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Season of Giving 2020

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Merry Christmas from RPG! 🎅


Mason Holmes

"Don't say it, I already know."

0 · 125 views · located in Maldoy Academy, La Veta, Colorado

a character in “Radioactive: The List”, as played by Legendel




Mason Holmes || Mason || 19 || Heterosexual

Precognition; Mason’s ability enables him to foresee possibleImage future events and outcomes. It is often displayed subconsciously affording him what might be described as unnatural reflexes. Though he is able to see moments months in advance doing so requires great concentration and still often appear jumbled and chaotic, causing him a great deal of pain. Rarely visions sporadically occur but they induce similar pain as to when he focuses.

Which Side?: “you’re kidding.. right?”
Good. Swinging for more the neutral side he exhibits a less than interested behaviour towards any collection or group agenda and adopts a more self-interested tendency. It’s still hard to see why he’s in the light alignment, it’s less his attitude, and more his actions when the situation really deems.

Gambling “It’s on the house”
Fast food
Gambling “Doubles up”
Gaming “The real world has problems”
Lock picking “Opportunity, sometimes you have to force it”
Dreamless sleep
Watches “God they’re so damn useful.”

Headaches “Oh joy”
Philosophy & Ethics
Debates “A drawn out conclusion”
Responsibility “Got enough, thanks”
Weapons “When does a situation end well with them?”
Cats “Why won’t you leave me alone?”
Live TV “Vision inducing tripe”

Visions of Death

Personality: Image
Mason is naturally quite fast paced and attentive, this averages him out when his powers run a little too high or if he's had a bit too much "medication". His powers push him to be ever-more the strategist than he should be, though would be considered a flaw in regards to forming genuine relationships. His past has desensitised him to a lot of lesser tribulations regarding others, aiding to his more neutral appearance. There is much in Mason’s past which cripples him now; two of those being his excessive gambling tendencies and drug issues. He’s clean at present but it’s taken him a while and at the cost of his powers resurgence. There is a distinct lack of boundaries with Mason and his skill in locking picking only adds his attitude “I wouldn't be interested if it wasn't locked.”

Mason was born an only child to a single mother, Anne Holmes, and his early life remained mostly stable due to their strong codependance. Mason's premonitions started to emerge when he was 14 as wild dreams about his mother’s failing mental capacity. At Mason’s persistance request she was tested and diagnosed early, though it was incurable it was treatable. Initially Mason took responsibility, however as Anne’s condition deteriorated she was moved into state care, leaving Mason on his own.

The isolation gave Mason’s power the space to manifest in greater forms and the strength of such episodes left Mason often paralysed with migraines. The "attacks" drove Mason to drugs, specifically heroin, which dulled not only the intensity but the frequency. Gambling also took rise during this period; A means to fund his addictive and self-proclaimed balancing habbit, and a source to focus his power on in menial stakes. Professor Caydon once sat opposite Mason in a backstreet poker event offering Mason a seat in his “Academy” for the “gifted” if Mason could let go of his reliance on heroin, though no word was mentioned about the gambling. At that time Mason called Caydon’s bluff, eventually losing a large portion of money to the so called “Professor”. Mason's head was left swimming, he felt he should have been able to anticipate things more clearerly, but obviously the drugs were affecting him.

Rehab was Masons next step, every part of the experienceImage felt familiar to him, his powers amplifying every minute to assure is future actions, though it was still a difficult process. When rehab was over Mason returned to his old routines, yet resisting drugs as best he could. Unfortunately Mason still liked the thought of heroin, and though clean a while, a momentary lapse was all it took for him fall completely back. It wasn’t until months later that a chance encounter fully put a stop his “need” for heroin. Ariana McQuillen and her daughter were shopping nearby as Mason was on his way to score however in those moments his powers struck him and he was forced to his knees as his head pulsed shockwaves of blinding pain. Mason saw during those hysteric seconds fragments of an older broken self, dying, clinging to the drugs he couldn't surrender. Yet strangly glimpses of a different picture merged in, blurring the fate, voices, faces, only one word lingered though, “Maldoy”. The brief encounter was an unconventional crash-course rehab and Mason lost all resolve to continue to his purchase. Things had changed and Mason had no idea why, the Mcquillen’s had passed on and Mason never saw.

The next few months were messy. Mason's resolve kept him from his craving and gradually he settled into "healthier" methods for managing his power, like gaming and lightly drinking. One evening while Mason was gaming online a user popped up “CaydonCool” and competed. The name seemed distantly familiar. Before signing out at the end of a lengthy gaming “sesh” a private message was left. It was a formal invitation to the Maldoy Academy from Headmaster Caydon.

Anything else: Mason’s spontaneous premonitions have been occurring at a much more frequent rate since arriving at Maldoy, yet they seem to display multiple events happening simultaneously at different locations and end up being a confusing mess of nonsense attributing him nightmarish pain, although not on drugs for reasons already explained he has taken to sneaking tequila and spiced rum.

So begins...

Mason Holmes's Story