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Lorenzo De Luca

"Yeah, yeah... yeah, I guess so."

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a character in “Rags and Riches”, as played by MarchHare


Lorenzo De Luca

❝I suppose things could be worse, right? At leat I'm not doing this for some old pervert.❞


The Inside

| Nickname(s) |

Enzo, though he is usually called by his last name.

| Gender |


| Age |

| Face Claim |

Syo Kurusu

| Master/Servant Relationship |

Like, Hate, No Feelings Whatsoever, Love, or Newly met?
Enzo is not yet sure what to think about his master, having only known her for a short time.

How long have you known your Master/Servant?
Not long enough.

| Spot/Role |

Servant 2


| Likes |
Nice clothing
*Drawing (mostly in chalk)
*The smell of rain

| Dislikes |
*Getting caught
*Ice covered sidewalks


| Personality |

Lorenzo, like many young teenage boys out there, is a pretty stubborn and rather unruly kid. Though his attitudes were completely learned from bad influences when he was much younger. He certainly isn't a very bright kid either, not that he wasn't taught anything by his nun instructors, more because he didn't really like listening to their lectures at all. He can read and write, probably probably not in the best way he possibly could. Instead he was busy making odd gestures, mocking them behind their backs, and ever making rude comments here and there. Even with the discipline he always received, it never seemed to stick into the young boy's mind. Even with all his little personality flaws, he can be quite the loyal kid. That is only if he can find himself in trusting someone enough, or becoming close with them as well. Lorenzo, along with many other things about him, is a very playful and fun boy as well. Always up for a joke or even just to hang out and mess around like an idiot.


| Bio |

Unfortunately for Lorenzo, he didn't have his parents around to raise him as he was growing up; instead he was raised by nuns in an orphanage, which is where his dislike for the sister came from. From what he was always told, the boy was found on the church steps, wrapped in a blanket with nothing but a note with his name. Seeing as how poor some lived, having a child was more strange and hardship than an actual miracle of life. Though, he himself was sure that if they would want him, if they presumably weren't so poor. That is lived in though, only the rich living so carefree as they do. Through his first few years there, he was well behaved and quite obi dent to the rules and disciplines of the nuns. Yet, as time slowly passed by and the boy grew older, his well behaved ways began to become less and less.

Lorenzo had started to hang out with some of the older boys there, those who were known to be quiet the trouble makers around the area. They stole anything they liked, even going as far as pick-pocketing people who even looked well enough to have anything. This all started when the boy was around 10 years old, but the older he got from there, the less forgiving people started to become. There were times he's gotten caught, his so called 'friends' abandoning him as usual. Instead of getting thrown in jail, they usually took him back to the orphanage where he was disciplined for his actions.

At some point the nuns grew tired of having to scold and discipline him, there wasn't anyway he was going to learn from what he was doing at all. So instead, they opted to either sell or give away the boy to someone of higher class, someone of the rich persuasion. If working for those who demanded complete obedience didn't work, then they knew he'd surely be arrested for it; and though they loved him, it was all they could do. Eventually someone had taken the boy, for their young daughter it seemed on her birthday. To say the least, Lorenzo was not as welcoming to the idea as the nuns were, objecting to such arrangements behind his back. He did end up going, kicking and screaming.


| Other |

He really hates being call by his last name, it's what the nuns would yell when he was in trouble.
He stands about 5'7
Allergic to cats
He knows very well how to pick a lock


So begins...

Lorenzo De Luca's Story


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The sun seemed particularity bright that morning, or at least it seemed that way to him. Of course he needed to get up early, like usual it seemed. Even when the weekend rolled around it was always the same, get up, work, then go to sleep so he could do it all over again the next day. Oh god how he hated the endless cycle that became his life. Truth is he'd rather be arrested than perform menial tasks that made him feel so... he wasn't even sure what the word he was looking for was. Then again, being locked up, from what he always heard, wasn't very pleasant. So instead, he'd just do whatever it was he needed to be doing. Perhaps one day he'll die a really old man and still be doing this.

Lorenzo did lay in bed for a moment, just to make sure he was awake before plopping himself out of bed. He groaned to himself and got himself dressed, as quickly as possible as well. He hoped Alice was not awake, but from what he could tell from time he'd been there already, she didn't sleep in like some others. About now he was finished getting himself ready for the day, soon heading out the door and down the hall. His first objective was to see if his master was to need anything. Enzo always hoped she wouldn't but usually she did, therefor he would have to do it.

The boy sighed as he came upon her door, his hand lifted into a light fist as he gave a light knock upon the large piece of wood. "Miss Alice?" he called to her from the other side, "you uh.. awake or whatever?"


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Character Portrait: Alice Bishop Character Portrait: Lorenzo De Luca
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Alice Bishop

Alice didn’t hear the knocks at the door, she was too intrigued into her book, it was getting to the good part. The beast and the villain were fighting, which has always been her favorite scene. Climaxes were always her favorite part in books, it was when the real good stuff happened.

Finally she looked up when she heard Lorenzo call her name. Alice sighs, she never really liked being interrupted from reading, especially at good parts. "I'm awake." she says, slowly putting her book down.

Maybe she can ask him to get her breakfast, but she usually likes getting it herself to say hi to the cook. Well, her parents always comment about how she almost never uses her servant, why wouldn't she want to use him now, being that she was being lazy today?

She then went to her door, peeking it open a bit. “Good morning, Lorenzo, can you bring me my breakfast, please? The cook usually has it on the dining room table." she says. Before closing the door she remembers another book her dad wanted her to read for him. "Oh, and can you get a book from out my father's room, it should be on his desk and have a spaceship on it, or some other sci-fi nonsense, thank you."

She then closes the door and jumps onto her bed, diving right into her book.