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Rainbow Alley

Rainbow Alley


In the LGBTQ Oasis of the harsh and unnerving Colfax mainstreet in Denver, Colorado, trouble always seems just around the bend. So what's your story?

1,312 readers have visited Rainbow Alley since LookAliveSunshine created it.



Established in 1993, Rainbow Alley came first in the basement of a minister in Colorado who saw homeless and lgbtq youth too often go ignored. He instituted weekly get togethers, called the What’s Your Story Group, for youth who fell somewhere on the LGBTQA spectrum. He met once weekly in his basement and things went well; more interest gathered and through the years Rainbow Alley has moved into its own building and is open 24/7 for any and all LGBTQA needs, from support, to STD screening and free birth control, to monthly drag shows, to a constant stream of new people dropping in, checking it out, becoming regulars and friends of those already involved.
That being said, the world outside Rainbow Alley is no field day; as liberal as its bubble is, it’s plopped down with the building’s front right on Colfax Avenue, one of the meanest, leanest, and straight up most dangerous streets in America, as well as being the longest continuous one. And the kids who attend support group and the art programs and who just chill at Rainbow Alley have got more problems than finding their bus stop on Colfax; from taking more than the prescribed dose to how much their mom or dad hates them being gay. We see it here in the oasis of our modern desert, Rainbow Alley; each has their own story, so what’s yours?

Rainbow Alley is a building of three floors right on Colorado’s most famous street, Colfax, which lies at the heart of Denver, only an hour’s drive from the mountains if traffic’s in your favor. Denver is host to many, many things. Restaurants, malls, schools, everything. If you need any help with history or the area, don’t hesitate to PM me.
Open for free to anyone between the ages of twelve and twenty-one and who considers themselves part of the LGBTQA community, Rainbow Alley is a large square building with a sequence of rainbow dots on the streetside, a door on streetside and the side of the building facing the parkinglot and an alley between it and the pizza joint next door where the kids who (aren’t technically supposed to be smoking on Rainbow Alley property) smoke go to light up. It’s consisted of office spaces on the uppermost (second) floor, event space on the main ground (first) floor, and 24/7 hangout space (with dj gear, a kitchen, a tv, video games, and a billion other awesome things) in the basement.
The Center is open 24/7 with events in the following sequence:

HIV and Healthy Sexuality Lab Open from 5AM to 8PM
Counselling Offices Open from 9AM to 5PM
Work and Housing Help Offices Closed
Gender Queerie Group (for transgender and trans* youth) 5PM to 8PM
Religion and LGBTQAA Issues with visiting artist David Griffith 6PM to 9PM

HIV and Healthy Sexuality Lab Open from 5AM to 8PM
Counselling Offices Open from 9AM to 5PM
Work and Housing Help Offices Open from 9AM to 5PM
Art Day with visiting artist Female 8 12PM to 6PM

HIV and Healthy Sexuality Lab Open from 5AM to 5PM
Counselling Offices Open from 9AM to 5PM
Work and Housing Help Offices Open from 9AM to 5PM
General Support Group 6PM to 8PM

HIV and Healthy Sexuality Lab Open from 5AM to 8PM
Counselling Offices Open from 9AM to 5PM
Work and Housing Help Offices Open from 9AM to 5PM
Discussion on Coming Out and other family-related sexuality problems 4PM to 6PM
Transgender Support Group 6PM to 8PM

HIV and Healthy Sexuality Lab Open from 5AM to 5PM
Counselling Offices Open from 9AM to 5PM
Work and Housing Help Offices Open from 9AM to 5PM
Youth Team Meeting (on what needs to be done the next week) 6PM to 8PM

HIV and Healthy Sexuality Lab Closed
Counselling Offices Open from 12PM to 5PM
Work and Housing Help Offices Closed
Sewing Workshop with visiting artist Female 8, 8AM to 12PM
Jam Session/Music Session in the Work and Housing Help Office Space 10AM to 6PM
Video Gaming Tournament 12PM to 6PM
Drug and Alcohol Support Group 6PM to 7PM
Music, Dancing, Food, etc 7PM to 12:AM

Midnight Movie Screening from 12AM to abut 3AM
HIV and Healthy Sexuality Lab Closed
Counselling Offices Open from 4PM to 8PM
Work and Housing Help Offices Closed
Art Day with visiting artist Female 8, 12PM to 6PM
Free Dinner & Board Gaming Session, 6PM to 10PM

[note: if you already play one of the outlined characters, and would like to take a second, you are allowed to entirely create your second character, without the guidance of one of the guideline profiles below]

Here are the pretty girls and their pretty places! Reserve in the OOC thread!

Reserved by OPEN
Female 1|18-22|Portrayed by Face Claim|Streetsmart Rainbow Alley Regular|Lesbian

Female 2 |12-17|Portrayed by Face Claim|Cautious Newcomer|Questioning

Reserved by OPEN
Female 3|17-22|Portrayed by Face Claim|Quiet transwoman|Pansexual or Bisexual

Reserved by OPEN
Female 4|16-21|Portrayed by Face Claim|The Out Loud and Proud Advocate|Lesbian

Reserved by OPEN
Female 5|13-18|Portrayed by Face Claim|The Music Nerd|Bisexual or Asexual

Reserved by OPEN
Female 6|16-21|Portrayed by Face Claim|The Promiscuous Fox|Lesbian

And here are our bubbly boys!

Reserved by OPEN
Male 1|17-22|Portrayed by Face Claim|Shy but helpful poetry lover and regular|Gay

Reserved by OPEN
Male 2|14-19|Portrayed by Face Claim|Mischievous Transman|Bisexual

Male 3|15-20|Portrayed by Face Claim|The Skateboarder|Gay

Reserved by OPEN
Male 4|12-17|Portrayed by Face Claim|The Fiery Guitarist|Pansexual, Asexual, or Straight|Best friends with Male 5

Reserved by OPEN
Male 5|13-18|Portrayed by Face Claim|The Introverted (Garage-Practice Band) Vocalist|Gay|Best friends with and plays in the same (non professional) band as Male 4

Reserved by OPEN
Male 6|15-20|Portrayed by Face Claim|The Nervous New Kid|Questioning

These are the kids whose gender doesn’t quite fit above!

Reserved by OPEN
NonBinary 1|17-22|Portrayed by Face Claim|The Shy Writer|Gender Nutrois|Sexuality up to you

NonBinary2|15-20|Portrayed by Face Claim|The friendly Rainbow Alley Expert|Bi-Gender|Sexuality up to you

And last but not least, some of the staff of Rainbow Alley!

Reserved by OPEN
Male 7|25-30|Portrayed by Face Claim|The Owner of Rainbow Alley|Gay

Reserved by OPEN
Female 7|25-30|Portrayed by Face Claim|Rainbow Alley’s Office Manager|Sexuality up to you

Reserved by OPEN
Male 8|24-29|Portrayed by Face Claim|Rainbow Alley’s Resident Therapist/Psychologist|Sexuality up to you

Reserved by OPEN
Female 8|30-35|Portrayed by Face Claim|Visiting Artist for Sewing Challenges and Art Day|Sexuality up to you

You may use either character sheet or one of your own devising so long as it has the necessary information!
Code: Select all
[center][color=#YOUR HEX CODE][b][size=200]First and Last Name Here[/b][/size]
[font=Times New Roman][size=200][i]Nicknames in Quotes Here[/i][/size][/font][/color]


[font=Times New Roman][size=150][color=#YOUR HEX CODE][u][b]Name[/b][/u][/color][/size][/font]
[font=Times New Roman][size=150][color=#YOUR HEX CODE][u][b]Nickname(s)[/b][/u][/color][/size][/font]
[font=Times New Roman][size=150][color=#YOUR HEX CODE][u][b]Age[/b][/u][/color][/size][/font]
[font=Times New Roman][size=150][color=#YOUR HEX CODE][u][b]Gender[/b][/u][/color][/size][/font]
[font=Times New Roman][size=150][color=#YOUR HEX CODE][u][b]Sexuality[/b][/u][/color][/size][/font]
SEXUALITY HERE (Optional if the character isn’t sure or you can’t decide yet)
[font=Times New Roman][size=150][color=#YOUR HEX CODE][u][b]Position[/b][/u][/color][/size][/font]
POSITION (Male 1, Female 4, etc) HERE

[right][img]OPTIONAL IMAGE HERE. If you choose not to put an image here, remove the [/center] tag after Position, and the [center] tag before appearance, as well, of course, as this coding here.[/img][/right]
[font=Times New Roman][size=150][color=#YOUR HEX CODE][u][b]FaceClaim[/b][/u][/color][/size][/font]
[font=Times New Roman][size=150][color=#YOUR HEX CODE][u][b]Appearance[/b][/u][/color][/size][/font]
APPEARANCE HERE A few lines or so. It doesn’t have to be much, don’t worry. The faceclaim covers it pretty well. OPTIONAL.
[font=Times New Roman][size=150][color=#YOUR HEX CODE][u][b]Clothing[/b][/u][/color][/size][/font]
[font=Times New Roman][size=150][color=#YOUR HEX CODE][u][b]Jewelry and Accessories[/b][/u][/color][/size][/font]
[font=Times New Roman][size=150][color=#YOUR HEX CODE][u][b]Inventory[/b][/u][/color][/size][/font]
WHATEVER YOUR CHARACTER CARRIES AROUND FREQUENTLY AND/OR HAS ON THEIR PERSON AT THE START OF THE ROLEPLAY. THIS CANNOT BE CHANGED FOR CONVENIENCE LATER IN THE ROLEPLAY(I.E. a character cannot pull out something they don’t have in their inventory unless they picked it up during the roleplay)[/center]

[left][img]OPTIONAL IMAGE HERE. If you choose not to put an image here, remove the [/center] tag after Inventory, and the [center] tag before likes, as well, of course, as this coding here.[/img][/left]
[font=Times New Roman][size=150][color=#YOUR HEX CODE][u][b]Likes[/b][/u][/color][/size][/font]
[font=Times New Roman][size=150][color=#YOUR HEX CODE][u][b]Dislikes[/b][/u][/color][/size][/font]
[font=Times New Roman][size=150][color=#YOUR HEX CODE][u][b]Favorites[/b][/u][/color][/size][/font]
[font=Times New Roman][size=150][color=#YOUR HEX CODE][u][b]Goals[/b][/u][/color][/size][/font]
[font=Times New Roman][size=150][color=#YOUR HEX CODE][u][b]History[/b][/u][/color][/size][/font]
HISTORY HERE. I will trust your judgement on length, but do try to include something.

Code: Select all
[right][img]OPTIONAL IMAGE HERE[/img][/right][/left][img]OPTIONAL IMAGE HERE[/img][/left]
Name Here.
Age Here.
Gender Here
Sexuality here, optional if you don’t, or the character doesn’t, know yet.
Position [female 3, male 12, etc] here.
Faceclaim here.
Anything that deviates or that you’d like to eccentuate from the faceclaim goes here, including jewelry, clothing style, scars, or birthmarks. OPTIONAL.
Whatever your character carries around frequently/whatever he or she has on his or her person at the start of the roleplay. THIS CANNOT BE CHANGED FOR CONVENIENCE LATER IN THE ROLEPLAY(I.E. a character cannot pull out something they don’t have in their inventory unless they picked it up during the roleplay)
[b]Likes and Dislikes[/b]
Likes and dislikes here.
Goals here
History here. I’ll, again, trust your judgement on length.

General Rules:
We will start when we have at least two males and at least two females claimed and submitted.
Respect is a necessity OOC.
Reservations will last 48 hours.
WIPs can remain WIPs for an additional 72 hours before forfeiting the right to the position IF someone else wants it.
If you are inactive for more than three days without notice of an impending absence, your character will be deemed either killable, dead, abandoned, or missing, as the plot demands.
Try not to ignore all interactions which aren’t romantic.
I will trust your judgement on post length! If you're having a bad day, or just can't pull together a long post, that's fine, if you can, good! It's all up to you.
On that note: Romance is encouraged, as is friendship, and rivalry and hate (IC, of course).
For characters or actions (even a lot of posting!) I like, I’ll be game-mastering in some super secret special prizes (like special items!) which I’ll work out with you OOC, probably over private message, and then I’ll write an event for your character IC.

Character Rules:
Because there are so many open slots, I encourage taking as many characters as you can handle! There isn’t a wordcount so there isn’t an increased number of words you must achieve if you take more characters, and I may even give some super secret in character prizes if you take more characters.
If you play more than one character, please plan on having at least one male. Males seem to be sorely lacking on this site.
Face Claims must not be cartoon, anime, or any other sort of drawings.
I’d really rather you didn’t change any of the information under their photos, but if you absolutely must, ask me privately first.
Please, no special powers unless discussed privately with me in depth. I likely will not allow any. This is a realistic roleplay, mostly.
Experimentation is encouraged! Play a character you wouldn’t usually play if you can/want! [If you have read the rules please put your favorite song somewhere in the character sheet, and make sure to denote that it’s your favorite song and not the character’s or the character’s theme song (unless they’re the same).] So is anything you think might differentiate your character from your average one.

Current In-Character Date is September 10th. Current weather is sunny and mostly warm, becoming chilly in the evening and morning..
We've just begun the roleplay, feel free to post as you wish!

Toggle Rules

The GM of this roleplay hasn't created any rules! You can do whatever you like!

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Character Portrait: Andrew "Andy" Carter
Andrew "Andy" Carter

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Character Portrait: Andrew "Andy" Carter
Andrew "Andy" Carter

"My parents wanted a boy."

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Character Portrait: Andrew "Andy" Carter
Andrew "Andy" Carter

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Re: Rainbow Alley

Yep! You can have him, Colors, and that's fine, BBS :)

Re: Rainbow Alley

Hey, can I make her a photography nerd instead of a music nerd? I'm just more of one myself and it's easier for me to have her be crazy about photography than for her to be crazy about music.

I'm putting that in her profile, so just let me know if you want me to change it.

Re: Rainbow Alley

Can I reserve male 5?

Re: Rainbow Alley

Yep! You can reserve her. I'll put you down now. And pregnancy/whatever's up to you! She's your character =33

Re: Rainbow Alley

May I please reserve the bisexual music nerd? The girl? "Ahem...we prefer geeks XD"

This looks really good, I can't wait.

Would it be possible for my character to be pregnant?

Re: Rainbow Alley

Yes to both of you! I'll put you in now.

Re: Rainbow Alley

May I reserve the NonBinary2|Bi-Gender please?

Re: Rainbow Alley

Could I please reserve female 2?

Rainbow Alley

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