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"I don't know if I'm extraordinary enough to belong here."

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Koen Daniel Green || Just Koen || 17 || Bisexual

ImagePower: Force-Fields "Mine is a power of protections, so to speak, and really can be quite useful when it comes to defense or anything like that. I can create stable walls of energy that repel and sometimes reflect both physical and supernatural attacks. It's the sort of power that you expect to see from a superhero's sidekick, because it doesn't seem like much use in fighting bad guys, though it saves citizens well enough. That's just the comic books and popular media perspective on the ability, though. See, because it comes from creating a wall of energy, I can also trap people inside of the forcefields, making things like energy cages that can be rather impossible to escape from. Usually I just stick to these two things, protection and entrapment, but I have found that it can be used to harm people, as well. I can't send out energy blasts to hurt a person directly, but can lift up a person trapped within the field and drop them from a rather lofty height. Not that I would do such a thing, of course, but it is possible all the same.
As far as weaknesses go, the fact that the fields don't deflect mental attacks is a rather disappointing one. I'm still rather open to telepaths and persuaders, and anyone else with some sort of emotion or mind based ability. Especially when I'm putting up a shield, actually, because whilst doing so I tend to be kind of focused. Also, the shields only last for as long as I am putting in the effort to make them stick around. I can't just drop a field around a person and then walk away, expecting them to be safe until I get back: it just doesn't work that way. But, that's pretty predictable, I suppose. Also, I have a limit, so far, as to how large a field can be, and how far away from me. Maybe the distance will increase as I train my abilities, hence coming to this school, but for the moment they remain limited by my mental and -after a while- physical stamina. It does begin to take a toll on my physical body after a while, you see, because the energy isn't just magically appearing. Energy cannot be created or destroyed, recall? I use energy to create the shields, and eventually that can be draining. That's just logic."

Which Side? Good "I was assigned to this, and found it out pretty quickly after coming to this school because, though it was once a secret, the categorizing was revealed before I came here. It clearly has done some amount of damage, though not too much, I suppose. Anyway, I have no qualms with being considered a good guy, though it isn't as though I'm going to walk around claiming it to be my duty to help everyone, like someone with a Hercules complex. I'll help where I can, but I'm not an idiot, and won't act like one by messing around with other people's business. That's not really my style, I suppose. Anyway, yeah, I'm apparently a good guy. There hasn't really been evidence to point contrary, I suppose."

Green Tea
Sweet Foods
Climbing Trees
People Who Can Defend Themselves
Making People Smile
Corny Jokes
Bad Puns

Salty Foods
French Fries
Fast Food
Small Rooms
Rainy Days
Feeling Useless
Clique-y People

Arachnophobia - Fear of Spiders
Soteriophobia - Fear of Dependence
Aviophobia - Fear of Flying


While Koen may be one of those rare people in possession of a supernatural ability, he otherwise appears to be a fairly average young man. He was raised in a rather mundane family, although not so boring as to be considered odd in the fact itself. He is a decent guy, the sort of person who will stop to help someone who looks lost, or give his umbrella to another person when it is raining outside. These aren't acts of extraordinary kindness, but little things like this are what make up the young man's personality. He is a lover of details and of acts that appear to be completely trivial, believing that such moments are, more often than sometimes, far more important than they seem at the time. His belief in the importance of the miniscule is why he stops to throw pennies in wishing wells and picks up trash when he sees it lying on the ground. The former is more an act of nostalgia, perhaps, but the latter reveals his belief that things tend to add up, both negative and positive. He'll carry around cans for an hour before he comes across a recycling bin, and is plenty willing to be the designated driver if need be. These small kindnesses aside, as soon as being generous seems to step into someone's personal boundaries, he will be quick to retreat. Koen very much dislikes nosy types, and does his best to avoid hypocrisy by not prying into the business of others. Helpful in this is the fact that, when situations seem personal, he will not blatantly offer help unless asked. He may be a rather useless comforter at times due to this unwillingness to break through unspoken boundaries, but it helps to make him a rather tolerable guy.

He is also a strong believer in independence and the freedom that it brings, believing that no person past childhood should rely too much on another, for it inconveniences both them and the person being used as support. For this reason, though he may accept small generous acts, the young man dislikes taking charity or help from others, preferring instead to deal with his own issues individually. This is a slight double-standard, his helping of others whilst disliking being helped, but contributes to his personality, one of a person leaning towards optimism but also doing their best to stand straight on their own. Reliance is a step to uniformity, he believes, and, though he may not be extraordinary, Koen would prefer to not be just another sheep in the flock, if at all possible. That just isn't really his thing.

He's also fairly intelligent, although not excessively so. The young man does fairly well in academics, and can hold his own in debates of most subjects. His preferred subjects are English and History, though, because they are the ones that he excels in. Koen prefers things that require comprehension to those subjects that are more based around memorization, as he soaks things in better than he can commit things to memory. He is a kinetic learner, and therefore adapts best through doing. That being said, he is a very adaptable person, with a personality type that is rather mellow and more of a go-with-the-flow sort. He isn't particularly confrontational unless provoked, but also doesn't appear to have any real passions. He is motivated only marginally, but his jovial nature seems to make up for the lack of ambition. Anyway, he prefers to live in the present, and uses that in order to explain his lack of plans for the future. While he doesn't disregard consequences, Koen does believe that dwelling on the past is useless, and worrying about the future is equally fruitless.

Despite his apparent lack of motivation, Koen, as previously mentioned, is a very optimistic person, and believes in the idea of believing in something. He is not a religious person, not by a long shot, and yet has come to decide that some sort of faith is crucial to a person's development. If asked, he will respond that his faith is in people, and the potential that everyone hides behind placid smiles and false airs. To the core, Koen is a humanist, meaning that he rejects religious beliefs and instead focuses on the cores, values, and capacity of humans and human nature. He doesn't claim that all people are perfect, or that human nature is necessarily good, but thinks that it has the potential to be. He believes that there is nothing more endless than potential. In it lies an infinite amount of days, emotions, moments, hopes, and lives. If nothing else, Koen is a believer of potentials.

Humanist || Kind || Intelligent || Independent || Optimistic || Cheerful || No Ambition || Lives in Present || Respects Boundaries


As was previously mentioned, the Green household was actually a relatively normal one, holding three generations and living on a quiet suburban culdesac in Maryland. The county was average, and the schools satisfactory if not exceptional in any particular way. Indeed, though it did have some of those normal little quirks one would expect from any community, the one in which the Greens resided was rather unremarkable, hardly the sort of place where interesting things happen or fascinating people stop on their way to somewhere better. It is not an unlikely prospect, therefore, that Koen was the strangest thing to ever belong to the community, although not due to any personality quirk. He was popular throughout school, a chivalrous young man with a cute face that grew to be handsome, who was reasonably intelligent and fairly sociable. He stood out for having grown tall slightly earlier than the other boys in his grade, but otherwise it was only his rather pleasant face that gained any attention. The recording of his early life, in fact, is rather dull and perhaps not worth consideration. There were little things, and he is a lover of the miniscule, but perhaps his first kiss or the day he first learned to ride a skateboard and received a down-to-the-bone skinned knee isn't really fascinating, especially in the face of many intriguing characters.

When Koen was approximately 13 years old, the beginning of his eighth grade year, that is, the young man ran in front of a car to push a friend out of the way, most certainly endangering his own life. More importantly, though, is what transpired after this impulsive act of heroism. Rather than be crushed, paralyzed, or injured in even the slightest way, Koen came out of the incident completely unscathed, albeit just a little bit shaken. In fact, it was the car that suffered damage, the front hood crumpling slightly and the tires popping from the pressure of some mysterious force. People around him dismissed it as some strange occurrence, preferring to simply ignore something so peculiar as the incident. Koen, however, knew differently. He had shut his eyes, but saw a glimpse of flickering light, and felt a sudden rush through his veins. This was the first manifestation of his ability to conjure force fields. Afterwards, he would try and harness the ability time and time again, only to fail. He never told anyone, of course, if only because he didn't want to say anything before he could be certain of what had happened beyond a reasonable doubt. The crash was forgotten by all, except for the young man focused on explaining it: Koen.

In a sudden breakthrough, just when he had nearly given up, Koen was able to create a small force field, this happening about two months after the crash. After that, as though a dam had been broken down to allow water to flow freely, the young man could create it at will. He showed it first to his parents, who were shocked to say the least. They didn't know how to explain it, but were afraid of hurting their son by saying anything harsh. In the end, they made the decision to hide the ability, and Koen went along with it- what else was he to do? The next year, his freshman year in high school, the family was flying to California to visit relatives in Sacramento. There is a 1-in-20,000 chance of dying in a plane crash. But someone always has to be that one, and on that day twenty people were. Koen never learned what had caused it, but the plane crashed into some field in the midwest halfway through the flight. He was the only one who survived, fifteen years old and completely unharmed while bodies around him were broken and torn from the impact and friction. Koen had managed to stumble to the nearest building to alert someone of the crash before falling unconscious. He was in the hospital for a week as doctors searched for some sort of injury, but found none. Confused, but having no reason to detain him any longer, Koen was released to live with his Grandparents in Sacramento. After a year or two of living there, having lost a religion he once had but gained a stronger faith in humanity, and several months of adjusting to a new life, he received an invitation to attend Maldoy Academy in Colorado. Learning that the place could help him to expand his powers, Koen hardly hesitated before agreeing to the invitation. Though he may not say it, this is likely because he thinks that, if he had been stronger, he could have protected the people on that plane instead of only saving himself.

Theme Song: We All Try - Frank Ocean
I still believe in man
A wise one asked me why
Cause I just don't believe we're wicked
I know that we sin but I do believe we try
We all try, the girls try, the boys try
Women try, men try, you and I try, try, we all try

So begins...

Koen Green's Story

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A common belief is that the grumpier sorts of people are going to be very far from morning people- strangely enough, this is not the case for Emilia James, despite the fact that she certainly is a cynical and often standoffish individual. Rather, the young woman is both late to get to bed and early to rise- she's just never been able to have very restful sleeps, ever since she was still a little girl. It isn't because she suffers from nightmares- in fact, she never has dreams at all, these days. There is just something about sleep that is difficult for her- likely the fact that one needs to relax themselves to properly do it. Emilia always seems braced for something, even when in a completely safe place, as though she's just waiting for someone to attack and rip her out. This is the case in the school just as it is everywhere else, despite the fact that she's been living here full-time since arrival. The alternative would simply be wandering around, after all, and while she does slip out during the holidays for weeks at a time, she always returns to her dorm eventually. In fact, she is occasionally a bit more relaxed when she returns, though that likely means that shes relieved stress through her own sort of vigilante justice.

Anyway, Emilia's been up since around five, having jogged, showered, dressed, and then simply lounged on her bed reading within the two hours until this point. After all, breakfast doesn't usually open until around this point- not that she can't just conjure up her own meal, of course, but she tends to limit the use of her power until after she has had a cup of coffee, because whose to say that her mind won't let itself loose if she isn't alert? The girl makes a point of being as alert as possible as soon as she wakes up, because otherwise there may be the consequences of a still fuzzy mind thinking carelessly. Basically, her mind is constantly on alert and wrapped up like a caterpillar in a cocoon, because otherwise a few things may just slip out, and that isn't good for anyone- least of all Em, who would then have to figure out a way to clean up whatever mess she had made when her mind wasn't on lock down.

The young woman glances over at the clock, which tells her that it is now just past seven, and then over to the bed of her roommate, who appears to still be asleep, based on the blond curls she can see poking out from under the covers. Hungry and in desperate need of a smoke, Em gets out of bed and rolls up what she had been reading for the past few minutes to put it into the pocket inside of her beat up military jacket. After lacing up a pair of black doc martens over her jeans, which are just as old as her jacket, Emilia heads out, a pack of cigarettes in her pants pocket alongside a lighter. She closes the door quietly, at least having the decency to let Rose continue sleeping.

Once Em has gotten out of the dorm building and is on the path over to the cafeteria, she pulls out a cigarette and cups her hand around her lighter in order to light it. Pocketing the lighter once more, the brunette takes a drag from the cigarette and exhales the smoke, mind clearing a bit more, though it had already been rather crystal. I just need a cup of coffee, she thinks, not really much of a breakfast person outside of her ritual cup of coffee- black, of course. She continues on her way once more, not paying much attention to the scenery around her, really. It's picture perfect outside, but Em hasn't been the sort to appreciate such things in quite a while, to be honest- all she'd appreciate right now is coffee and finishing the comic book rolled up in her pocket. The only sign of recognition she gives towards the brightly burning sun is to slide her aviator shades down over her eyes, scowling at how annoyingly bright it is out today.

She arrives to find the dining hall relatively barren of people, which suits the young woman perfectly- she's not exactly antisocial, but isn't really the most popular person around school. More of the sort to be the person that some people know, but don't really know. The girl pours herself a piping hot cup of coffee and proceeds to find herself a seat in a part of the cafeteria that typically remains peaceful, taking turns between her cigarette and the coffee, mixing for a familiar taste, while she flips through her comic.

Bzzz! Bzzz! Bzzz!

A hand shoots out from under blue quilted covers, fumbling around blindly before finally settling on the snooze button of the alarm clock which has awoken the slumbering young man beneath said covers. He manages to turn off the buzzing noise, and is very tempted to go back to sleep, but forces himself up anyway, casting the covers down to his feet and looking over at the clock, which tells him that it is two past seven- he likely slept through the initial two minutes of the alarm clock's tone, given that he had set it for seven precisely. After peering over to see if his roommate had been disturbed by the alarm, he swings his legs over to the side of bed and pushes himself up, stretching and yawning rather loudly before rolling back his shoulder and cracking his back a bit. He must have slept in a bad position or something, because the young man's back is currently aching dully, and he knows that it will tick at the back of his head for the rest of day if he doesn't somehow right the wrong. He needs someone to pull on his arms or something, but doesn't want to bother Donovan about it, and thus just goes about his morning routine- first involving taking a shower and brushing his teeth, of course.

Not one for long showers, he doesn't take long before returning back to his dorm room to dress- jeans and a plaid shirt being the extent of his unimpressive wardrobe- he's never been much of a fashion guy, to be honest. Even in the hottest of months, he refuses to wear shorts, and so his jeans aren't really an unusual thing at all. What he has against shorts is a mystery to most- there isn't really any reasoning at all for it, he just thinks that the look stupid. Not that he'd say that, for fear of insulting someone unintentionally. He has never been a blunt individual, doing his best not to offend people and, therefore, often seeming dull to some people. He gets along well enough all the same, perhaps because a bit of normalcy is almost strange in this oddity of a school.

After trying, and failing, to get rid of the lingering ache in his back, Koen resigns to ignore it for now, and pulls out his phone to send a text towards one of his closer friends- Miss Elsie Striker, resident technomancer, if that's the word for it. They've gotten along ever since first meeting, and so it is only natural that the two would have become good friends by this point. Without even thinking of it, he adds Talia as well to the message, the girl being the sister he never had.

To: Talia Banks, Elsie Striker
Meet me at the cafeteria for breakfast?

After having successfully sent the message and tucked his phone into the back pocket of his jeans, the young man runs a hand through his hair and stifles yet another yawn before heading out of the dorm building and towards the cafeteria. Regardless of whether the girls want to get breakfast, or get his text in time, he's going to eat- he will, however, give it a bit before getting his food. After all, you aren't supposed to eat until everyone else has good as well- so he has been taught since he was a kid, anyway. He doesn't want to be digging in when they first arrive, after all.

While walking, Koen is quite easily distracted when he sees a piece of trash on the ground, and walks over to pick it up so that he can toss it next time he's near a trashcan. Of course, from there he notices another piece of trash a bit away, and ends up spending a good ten minutes just picking up pieces of trash before finally stopping when he reaches a trash can to throw the trash into. People need to pick up after themselves, he thinks with a frown, wiping his hands on his jeans before returning to his original path- destination being the cafeteria once more.

Luckily, his little detour had still gone in the general direction, and therefore he quickly arrives in the cafeteria. Fighting the temptation of the sight of delicious breakfast foods, he sits and waits for a response to his text messages.

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#, as written by Issa

It was early morning, just after 7 am. Any sane person would have spent the last few hours asleep, wrapped up warm in bed. Elsie, it seemed, was not quite sane. She had woken at 5.30am to the buzz of her alarm, not that she had set her alarm clock for such an early time. It had decided that Elsie had had enough sleep and was in need of an early morning wake up call. Luckily Elsie had turned it off with a blink of her eye before it had been able to wake Elsie's roommate Jessie, or so Elsie had hoped.

Elsie hadn't been able to return to sleep and so she had risen and showered. The sun hadn't risen yet and Elsie didn't want to turn the light on and potentially wake Jessie. So she felt through her wardrobe by touch and picked out a dress and cardigan for her outfit. For shoes she picked out a plain pair of white shoes. Quickly, she dressed, trying to make as little noise as possible. Elsie gathered up her bag and collection of devices. In went her phone, her ipad and her mp3 player. Clothed and carrying everything she would need for the day Elsie left her room, closing the door quietly behind her.

She had headed straight for her second home, the computer room. She had switched the light on and entered the room, a smile making its way onto her face as every computer in the room turned on. There was a chorus of tinny hellos from the computers, their static greeting buzzing through Elsie's head as she wondered down an isle. She always found it hard deciding where to sit, each computer craved her attention but she could only pick one. She had picked one at the back of the room, a computer she hadn't used in sometime.

And that's where she was to be found an hour and a half later at 7.02am. She was watching her favourite TV series and had almost reached the end of the most recent episode. Thanks to her power she could access anything that someone had put on any computer, anywhere.

Elsie folded her legs beneath her and leaned forward in her seat, watching with anticipation as the climax of the episode was reached. There was still ten minutes to go in the episode and Elsie was literally on the edge of her seat. She bit her lip as she concentrated on the scene, waiting and watching.

Until, the computer screen suddenly went black.

"No!" Elsie shouted, slamming her hand forward on to the computer screen. Immediately Elsie was able to sense what was wrong with the computer. She glanced towards the door on the room where the culprit stood, a cocky grin on his face. Nicholas Warde, the cocky, arrogant prick that he was, had overpowered the whole room of computers causing them to short circuit. Elsie could fix it in a few minutes, but the look on Nick's face was enough to make the usually friendly, easy-going girl want to throw something at him. Luckily for him he seemed to realise this and quickly made his exit, an arrogant laugh echoing down the hall after him.

Elsie turned her attention back to the computer screen, attempting to put the thought of Nick far out of her mind. Thankfully the sound of her phone buzzing caught and held her attention. The text was from Koen,

'Meet me at the cafeteria for breakfast?'

Using her mind Elsie directed the phone to send her reply,

'Sure! Be there in five. :) '

With a sigh she gathered her things and left the computer room, promising the devices that she would return during her next break to fix them. The walk to the cafeteria was pleasant, Elsie loved the summer weather. She let her mind wander as she walked, only snapping back to reality when she she spotted a familiar figure entering the cafeteria. With a smile and an added skip to her step Elsie hurried forward, entering the cafe and making her way over to where Koen was patiently waiting.

"Morning Koen!" Elsie greeted him, all traces of her earlier anger at Nicholas vanishing as she sat down next to her good friend.


Nick Warde woke without the need of an alarm clock, his natural body clock waking him just short of 6am. Without much concern for his roommate, Omar, Nick had pushed off his blankets and turned on his bedside lamp. It wasn't that he disliked Omar, actually he quite liked the guy, but he had his own priorities and he wasn't about to walk blindly through a dark room when he was still half asleep. He dressed in a simple pair of shorts and running shoes, bypassing a shirt since the day was already promising to be a warm one.

He left his room a moment later, showing enough consideration to turn off his light first. Once outside Nick began to run. He started slowly, letting his muscles ease into the exercise. The sunlight hitting his bare chest made Nick grin. Sunlight helped power him and he always felt more energised under rays of sunlight. His pace quickly picked up until he was racing along his usual morning path.

He kept that pace up for half an hour, until his body was covered in sweat and his muscles were aching by the time he was done. He jogged slowly back to his room where he grabbed a towel and hit the showers. Twenty minutes later, smelling faintly of orange and cinnamon - a rather strange combination - Nick was back in his room, shuffling through his draws as he tried to pick out an outfit that he approved. Eventually he found some clothes that he thought were at least halfway decent.

Now with clothes on his back Nicholas was in need of another of life's necessities; food. He made his way towards the cafeteria, strutting through the school. His path detoured slightly as he spied the flicking lights from the computer rooms. There could only be one person who would be there at a time like this.

He made his way up to the room and quietly entered. He spotted Elsie in front of one of the screens, her attention completely consumed by whatever she was watching. He held up a finger, golden light exploded at the tip. With a quick aim and a short burst he sent a shot of energy into the circuit that connected the computers. The screens went blank and Elsie gave a shocked cry. Her hand slapped against the computer and a moment later her head spun to find Nick, grinning at the doorway.

He gave her a wink before turning and leaving, making his way quickly to the cafeteria for a well deserved breakfast. He didn't take long to arrive and made his way directly to the serving area. His plate was soon loaded with a bit of everything, well almost everything. Nick was a vegetarian and had been since birth. He bypassed the bacon in favour a fruit salad. Plate full, Nick took a seat at an empty table and began to dig in.

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Jessie felt Elsie try to wake her, but not being much of a morning person it took her another 2 hours to get up. She saw it was 7:00 already so she got out from under her mint green blanket and, in her lavender flannel pajamas, walked over to her own wardrobe , which was already covered in various stickers depicting things from hummingbirds to video game controllers. After turning on the main light for the room she looked through her wardrobe for some nice clothes for the day. Hmm... Aha! Perfect. She pulled out a short dress she wore more as a t-shirt that was made of fabric, but looked like paper as it was filled with Alice in Wonderland segments that were barely readable. Then she pulled on a pair of diamond patterned stockings and put a some beige shorts over those. She yawned, and as she tied the laces of her sand shoes she asked a spider in the corner of the room where Elsie had gone. The metal girl went to the food castle to meet the shield boy. Jessie grinned as she remembered the animals at the academy's quaint behavior towards humans, as they often saw their super powers and named them by that. So Elsie was metal girl because her power was technomancy. She also recalled that the smaller animals called the cafeteria the food castle. She giggled, glad to be back at Maldoy Academy. "Alright. Thanks Herbie. Um, you remember to steer clear of the people I told you about last year okay?" She smiled as the little huntsman spider nodded, and she picked up her satchel with her things in it and walked down to the cafeteria, checking the time on her iPhone as she left the room. 7:05. I'm in good time. That's good.

Jessie pondered as she walked down the hallway, hearing the sounds of other students waking up to get to breakfast. She didn't pay much attention to the sounds though, too busy thinking about the upcoming year for her at the academy. Maybe I should try to make some proper friends this year, rather than just be acquaintances with people. I should also really try and get ahead in my studies. Maybe practice my pranking and mischievous skills too. But only after I'm sure who's who this year. Don't get ahead of yourself Jessie, only get ahead in studies, remember? She sighed, and saw a new face talking to Ms. McQuillen. She snickered slightly as she heard him remark about his looks. She quickly hurried down to the cafeteria before he heard or saw the one responsible for the snicker. She was about to turn into the cafeteria when a small sparrow hopped up to her, and chirped loudly.

I hurt my wing! Jessie sighed. "How is it you always manage to hurt yourself? I can't always be here to help you you know." The little bird shrugged, then winced and chirped sharply, her wing hurting. Jessie sat down against the wall, lifted the bird onto her lap, and closed her eyes. She breathed deeply and her conscience went into the little bird. Jessie put the bird's own conscience into a corner of its mind. She identified the broken bone and got out of the sparrow’s mind. She pulled out a hanky from her bag and wrapped it around the bird’s wing. “Okay, once I’ve finished my breakfast I’ll take you to the healing lady alright? But you really gotta stop breaking stuff.” She looked down at the little bird, making sure it understood. It nodded, and she lifted it onto her shoulder. I hope Ms. Winters will help. Even though this bird can be a total twit, I don't want her to be hurt.

She entered the cafeteria, and looked around to see that not many students were up. She got a tray and walked down the serving area. There was a wide arrangement of foods. She saw the bird open its beak out of the corner of her eye and spoke before it could. “No, we’re not getting the sesame bun.” She closed her beak. Jessie decided to go for pancakes with maple syrup, a nectarine and a chai latte. She looked around, and was about to take a seat, possibly next to Gabriel, when a blue blur flashed past her. She took a step back and looked at the cause of the blur. It was the new kid, and he had a tray full of food. She tutted and put down her own tray on his table as she sat down in front of him. “You know, if you want to make friends in this school you gotta be careful what you do and who you do it to.” She smiled and pretended to look down at her phone under the table. She closed her eyes and entered a small squirrel, and scurried over to the new boy and jumped on to his shoulder, then his head. Happy with his reaction, she returned the squirrel to its tree, but not before leaving an acorn on his shoulder. When she returned to her body, Jessie tried to hold in her laughter from seeing the new kid’s reaction. She looked up, and smiled. “My name’s Jessie Garlow, on the so called evil list. Pleased to make your acquaintance.” She smiled and plucked a spring roll from his tray before munching down on it. “Mmm, this is new. So are you actually. What’s your name?” She raised an eyebrow, continuing to eat the spring roll.

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My Way-Frank Sinatra

"We volunteer!" Jessie groaned as Aiden grabbed her hand and raised it to the roof, pulling her to his shoulder as he volunteered them both to help out. She blushed as he talked loudly and everyone started to stare. "Aiden! What are you doing!?" She hissed through her teeth, remembering why she so often hated over confident people. Jessie was staring at him, trying to get him to sit down but he wouldn't. "We can meet people and talk while we're at it. Plus with our powers we can get our shares done in no time. C'mon, I bet you always wanted to try that Disney trick where you get a bunch of woodland animals to do stuff for you. I'll even sing along!" She groaned as he jumped onto the table, somehow managing not to stand in their breakfast. He then started singing My Way and now everyone really was staring.

She groaned, and prevented herself from face planting into the pancakes, but at least she wouldn't stick out as much as Aiden was right now. She sighed as she felt obliged to answer. "Been there done that, and who said I would volunteer? I am going to, but you should ask first." She looked at Ariana and awkwardly smiled apologetically, before looking up at Aiden again. She saw that he wouldn't get down until she sang the next lyrics. She sighed, took a deep breath, and sang out in a crystal clear voice. "To say the things he truly feels and not the words of one who kneels. The record shows I took the blows and did it my way! Yes, it was my way" Her voice was clear, and she thought it wasn't very good, but it really was quite stunning. She held the last note for a bar and let it go, falling silent. The whole cafeteria had been silent as Aiden sang, and because she was the only one making noise, it was just her and Aiden singing, and she blushed even more.

"You done now Aiden?Now get down!" She hissed the last sentence quietly, not wanting to draw any more attention to herself. "Anyway, I'm organised for the Masquerade, you don't need to get me anything." Jessie grabbed his hand and yanked it ever so slightly. She just hoped Aiden didn't do something else to embarrass her.

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Kids, Eric thought as he interjected a flaring conversation between Ariana and Aiden. Introducing himself was simple enough and Eric found himself invited to breakfast a second time. "So Aiden. I heard it's your treat." Eric smirked patting an arm around him and leading him on. Saved you, Eric briefly glanced back at Ariana.

Reaching the cafeteria Aiden took a moment to absorb the surroundings, "Actually, do we pay for these? Or are they complimentary?" He asked looking confused. In all earnest the meals were free, a courtesy of residence but Eric could tell Aiden hadn't clocked it until he'd scanned the room for a cash register. "I'll find some way this is on me, just you wait. I- Hey, is that the breakfast table?" The boy lost sight of his charming plans, "I'll just be a minute," and like a flash he was gone.

Taking a momentary respite Eric exited the main hall into the kitchen, I honestly can't remember when I last ventured in here at this hour. Eric thought having often visited during the less social hours. He saw many kitchen staff, most of whom paid him no heed and just carried on with business. One grossly large woman however stopped and glared from over the other side of the room, making her way towards Eric as he indulged himself with a tangerine. "Picky things these," he gestured to the fruit, "It's been...?"
"For yeahs! Four yeahs an' yoo de nerve tu descend unto MY kitchen all "seen yoo yesteday." uhuh no Caydon professor sir." The chef angrily bellowed pushing at Eric.
"Is this about those letters piled in my in-tray?" Eric questioned whilst failing to hold ground. His question seemed to rile the chef more and he found himself on the other side of the double doors sooner than he'd anticipated. "So now is the wrong time to discuss that raise?" He retorted to the door and smirked, I hate paperwork.

He found a lot of commotion upon his reentry into the cafeteria, Aiden was singing and... ... Jessie? Eric wasn't expecting a display from her. The peel dropped to floor and Eric finally tasted a tangy slice, noticing Ariana had rejoined Aiden and Jessie. "Feet down Posy," Eric dismissively said pushing her feet off the table with an arm as he passed, "... At least socially," Eric muttered ambivalently and sticking another slice of orange in his mouth.

Observing the caf, Eric saw Anastacia and Damon talking, whilst Cheveyo contended himself with breakfast; Scarlett, Nicholas, Kenzie and Emilia sitting on lone tables; Gabriel and Nina both similarly alone at the cafeteria's back; Koen and Elsie talking; Aiden, Jessie and Ariana now settling down; And a window revealed Alexander sitting outside finishing his tray. A lot other students we're scurrying to and from but Eric thought he'd sussed the gist of the morning, Go forth kids, meet and greet.

Walking to the back of the hall Eric shuffled his orange free hand into his back pocket removing a note. Gabriel looked up as he approached, "You're right. I did owe you $20," Eric spoke relinquishing the note onto the table. "I forgot which game we had stakes on; or maybe I'm a deluded loser..." He shrugged, "You were holding back the first game weren't you? And I fell for it, like a sucker." Eric tsked at Gabe, noticing a concealed smile. "And you're meant to be the angel?" Shaking his head. Before Gabriel had a moment to swallow his food and deny such jovial slander Eric turned away, "You eat, you're beat." He chuckled, "Enjoy your winnings, for now."

Another slice entered Eric's mouth as he swept across the cafeteria to the front. Another of these, Eric picked up another orange beginning to pick at it's skin as he walked towards Ariana. Act cool. Smile. He told himself rubbing the back of his neck. Note to self: Figure out last night.

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Divinia Castiglione

| Outfit |

“I'm awake, Lana! See you at breakfast!”

Divinia slid a pressed rose between the pages of her slightly aged book, marking her place as she offered a sigh before sliding out her phone and tapping the letters on the screen. Wén Xīn Diāo Lóng is quite an amazing read; I can't believe I've only just found out about it. Thanks again for getting me an untranslated copy. She sent her text off to the Headmaster and her future employer before smoothing out her skirt and standing to confront her vanity. She puckered her lips to apply ruby red lipstick, topping it off with a light layer of peach scented gloss.

She grabbed her binder and slipped the book inside, grabbing her leather journal and gently placing it inside her purse before heading out. She had been up for the past few hours studying theology in deeper thought than usual, taking heavy notes. She closed and locked the double doors behind her; Divinia didn't exercise her true powers often, but after deciding to remain at Maldoy and become the first Professor of Philosophy, she decided that she no longer wanted a roommate and had created her own reality within her room. Her room was her own little world that catered to her every desire and defied the laws of physics.

She shouldered her purse and was on her way, contemplating what she would have for breakfast when she paused and heard the last few notes of "Call Me" by Blondie. She smiled contently and shook her head as she made her way through the halls and down the steps towards the academy cafeteria; Apparently Kaelana was trying to wake the entire school. Divinia was fond of the rambunctious Amazon, trying her best to be alongside Cheveyo as the voice of reason when Kaelana and Arturo were up to their shenanigans. But she couldn't deny that it was often fun and refreshing to walk on the wild side with them every now and again.

She entered the cafeteria and headed right for the line where she grabbed a tray and served herself with a bowl of blueberry oatmeal, an orange, a carton of soy milk, and a banana nut muffin. Content with her choices, she was off to the table in the center of the cafeteria, the usual spot for Titans. She looked around at all those present, a tad surprised not to see her friend and intellectual equal, Jason Blake. He was usually among the first to breakfast. Shrugging, she grabbed her muffin and bit into it with her gaze curiously fixed on a girl sitting in a window alone.

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Donovan MatthewsDonovan shot out of bed as his alarm went off for the third time. ”Kae’s gonna kill me.” He repeated as he got dressed. He split on his vintage spider man tee, his slightly baggy skinny jeans - an oxymoron really but did he care? Nope.-, A red plaid shirt top his tee, his high top converses and his favorite green beanie. He very much liked the way he looked in hats. Some people had shoes, he had hats. He grabbed his backpack up quickly. He had a lot of studying to do but he’ll cram all that in later, the last thing he wanted to do was piss of Kae, she was hot and her temperament was just as fiery. Just as he was about to run out the door, his wrist watch alarm went off. ”Damn it all to hell.” He groaned and went back into his room. He set down his backpack, opened it and pulled out a black case. He unzipped it and pulled out the glucose meter.He pricked his finger, without so much as a breath, and pressed the meter to his bleeding finger. Once the blood was being read, He sucked the small hole in his finger and waited. After a moment. He got his results as sighed. 13.7. Not good. He put the meter away and grabbed the insulin pen. He rolled up his pant leg and stuck the needle into his thigh and pressed the plunger. He waited a moment, shook his leg to get the blood flowing and then proceeded to pack up his stuff and slung his backpack over his shoulder making a beeline toward the Titan of Tunes. I ran down the seemingly endless corridors and heard Kae’s powerful voice. He stopped, slid and stumbling into a wall before straightening himself and walking in casually, just as she finished with talking with a few others. ”What up!” He said and smiled at the group. ”What I miss?”

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