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Kenzie Rose Stuart

Her thoughts come from the heart, and only the heart...

0 · 474 views · located in Maldoy Academy, La Veta, Colorado

a character in “Radioactive: The List”, as played by WrittenInScars





Love manipulation

Spiteful emotions and pessimism


Nature, music, singing, children, stars, romance
novels or movies, animals, bugs, honesty, dreams,
valentines day and fruit.


Heights, death, life, superstitions
and perfection

Factories, bullies, break ups,
drama, liars, technology, internet,
gossip and sweets

Theme Song:
People help the people - Birdy

"A side is a label, that can soon become a price tag.
Sorry, but I'm not for sale." Kenzie is a 'good student' but
refuses to say it aloud. She knows they all already know
where she stands, but will never clarify it for sure. She
see's the damage it's caused, and won't let herself become
a part of it.



Kenzie will come across as a very
shy girl who likes to keep to herself.
She rarely talks to people but seems to
always be watching over couples.
However, that is far from what she's
really like.

Her true personality is wild, fiery and witty. She is often seen
performing, partying and sometimes even arguing with her own
bullies (but only when drunk). She loves to mess around and have
fun, and yet is considered a 'geek' around the school. Too those
who really know her, she's strong. Too those who don't, she's


Kenzie grew up in a Chicago penthouse, in a broken
family of two: her and her father. She'd always been
a daddy's girl, but still took it hard when her mother
left. However, she was only ten at the time so she
didn't really understand what was happening. Soon
she was dreaming of her parents reuniting and their
life being even better than it had been before. Two
years after her mother had left, she returned and
before she knew it her parents were remarried. It
was only when she began fixing/creating
relationships at school as she grew older that she
realised there was something strange going on with
her. Almost instantly, she informed her dad and he
sent her away to Maldoy Academy on her sweet



So begins...

Kenzie Rose Stuart's Story

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The dorm was silent as the two girls slept, all until a loud yawn could be heard as Kenzie slowly rose to a sitting position on the bed. Having only just woken up, her long, brown hair resembled more of a bush than the actual hair of a teenage girl. Stretching her arms width ways, Kenzie threw her duvet across the bed and gradually climbed out. She made her way to the attached bathroom wearing her black short shorts and faded pink strap top. With a single glance at the clock, she decided she'd just enough time for a shower and grabbed a couple of towels. That done, she locked herself inside the bathroom and turned the shower on. Kenzie then stripped down and climbed into the shower. She washed all down her body, using her much-loved strawberry and nut shower gel. She then got to washing her hair. She shampooed and conditioned four times before she finally shut off the shower and exit it, to then wrap one towel around her body and the other around her hair.

Kenzie unlocked the bathroom door and poked her head out slightly, seeing Talia still laid asleep on the bed she re-entered the room and tip toed her way over to her dresser. Realising there'd be new people joining that day, meaning she could actually make some new friends (no matter how unlikely it may seem) a small smile appeared on her face as she opened up the first draw. Picking out her underwear for the day, she then travelled over to her wardrobe. Once there, she silently pulled open the doors and looked at her options with her underwear still in hand. Deciding on a pair of ripped skinny jeans, grey top and black boots. Kenzie then grabbed some accessories before closing her dresser and wardrobe. (Her Outfit) She then headed back into the bathroom and quickly changed. Her hair now dried, she let it down and simply bushed it down her shoulders. She quickly applied her make-up and then with one glance in the mirror, she nodded in approval and headed out of the dorm.

Kenzie headed to the cafeteria, hoping there'd be someone she could sit with. Not that she minded that much, but it was nice to have company sometimes. She'd only lasted half the break before she left her Dad's and returned to the school campus. She'd never forgave him for sending her away on her sixteenth birthday, but didn't care so much as to not return home for the summer. But it all changed when she returned, her very worst fears came true. He treated her like a freak, kept her from the outside World. She didn't put up with it for long, and packed her bags. The next thing her Dad knew, she was out the doorway and cursing him. When she was done, she called back "I'm never coming back! You can kiss my ass, because you know nothing! Enjoy your life, I'm no longer a part of it!" And with that, she left. Kenzie vowed that her father would never see or hear about his only child ever again. As the memories clouded her head, a single tear fell slowly down her cheek as she travelled down the hallways. Wiping it away swiftly, she did everything she could to block it from her mind. The only thing that mattered was that he'd never be able to treat her like that again, and that she was perfectly safe back in the Academy.

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My Way-Frank Sinatra

"We volunteer!" Jessie groaned as Aiden grabbed her hand and raised it to the roof, pulling her to his shoulder as he volunteered them both to help out. She blushed as he talked loudly and everyone started to stare. "Aiden! What are you doing!?" She hissed through her teeth, remembering why she so often hated over confident people. Jessie was staring at him, trying to get him to sit down but he wouldn't. "We can meet people and talk while we're at it. Plus with our powers we can get our shares done in no time. C'mon, I bet you always wanted to try that Disney trick where you get a bunch of woodland animals to do stuff for you. I'll even sing along!" She groaned as he jumped onto the table, somehow managing not to stand in their breakfast. He then started singing My Way and now everyone really was staring.

She groaned, and prevented herself from face planting into the pancakes, but at least she wouldn't stick out as much as Aiden was right now. She sighed as she felt obliged to answer. "Been there done that, and who said I would volunteer? I am going to, but you should ask first." She looked at Ariana and awkwardly smiled apologetically, before looking up at Aiden again. She saw that he wouldn't get down until she sang the next lyrics. She sighed, took a deep breath, and sang out in a crystal clear voice. "To say the things he truly feels and not the words of one who kneels. The record shows I took the blows and did it my way! Yes, it was my way" Her voice was clear, and she thought it wasn't very good, but it really was quite stunning. She held the last note for a bar and let it go, falling silent. The whole cafeteria had been silent as Aiden sang, and because she was the only one making noise, it was just her and Aiden singing, and she blushed even more.

"You done now Aiden?Now get down!" She hissed the last sentence quietly, not wanting to draw any more attention to herself. "Anyway, I'm organised for the Masquerade, you don't need to get me anything." Jessie grabbed his hand and yanked it ever so slightly. She just hoped Aiden didn't do something else to embarrass her.

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Kids, Eric thought as he interjected a flaring conversation between Ariana and Aiden. Introducing himself was simple enough and Eric found himself invited to breakfast a second time. "So Aiden. I heard it's your treat." Eric smirked patting an arm around him and leading him on. Saved you, Eric briefly glanced back at Ariana.

Reaching the cafeteria Aiden took a moment to absorb the surroundings, "Actually, do we pay for these? Or are they complimentary?" He asked looking confused. In all earnest the meals were free, a courtesy of residence but Eric could tell Aiden hadn't clocked it until he'd scanned the room for a cash register. "I'll find some way this is on me, just you wait. I- Hey, is that the breakfast table?" The boy lost sight of his charming plans, "I'll just be a minute," and like a flash he was gone.

Taking a momentary respite Eric exited the main hall into the kitchen, I honestly can't remember when I last ventured in here at this hour. Eric thought having often visited during the less social hours. He saw many kitchen staff, most of whom paid him no heed and just carried on with business. One grossly large woman however stopped and glared from over the other side of the room, making her way towards Eric as he indulged himself with a tangerine. "Picky things these," he gestured to the fruit, "It's been...?"
"For yeahs! Four yeahs an' yoo de nerve tu descend unto MY kitchen all "seen yoo yesteday." uhuh no Caydon professor sir." The chef angrily bellowed pushing at Eric.
"Is this about those letters piled in my in-tray?" Eric questioned whilst failing to hold ground. His question seemed to rile the chef more and he found himself on the other side of the double doors sooner than he'd anticipated. "So now is the wrong time to discuss that raise?" He retorted to the door and smirked, I hate paperwork.

He found a lot of commotion upon his reentry into the cafeteria, Aiden was singing and... ... Jessie? Eric wasn't expecting a display from her. The peel dropped to floor and Eric finally tasted a tangy slice, noticing Ariana had rejoined Aiden and Jessie. "Feet down Posy," Eric dismissively said pushing her feet off the table with an arm as he passed, "... At least socially," Eric muttered ambivalently and sticking another slice of orange in his mouth.

Observing the caf, Eric saw Anastacia and Damon talking, whilst Cheveyo contended himself with breakfast; Scarlett, Nicholas, Kenzie and Emilia sitting on lone tables; Gabriel and Nina both similarly alone at the cafeteria's back; Koen and Elsie talking; Aiden, Jessie and Ariana now settling down; And a window revealed Alexander sitting outside finishing his tray. A lot other students we're scurrying to and from but Eric thought he'd sussed the gist of the morning, Go forth kids, meet and greet.

Walking to the back of the hall Eric shuffled his orange free hand into his back pocket removing a note. Gabriel looked up as he approached, "You're right. I did owe you $20," Eric spoke relinquishing the note onto the table. "I forgot which game we had stakes on; or maybe I'm a deluded loser..." He shrugged, "You were holding back the first game weren't you? And I fell for it, like a sucker." Eric tsked at Gabe, noticing a concealed smile. "And you're meant to be the angel?" Shaking his head. Before Gabriel had a moment to swallow his food and deny such jovial slander Eric turned away, "You eat, you're beat." He chuckled, "Enjoy your winnings, for now."

Another slice entered Eric's mouth as he swept across the cafeteria to the front. Another of these, Eric picked up another orange beginning to pick at it's skin as he walked towards Ariana. Act cool. Smile. He told himself rubbing the back of his neck. Note to self: Figure out last night.