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Tsuyoi Tora

"I was born a fighter, and I'll die a fighter. Nothing is going to stop me."

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a character in “Rags and Riches”, as played by RurouniBishi


Tsuyoi Tora

❝"My name means strong tiger. And one cages a tiger because they fear it."❞


The Inside

| Nickname(s) |

Tsu, by only his closest friends. The Tiger by those who used to watch him fight.

| Gender |


| Age |

| Face Claim |

Japan from Hetalia

| Master/Sevant Relationship |

Like, Hate, No Feelings Whatsoever, Love, or Newly met?
Tsuyoi feels indifference towards his master. He neither likes or dislikes him.

How long have you known your Master/Servant?
A couple of months.

| Spot/Role |

Servant 6


| Likes |
* Freedom
* Fighting
* The brief times of peace he got between fights.
* Food, it doesn't matter what, as long as he gets fed.

| Dislikes |
* Cages
* Weak people
* Thunder
* Nightmares


| Personality |

Tsuyoi is a fighter through and through. He won't give up, even if the situation it hopeless. He's strong willed, feisty, and refuses to lose. He would sooner die than ask for help, not because of pride, but because he's never had anyone to ask, making him very independent. He is trained to be indifferent to both pain and crowds, as they are a constant part of his life. He doesn't have much love for people in general, as they have never treated him with much kindness. He absolutely hates to be touched and will flinch away from anyone who does so. His mind has been broken into believing that fighting is all there is and losing it will be incredibly hard on him. But even through all the attempts to break his strong will, they haven't succeeded. He is far too much of a fighter for them to do so. He doesn't talk much, but when he does it is quick and to the point. Blunt and honest. Even if he wanted to lie he would be terrible at it.

If Tsuyoi didn't cling to every bit of sleep he got, he would certainly be an insomniac. For his nights are haunted with visions of the past, present, and what he fears will be the future. He relives the battles he fought and sees what terrible ways he may die in. Though they come to him each and every time he closes his eyes, he has yet to tell a single person about them. For just like his problems, he keeps his emotions hidden away from others, even if it does himself more harm than good. He doesn't trust a single person and to earn that trust would be very difficult. Anybody who gets him as a servant will have a hard time him, for his goal to get himself arrested. Prison sounds better to him than slavery, at least there he fight, get thrown in solitude, and have a few days of peace. Then do it again.


| Bio |

From the minute he was born, Tsuyoi has been forced to fight. He lived in one of the most dangerous parts of the poor district. Children went missing all the time, only to end up dead in a river due to fight rings, or to live their lives as slaves. Tsuyoi was the victim of a kidnapping at just five years old. He was one of the ones who ended up in fight rings. Children were kept in cages, given minimal food and water, and forced to fight until they died. The more fights a kid won, the better his living conditions got. Everytime they won a fight, they were fed. Everytime they killed another kid, they got an entire day off. Every five fights earned them a blanket. And so on. Each kid is given a weapon, and Tsuyoi's was a club. Something that was so unnatural, so clumsy in his hands that it caused him to lose his first four fights. He survived them, but he knew he couldn't lose a fifth. His next opponent was an older kid with a katana. Tsuyoi fought hard, harder than most of the older kids did in that match and it payed off. He got the katana out of the other kid's hands. It was over quickly after that. His first win, and his first kill.

The men who ran the ring tried to get the sword out of Tsuyoi's hands, because it wasn't his weapon. But the boy's grip was like iron. Whether it was the shock of killing someone, or the thought that it was his only chance to survive they didn't know. So they let him keep it and it became his weapon. Over the years Tsuyoi fought hundreds of kids, probably thousands. Sometimes he fought the same one multiple times, sometimes only once. It didn't matter to him. He earned the nickname The Tiger, for his viciousness and refusal to lose. Other than those four fights at the beginning, he didn't lose a single one. At fifteen they decided to put him the adult rings, because none of the kids were a match for him any longer. The adult rings were the same as the children ones, only the adults got better stuff for winning, and an actual room. His first fighting in the adult ring left him in the condition of the last picture on here. The adults were much stronger and much more dangerous than the kids. Once again he lost four fights, mainly due to the fact that his injuries were terrible. His ringmaster got the idea and let him rest for a week. Then it was back to fighting. And once again he won his fifth match. Three months later the ring was found and attacked by the police. Their job was get out the unwilling fighters, and kill the ringmasters and the willing fighters. They were shocked to find a half dead teenager among the battle hardened adults. A half dead teenager who managed to kill six of their guys before being sedated. Being underage they had to assume that he was one of the unwilling and took him with them. Smartly bringing along the katana that he held so tightly even in unconsciousness.

It was a very good idea, because when he woke up, strapped to a hospital bed with something in his arm, he naturally panicked. Being in such a bright, white, clean smelling place was such a shock to him it was almost sad. It was literally the exactly opposite of the place he had come from. After letting him have his katana he did settle down though. As Tsuyoi recovered the hospital tried to figure out what to do with him. Eventually settling on getting him a job as a servant. Where he would as far away from his old life as possible.


| Other |

Tsuyoi is, naturally, covered in scars from his years as a fighter.


So begins...

Tsuyoi Tora's Story