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Ariella Haven

"I may not like where I am, but at least I know I'm not alone for nothing."

0 · 513 views · located in Where the Rich Live

a character in “Rags & Riches”, as played by Slick Scarlett


Ariella Haven

❝I may not like where I am, but at least I know I'm not alone for nothing.❞


The Inside

| Nickname(s) |

Ari, Arie, Ariel, Ella, Ell, El, Elle, Rie, A-a.

| Gender |


| Age |

| Face Claim |

Aoki Lapis

| Master/Sevant Relationship |

Like, Hate, No Feelings Whatsoever, Love, or Newly met?

How long have you known your Master/Servant?

| Spot/Role |

Servant 1


| Likes |

*Sacrificing things for the greater good
*Helping people who deserve it
*Seeing others happy
*Positive Attitudes
*Feeling helpful
*Seeing joy
*Being trusted
*Little kids (Toddler wise)
*Bringing hope

| Dislikes |

*The rich in general
*Negative Attitudes
*Helping people who don't need/deserve it
*Seeing tragedy
*Cruel people
*Feeling helpless


| Personality |

|| Charismatic || Insecure || Clever || Kind || Sly (When needed) || Compassionate || Resourceful || Clumsy || Brave || Agile || Selfless ||

Ariella has a leader-like personality. She's quite clever, and does well under pressure- which surprises most. This surprises people because of her age. She's only 11, yet she does better under pressure than almost half of the people above her age. Well, the poor district does that to you. Around every street there are criminals, hazards, and much more. Almost every second of your life, you're in danger. It causes you to think quick, become better under pressure, and gain wits. Ariella, from her years of living in the poor district, is capable of running quite quickly, handling pressure, and has become quite brainy. She uses her wits to think of ways to mislead people, solve puzzles, and to do many other things.

Ariella is also charismatic. She has a way with words, always using the most exquisite in her sentences. She's quite skilled at persuading people, but she cannot persuade everyone. Then again, who can? She can also threaten people, though it does not bring her much joy. She would much rather persuade instead of interrogate. Usually, she doesn't try to coax people into doing anything, much less in her favor. In fact, she is quite selfless herself. She never looks out for herself, and always does things in favor of other people- as long as she feels that certain person deserves it. She has no problem serving nice people, in fact, for her, it is a pleasure...But she absolutely detests serving cruel people, who do not deserve her help. It simply seems wrong! Why would she help someone who doesn't help back? The person doesn't have to help her back, but at least five minutes to think of other people wouldn't hurt- would it?

Ariella was born a very clumsy person. Sure, she's smart- but that doesn't keep her from dropping the dishes. This makes her a bit of a lousy servant, and this trait of hers is sure to get her in trouble. She can't help it- she simply drops things. She'll be walking, holding a cup of tea for example, and she'll just...drop it. Out of nowhere, she will drop the cup, and it will hit the floor and shatter. Ariella doesn't know why she does this, and sure hates it when she does. It's the reason she hesitates when being told to pick something up that is made of glass. This is the reason why most Masters don't...appreciate...her services.


| Bio |

Ariella has spent her whole life leading the way- from the point when her parents died, to the point where she became a servant. She was seven when her Mother & Father died, from a disease that was going around at the time. Being the oldest of her five other siblings, Ariella took charge. She had four sisters, and one brother- Cassie, Lacey, Lillian, Grace, and Zack. She provided food, shelter, and comfort for them, and started to ignore her own needs. She'd sacrifice anything for her siblings, including herself.

Ariella invaded the few houses there were, dug eight feet long caves, and even started pickpocketing people to help them. She knew they didn't deserve this life, and she was going to try anything to get them a better one. Over time, they started to lose precious money, mainly because they were often seen as easy targets for theft, and such. The streets became even more dangerous, and eventually they didn't have a penny left- and since crime rates had been going up, people had become harder to rob. They couldn't buy food, nor steal it, so Ariella, being her selfless self, decided to become a servant, in order to give money to her siblings. Now she lives her life serving the rich, something she absolutely hates doing. But it was worth it...Her siblings got to live.


So begins...

Ariella Haven's Story