'd say I'm a pretty average student when it comes to academics, sports is where I really shine. Gymnastics mostly. I was kicked off my last team, something about cheating. No like I can help something that's genetic. I work hard, I tend to play harder and I'm damn near fearless. Yeah, I'd agree with my previous statement. I'm a pretty awesome fucking guy.

I grew up in Southern California with my Mom and as far back as I can remember it was just mean and her. She's never told me who my father was and I've never asked. She's kind of delicate and the last thing I want to do is see her cry. How awkward. Anyway she was pretty young when I was born and apparently her family(who i've also never met) was pretty strict. She didn't want to give me up for adoption so we left. It was tough I suppose growing up without a dad and not much money but we always had a good time. She always did her best to make sure I never missed out. Not on school trips, or having to pay for uniforms or dances. My mom is tops.
I was always on teams. Soccer or baseball or basketball whatever. I found my passion in gymnastics. You might say it sounds like a girls sport but I say you try the pommel horse and then come back and talk about a girly sport. I was good, really effing good. When I find something I'm really good at, I kind of become obsessive. The more work I put into it, the late nights and early mornings started to pay off. In a magnificent way. My power had begun manifesting itself. I was scared and fascinated and then I thought. How lucky. It was perfect, I'd become and Olympic gold-medalist. My face on a cereal box and in commercials. In my head I was all ready a celebrity/superhero.
It was the end of the year, a huge meet was taking place and in my head I was the favored. I was going to blow everyone away with my amazing talent. So when my was called I went out there and I did my thing. I was effortlessly graceful, powerful and flawless. I guess so much so that instead of everyone cheering and adoring me they just got freaked out instead. That was probably the longest silence of my life. Longer than when I came out to my mother when I was fourteen and that was pretty long.
There were calls of cheating and unfair advantages. Me and my teammates were stripped of any award we'd ever won while I was even a member of the team. Needless to say they all hated me after that. Even though I'd try to explain I hadn't always been like this. The backlash was pretty terrible. I went from being a popular kid with a lot of friends to being completely shunned. Quite the culture shock. Not soon after my mother found this place and decided that she'd take on a second job if she had to I was going to the Maldoy Academy next term. A place where I didn't have to be ashamed of who or what I was and well, here I am.

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