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Samantha Holt

"You say grow up, I say Hauna-Matata".

0 · 699 views · located in Maldoy Academy, La Veta, Colorado

a character in “Radioactive: The List”, as played by paokikipao




Samantha Alexandra Holt

Sam, Lex, Alex


"Wanna see something cool?!"
Shape-shifter - Sam can shape into any form that she wants to. That includes people, animals and objects. She must first see that animal before hand, yes.. even animals that she has seen on TV count.
"For the last time, no... I will not shape into a puppy..."
Yes, she is not invincible which means her powers have their downs too, after shifting she gets weak, depending on what she shifted on. The longer she has practiced on a particular shape the less tired she gets. Also, she cannot modify specific parts of her body, she can only replicate what she sees.

"Look, if that's your way of hitting on me, let me tell you, it ain't working..."

Which Side?:
"I know, shocker isn't it?!"
Good - Even when Samantha jokes about going to the dark side, she's much more inclined towards good. That doesn't mean she has hatred for the evil, she's just good and that is all, in fact she thinks it's ridiculous the rivalry between the good and the evil, ridiculous but fun nonetheless.

+ Music
+ Using her power
+ Teasing
+ Jokes
+ Singing
+ Using her power
+ Good senses of humor
+ Boys
+ Randomness
+ Good comebacks
+ Pizza
+ Food
+ Sleeping
+ Magic, "with the things we do, might as well believe in magic".
+ Romance
+ Chocolate
+ Video Games
+ Being one of the guys
+ Nerds
+ Playing video games

- Overemotional people
- Misunderstandings
- People who take her food/fries, "Don't. Even. Think. About. It."
- Liars, "there's a line between teasing and lies, that should be obvious"
- Arrogance,
- Narcissism, "... seriously?"
- Extremely girly girls
- Bad listeners
- People who eat salads, "Don't ask why"
- Diets
- Soda (Coke)
- Cry babies
- Crying, "believe me, it's not pretty..."

✤ She has a deep fear of fires because of the accident that happened when she was young.
✤ Having an unrequited love
✤ Losing her power
✤ Losing control


{Crazy, Fun-Loving, Honest, Childish, Immature, Honest, Playful, Romantic, Caring, Laid Back, Moody, Loyal}
"You say grow up, I say Hakuna-Matata"

Sam likes having fun and enjoy life to the fullest. She likes to tease people just for the sake of it and is often messing around. She can be considered very immature and childish for the way she acts but she could care less about what people think. She literally cares little for what others think of her, but when people talk badly about those she cares she will not hesitate to pack a punch. She's very loyal and caring of those she considers her friends or over those she loves.

Even though she doesn't care for others opinions, she dislikes being wronged and hates misunderstandings. She can be moody from time to time, but that doesn't mean she's a drama-queen, actually is quite the opposite, she is somewhat of a laid back girl. She tends to be romantic too, though she would never admit it.

"All right picture this; a family of 7, 5 obnoxious and loud brothers, a crazy/awesome Dad and then there's me and my mother, the only girls at the house. Being the youngest has its advantages yeah, but not when almost all of your brothers are overprotective freaks that barely let you do anything, let alone go out. So while most girls went out to play with Barbie and Kent marrying and living the life I was at home wresting with my brothers and watching sweaty men box. Oh childhood, I can't complain though and honestly I wouldn't change a thing, I love my brothers and growing up with them was the best thing; that's also probably why I get much more along with guys seeing that I practically grew up being almost one.

Other than that, my childhood was pretty much the best thing ever, yeah sure my family had their problems and we had our ups and down but we managed. It wasn't until the fire that things got rougher for everyone. Nobody knows what really happened but the police said that it was arson and that it was caused by someone on purpose, the fire almost destroyed our home completely. Everything happened too fast that I didn't have time to... for anything really. I used to share rooms with my other brother, the second youngest, as always I was sleeping on the upper side of the bunk bed while my brother was on the lower side. I woke up coughing by the smell of smoke that was coming out from outside of the room, I immediately woke up my brother who had always been a deep sleeper. What happened new?... I can't remember, I just remember waking up in the hospital asking if everyone was OK. Thankfully the firefighters were able to rescue both of us and the rest of the family had been able to get out safely but I never truly got over the trauma of the fire, it was then when my brother told me he had seen me transforming into an animal... and that's how I learned about my powers".

Theme Song:
Smash Mouth - All Star

Anything else:
Sam gets along more with boys than with girls.
She has a small tattoo, a symbol of Hakuna Matata on her left hand (x)


So begins...

Samantha Holt's Story

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Michael stirred to the sight of his roommate, Jason. The guy sat opposite seemingly waiting for this interaction. "I see you have finally awoken," Jason began, now sure of Michael's attention rose, walking towards his possessions. Michael though awake almost believed he was in a dream. Is he a blues brother?
"In case you were not aware," the boy continued no longer facing Michael, "I am Jason Martin Blake, your new roommate. These will be the rules of the dormitory to which we will both adhere:" He stated and Michael noticed that Jason had plastered several copies throughout the dorm as he scanned his whereabouts.

It'd been dark when Michael had arrived, and Jason had been asleep already. Michael as a result hadn't unpacked yet and his bags lay still hidden from Jason's view. Jason was continuing to inform Michael of his kill joy rules when Michael tuned out, he was entranced. The rooms curtains had been so graciously opened by Jason and while he was concentrating on packing, Michael's eyes now rested on a figure through a window not far from his. Who is she? Michael thought as he lifted himself out of bed.

" will consider these rules inviolate. You can of course expect the same of me. Are there any questions?" Jason snapped his briefcase shut. Jason turned looking directly at Michael for the first time since he started his long jaunt, blocking Michael's view. Snapping to, he realized Jason was deadpan and serious, looking straight at him.

"Yeah, gotcha... Question, could you move slightly," Michael replied shifting around Jason. The girl had disappeared from the window and Michael dropped his head, gah... Michael sighed and turned, noticing he had slept in his boxers and shrugged, "Sorry Jason, I suppose being this exposed breaks the rules. New rules... takes me awhile it seems." Michael commented half apathetically.

Michael moved and turned falling backwards onto his bed. This guy has a real stick up his... Michael's musing was cut short by the girl returning to the window, wrapped in a towel, Michael's jaw dropped as he sat up. Who is she? "I guess I won't find out by staring," Michael breathed, grabbing a bag from beside his bed and sieving through. Towel. Shampoo. Soap. Michael lifted himself up and made his way towards the shower.

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"Ugh..." Sam grumbled as she woke up to her phone alarm that rang continuously. The alarm had already gone off for some time but Sam was still in bed wishing she could stay there 5 more minutes. "Shut up" she said to her phone that was out of her reach and that kept ringing with her favorite ringtone, she had purposely moved it away the day before; knowing she wouldn't wake up otherwise, unless of course when it came to food.
She let out another sigh and she wondered if her roomy would still be asleep, which she doubted, or if she would flip out at any minute at her not turning it off yet. Sam knew Seychelle's fiery nature as she had seen her in school before, truth was she had never really talked to her or to many of the girls as she often hanged around with boys rather than girls, a habit she had tried to break free from but failed miserably. Sam had barely said a few words to her but that was about it, she doubted that they would have anything in common, even so Sam smiled and acted naturally, though she smiled a bit awkwardly she kept being... Sam. She hadn't changed in time from her laid-back, childish and carefree nature and she was sure has heck that she was not going to start now just because there was a chance that her roommate wouldn't like her.

The alarm went off again and Samantha had finally had enough, she crawled out of bed with her sheets covering her up to her neck. Truth was that Sam often changed unknowingly when she was asleep which left her... almost clothe-less when she would get up, which was one of the many reasons she wanted to have more control of her power. Luckily she hadn't changed the night before but she could never be too sure, besides it was still early for her to even figure out what day it was.

As soon as she finally turned her alarm off she noticed the time on the screen, "shoot!" she yelled realizing she was going to be late for breakfast as she had been the day before. She let out a mortified sight imagining that all the good food would be gone once she got there, so before she could let her disappointment show any further she quickly grabbed a change of clothes, her typical kind of clothing; a t-shit, some tight black denim jeans, her lucky pair of converts and her beanie. She hadn't unpacked yet thought they were obviously told to do so first thing as they arrived, but what could she do? it wasn't like she had much luggage, besides it was kind of easier for her that way.

She closed the door behind her and turned the shower just at the right temperature, she took her clothes off and wrapped herself in a towel remembering she had forgotten her shampoo, obviously the dorm room had its own shampoo but Sam preferred to buy her own. She let out a mortified sigh and stepped outside quietly, she grabbed her shampoo and finally without further delay she took a shower as fast as she could, even in hurry she found time to jam to her song, as she did so often, truth was Sam had a nice voice:
"I don't give a damn 'bout my bad reputation
You're living in the past it's a new generation
A girl can do what she wants to do and that's
What I'm gonna do
An' I don't give a damn ' bout my bad reputation "

As soon as she was finished she put her clothes on looking at the mirror but once seeing if her beanie stayed in place with her hair. Finally she headed out to the cafeteria with a silly grin already imagining some mouthwatering food ready to be eaten. What the academy lacked in fun at times for Sam it made up for it with delicious meals and Sam couldn't complain one bit. She hoped to bump into someone she knew at the cafeteria and better yet she could make new friends, hopefully girls too this time. Sam had only spent one semester at the school as a transfer student and she had barely learned that she was a "good" student, she thought that the school categorizing them was just beyond ridiculous, "who's to say who is good and who is evil?".

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#, as written by Vix
Divinia Castiglione

| Outfit |

“I'm awake, Lana! See you at breakfast!”

Divinia slid a pressed rose between the pages of her slightly aged book, marking her place as she offered a sigh before sliding out her phone and tapping the letters on the screen. Wén Xīn Diāo Lóng is quite an amazing read; I can't believe I've only just found out about it. Thanks again for getting me an untranslated copy. She sent her text off to the Headmaster and her future employer before smoothing out her skirt and standing to confront her vanity. She puckered her lips to apply ruby red lipstick, topping it off with a light layer of peach scented gloss.

She grabbed her binder and slipped the book inside, grabbing her leather journal and gently placing it inside her purse before heading out. She had been up for the past few hours studying theology in deeper thought than usual, taking heavy notes. She closed and locked the double doors behind her; Divinia didn't exercise her true powers often, but after deciding to remain at Maldoy and become the first Professor of Philosophy, she decided that she no longer wanted a roommate and had created her own reality within her room. Her room was her own little world that catered to her every desire and defied the laws of physics.

She shouldered her purse and was on her way, contemplating what she would have for breakfast when she paused and heard the last few notes of "Call Me" by Blondie. She smiled contently and shook her head as she made her way through the halls and down the steps towards the academy cafeteria; Apparently Kaelana was trying to wake the entire school. Divinia was fond of the rambunctious Amazon, trying her best to be alongside Cheveyo as the voice of reason when Kaelana and Arturo were up to their shenanigans. But she couldn't deny that it was often fun and refreshing to walk on the wild side with them every now and again.

She entered the cafeteria and headed right for the line where she grabbed a tray and served herself with a bowl of blueberry oatmeal, an orange, a carton of soy milk, and a banana nut muffin. Content with her choices, she was off to the table in the center of the cafeteria, the usual spot for Titans. She looked around at all those present, a tad surprised not to see her friend and intellectual equal, Jason Blake. He was usually among the first to breakfast. Shrugging, she grabbed her muffin and bit into it with her gaze curiously fixed on a girl sitting in a window alone.

OOC; Cheveyo and Arturo will be up soon. Philanie is open for interaction.

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Donovan MatthewsDonovan shot out of bed as his alarm went off for the third time. ”Kae’s gonna kill me.” He repeated as he got dressed. He split on his vintage spider man tee, his slightly baggy skinny jeans - an oxymoron really but did he care? Nope.-, A red plaid shirt top his tee, his high top converses and his favorite green beanie. He very much liked the way he looked in hats. Some people had shoes, he had hats. He grabbed his backpack up quickly. He had a lot of studying to do but he’ll cram all that in later, the last thing he wanted to do was piss of Kae, she was hot and her temperament was just as fiery. Just as he was about to run out the door, his wrist watch alarm went off. ”Damn it all to hell.” He groaned and went back into his room. He set down his backpack, opened it and pulled out a black case. He unzipped it and pulled out the glucose meter.He pricked his finger, without so much as a breath, and pressed the meter to his bleeding finger. Once the blood was being read, He sucked the small hole in his finger and waited. After a moment. He got his results as sighed. 13.7. Not good. He put the meter away and grabbed the insulin pen. He rolled up his pant leg and stuck the needle into his thigh and pressed the plunger. He waited a moment, shook his leg to get the blood flowing and then proceeded to pack up his stuff and slung his backpack over his shoulder making a beeline toward the Titan of Tunes. I ran down the seemingly endless corridors and heard Kae’s powerful voice. He stopped, slid and stumbling into a wall before straightening himself and walking in casually, just as she finished with talking with a few others. ”What up!” He said and smiled at the group. ”What I miss?”

OOC: Randi is coming soon

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“I teach theatre arts. You know, singing dancing, acting... The fun things people like doing in school not like history and all that boring stuff.” Ariana explained jovially, swiping a smirk at Eric. Lowering his head slightly he grinned, Touché. The glancing attention amongst the pawing teens was an art, Eric decided; though he edgily noticed a certain chef’s glare from the serving counter.

“As should you, Professor Caydon.” Ariana was looking to him again, though Eric had been momentarily distracted again by the chef glaring at him from the other side of the service counter, and as a result Eric missed the previous undirected words that explained what he was supposed to “should” do. He smiled almost uneasily, filled with concern. I’ve forgotten something, haven’t I? Eric stood mimicking several others around, pushing his chair back, still clutching what remained of his orange.
Aiden beautifully interjected Eric’s thoughts "I should probably mention that twenty minutes ago I was wandering around the halls completely lost and I never actually found a map. I could use a beautiful guide to show me around the school." The Academy’s bell unfortunately overlaid the end of Aiden’s plea after the word “beautiful”.


”English!” Eric exclaimed in relief letting out a chuckle, ”I’m gonna need a better system then just attempting to remember these things… Besides your prompts that is,” Eric grinned thankfully. Note to self: Find suitable English teacher.
He turned to look at Aiden, ”Dyre, next time specify "female", you’re with me it seems; aren’t you the lucky guy today.” The side of Eric's mouth raised up into a smirk glancing back to Ariana who it seem was on the move as well.
”It was nice, Ariana,” Eric said in all serious, ”Seeing you at the start of the first day.” And with the pleasantries concluded Eric moved to exit the canteen Please tell me Qadira's ceased her death stare, Eric checked in his peripherals noticing the chef hadn't budged. If she had powers Qadria would definitely be cyclops, I can literally feel the back of my head melting!

The hallway was a bustle, the first day meant the students were all super-charged and nervous as well as mostly lost; Eric paused and raised his voice, "Students!" The horde slowed as some stopped, Eric shouted again, ”Students, new and old,” he continued as most of the remaining nearby students took notice, ”Good luck with your first day here or back; just a slight heads up, most of the classes have changed room the prevous year - first years with me - that is all.”
The silence erupted as a lot of the older students cursed, it amused Eric infinitely to keep his students on their toes but in truth the process leveled the playing field somewhat for first years and gave them all a mind-bending task to engage their minds. First room's free first years, Eric mused whilst navigating the corridors.

Second note to self: Find English teacher, or is that still the first note... Make it first and second. One of Eric's eyes squinted at the chalkboard in the room, the board read:
"Idiomatic Expressions"

It was in bold and squiffy writing, My handwriting is a bomb. The majority of the chairs were empty, except Aiden who had nipped around Eric, seated himself and was already copying out the module heading. A few students that had followed after the speech start filtering in moments later. Now... Where did I put the chalk?

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Opening out into the vast corridors Michael soon found himself encompassed by students, the bell had sounded only moments ago. Now where was it I’m meant to go? Michael stilled getting barged as he looked around, English but where… "Excuse me," Michael tried but several of the recipients just shoved past ignoring his request. "I’m trying to find the English class," Michael tried turning his head to students as they past without success.

”… first years with me - that is all.” Michael faintly heard a corner or two away and with reserved strength fought through the jumble sale of students. I could do with a locker… Michael observed students as the he made his way down another hallway, though he realised it wasn’t as if his room was far away and some students could be living off campus. Michael shrugged and turned a corner to where the announcement had been given in time to collide with - The mother of all beefcakes – getting knocked squarely on his arse. ”Watch it Freshie,” the enormous tank boy growled, "I bring the pain in all colours of hell," he warned, then scoffed, unimpressed with Michael before finally moving off.

Picking himself up and ignoring the new burns he’d some how accumulated Michael scanned ahead but the speaker had vanished, along with the first years. ”Awh come on!” Michael complained racing forward but he skidded to halt when the corridor split three ways. ”Now what?”

Michael exhaled deeply and looked around, only older students now loomed, ”Anyone know where the English room is?” Michael asked in a raised voice but the remaining students at the very least acted as if they were busy. I know it’s loud out here but someone could at least share this information with me” he stewed grinding his teeth a little.
Suddenly the hall felt wavy and it was as if purple streaks flowed out, when it touch the nearest student, an older blonde, she turned to Michael, ”It was announced only recently that all the classes have moved from the rooms of the previous years, sorry.” The girl suddenly snapped to and looked at Michael puzzled before frowning, slapping him and walking off. ”What was THAT about?” Michael questioned, slightly dazed, rubbing his cheek with a hand.

Is this so complicated!? Michael stood frustrated as the corridors began to clear. He hung his head shaking it and running both hands through his hair. Composing himself and looking up he noticed a girl rushing towards him with what looked like - A slice of pizza? – She seemed to recognise him which Michael found strange as he was new and hadn’t. –
Shower girl.

Michael swallowed and his heart quickened. Hh..How? Wait. Did she see me looking from my room? Michael pondered wide-eyed still unsure if he'd been knocked out by that enormous man boy thing a corridor or so back; though the pizza she carried wasn't exactly on the fantasy short list.
"Hi," Michael managed to stutter out, "English?" he asked.

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Samantha let out a depressed sigh realizing that she was really late for breakfast, she had not noticed just exactly how late it was until she saw that everyone was already either finished eating or just waiting for the class to start at the cafeteria. She spotted a few familiar faces but didn’t say hi to anyone, after all that could wait but her demanding stomach could not. Sam always had a big appetite but as she used more and more her shifting abilities made her hungrier more often than before.

She had somehow gotten lost even though she had already entered the school for a few weeks before, it wasn't her fault that the institute was huge after all. Even when she had already been to school she would have to start in the first year mostly because she was a transfer student and because according to the school, 'it was the most appropriate' thing to do given the circumstances, whatever that meant. Of course, Samantha was not happy at all but there was nothing she could do, besides her mind was worried now about what she would have for breakfast or if she would even have one at this point instead of concerning over anything else.

Finally, she finally made her way towards the cafeteria. She had a silly grin like a child opening a Christmas gift, a look she always had whenever it came to food. Apparently they had pizza on the menu and, contrary to what Sam thought, there was still a lot of food left. She couldn't fight her grin and came closer finally grabbing a few slices when suddenly the bell rang. Eating as fast as she could she walked slowly toward her first class, English. Having her policy of, 'Do not leave any slice behind' she simply grabbed her slice and walked towards class.

People had already begun to walk towards their classes and Sam waited patiently not wanting to get caught up in the crowd. Finally when it wasn't nearly as crowded she spotted someone nearby, she recognized him as she had seen him a few moments before. Sam had forgotten something back at her room so she had to run back to her dorm, it was then when she saw him walking not too far from the place. She had never seen him before, so there was a chance he was new, but then again the campus was huge so maybe he had been around before and she never noticed.

Samantha came closer and noticed that he had also somehow recognized her, being a bit curious she moved closer to him with her pizza on her right hand and her left hand holding onto the strap of her backpack. Finally when she was close enough he suddenly asked while stuttering, "Hi, English?" Samantha smiled and let out a small laugh, "Actually It's Sam, but English is fine too you know?" she teased a bit with a smile.

She wanted to ask if he had seen her before but for now they had to get to class, "I'm guessing you're a first year too. English class is actually over here" she said pointing in the right direction, waiting for him to follow her. While they walked to class, her curiosity wouldn't leave her be so she finally asked, "so, have we meet before? It looked like you had already seen me before and I doubt it was only my delicious looking pizza that you recognized" she asked joking a bit and with a smile. She would wait for him to say anything before they got to class where she would probably sit down in the first seat she could find and maybe even finish her delicious slice of pizza .

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The girl laughed a little, "Actually It's Sam, but English is fine too you know?" she smirked. Michael contained a laugh and smiled looking directly at her, How does she make beanies look so beautiful?
"I'm guessing you're a first year too. English class is actually over here" Sam continued pointing down a corridor; a door a way down, Perhaps we won't be too late after all, Michael mused but he was glad now, bumping into her had turned today around.
Whilst walking along side Sam, Michael chanced a look, Busted! Sam caught him but either she didn't mind or didn't show it, "so, have we meet before? It looked like you had already seen me before and I doubt it was only my delicious looking pizza that you recognized." Sam was still smiling at Michael and Michael blushed slightly, pulling his arm up and round grabbing the back of his neck, "I... erm." How do I explain THIS!? Michael panicked inside letting out a nervous chuckle. Taking a deep breath and then letting it out he confessed, letting his arm drop back to his side.
"I sort of saw you this morning," he began before quickly explaining, "My roommate was berating me about some sort of law he has going and I well... drifted off a bit, to the window." He could see Sam was still waiting for all the dots to connect, "...and so, well, you were through the window... technically two windows." And there it was, Michael's half-guilty confession. He bit his lip. And only moments ago, I wouldn't have been anywhere else, now anywhere else would do!

They'd paused before the English door while Michael had explained himself, but she didn't seem mad, maybe stunned Michael thought, But that could mean anything...
Professor Caydon could be heard muted through the doors, "...temporarily stuck..."
They both turned to see the Professor; he was looking directly back at them! The sudden obligation cut short Sam and Michael's discussion, and he pushed the door to, sound erupting form inside as he held the door for Sam. He followed after a short sigh and entered, seating himself beside her.

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As he was adding the flames coming out of the dinosaur's mouth (well this one did have fire breath, so there) Aiden glanced up at the teacher to make sure he wasn't looking his way and chanced to notice a couple of students slinking in late. Checking to see that Head Bossman was still busy with the whiteboard, he gestured at the seats next to him, almost the only ones unoccupied by now. Whether they saw him or just saw the seats, the two new kids made their way over to them and sat down, the guy next to him, the girl on his other side.

Aiden flashed them both a grin. The girl was amazingly cute. Dark hair, largely swept to one side, about shoulder length, smoothe features and a carefree air about her that instantly endeared him. He resisted his first instinct to flirt with her, though - partly because they were in class but mostly because there seemed to be something between the two of them. The guy seemed nervous, constantly glancing at her as if trying to gauge her mood, like he'd done something bad and was worried she'd snap at him. Well, he had sat down next to her and she didn't seem about to change seats (and if she did, there was an empty one right behind Aiden) so she couldn't be too furious with him. Unless she just hadn't decided yet whether to be furious or not. In which case, that guy could be deep in it now.

Either way, far be it for Aiden to get in the way of another man's relations with the fairer sex. On purpose, anyway. Thus he had the courtesy to keep his fat trap shut for once and just watch them out of the corner of his eye to see how this unfolded. It was way more interesting than whatever the teacher was saying.

Jason Martin Blake


When all else was said and done, Jason made his way to the library with five minutes to spare for his appointment. Breakfast had been satisfactory, though he scowled at the sight of pizza on the table. Honestly, as if the school didn't serve enough unhealthy fare already, now there was pizza for breakfast? What kind of institution was this supposed to be? The new Health teacher should be focusing her efforts on the faculty almost as much as the students. Shaking his head at the thought, Jason stepped around a bookcase and smiled (a rare event) at Divinia Castiglione sitting at a desk and browsing several books.

They had met some years ago, before he became a graduate student, having been assigned to work together on a science project. Naturally the project was not only interesting but visually impressive, but more importantly he had found along the way an intellectual equal whose company he actually enjoyed, something rarer than platinum in the school. He had also found a strong infatuation - one strong enough indeed to persist to the present day. At first he had not recognized it for what it was, but once he did he had found much to consider.

Love was a subject that almost everyone spoke of at some point, usually in glowing terms. Still, for all its supposed virtues the drawbacks were also noted, and having seen them he viewed the matter in an entirely different light. While a certain sense of emotional fulfilment at the mere presence of another and the knowledge of her approval seemed appealing, it also implied a lack of fulfilment at her absence or disapproval. Furthermore he had found himself distracted, his mind wandering at any given moment to think of her. It was unhealthy, he decided, for one's happiness to depend so greatly on another person. Practically obsessive. For that reason primarily he chose not to pursue any relationship with her beyond that which they already had.

That was not to say that he avoided her, of course. He may not have any romantic notions or intentions, but he did enjoy their discussions and value her opinion greatly. They were, for lack of a better word, good friends. He had no intention of abandoning that simply because he could not cope with infatuation properly. Instead he freely took pleasure in her company - probably what had allowed that infatuation to remain over the years rather than dying out like a guttering candle - and simply exercised self-control where his emotions were concerned, as he always did. For all the artistic insistence to the contrary, following one's heart over one's head seldom brought joy or contentment. Usually it only resulted in disappointment.

On reaching the table he set down his briefcase and brought out his laptop, nodding cordially to Divinia. "Good morning," he said politely. "Enjoying your light reading?" It was nice to see they kept a copy of Dostoyevsky's Crime and Punishment in the original Russian. For all that the school failed to do in policing its students or looking after their health, it did provide adequate resources for education at least. Otherwise he would have left the moment he learned to master his abilities.