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Andrew "Andy" Carter

"My parents wanted a boy."

0 · 533 views · located in Rainbow Alley, Denver

a character in “Rainbow Alley”, as played by xxtensionxx


Andrea "Andy" Carter


Full Name
Andrew Grace Carter

Nick Name
Andy, Andwey


Questioning bisexuality

Student at highschool
Barista at Coffe Shop

Cautious Newcomer



| Coffee |: "I was kinda addicted over the summer. Drank more coffee than water, passed out, went to the hospital. But it still tastes amazing.
| Music |: "It's the kind of thing that can change the way you feel. Anything with that kind of power is incredible."
| Black Tie Attire |: "Nothing looks better then a tux and bow tie."
| Blood |: "It's kinda pretty. In a freaky, psycho killer way."
| Her Father's Approval |: "He's all I got, ya know?"
| Drugs |: "Don't ask, don't tell."
| Sleeping |: "I'll drop everything for it."
| Singing |: "Uhh, I do it."
| Guitar |: "It's pretty simple really."
| French |: "A seriously hot language."
| Paint |: "I'm rubbish at it, but painting with your body is... amazing."
| Longboarding |: "Nothing like a nighttime cruise."

| Not Being Doped Up |: "It's worse than when I'm on my period."
| Lack of Privacy |: "If my doors shut, you better knock. Or I will hurt you."
| Being Alone |: "Call me old fashioned, but it's boring."
| Flowers |: "They die. They're beautiful, and smell nice, and then they die."
| Fights |: "I can guarentee I'll beat the shit out of you. So don't even try."
| Electronics |: "We'd probably be better off without. But hey, I'm not complaining."
| Messes |: It's a little but of OCD, but why don't you just take two minutes to clean up your shit?"
| Her Pills |: "Being doped up is fun, but not this type of doped up."[/left]

| Arsonphobia |: (Fire) When she was younger, about 6, during a game of hide and go seek with her cousins at a family reunion, her house caught on fire. She was in the basement, running, then hiding, laughing, playing, and all around having fun. Then, all of a sudden, there was a stench, and at the time she couldn't identify it, but it was gasoline. And then there was a bright light, and before she knew what was happening, the basement she was in was engulfed in flames. And McKauley was coughing, and gasping, and puking. And slowly, but surely, she was being deprived of oxygen, and dying.

She'd passed out, sprawled across the ground after loosing sense of direction, but she was saved, and brought back to life with not as much damage as they though she would have. 20% of her body was burned, and she'd been deprived of oxygen for 2 minutes, which ended up losing her sense of smell. But she was alive. And now lived with a constant fear of fire, though she'd never admit it.

When she was younger, her attitude was a combination of pills after pills. At age 6, she was diagnosed with anger management issues and ADD, and since, she's had pills she is supposed to take. And when she is doped up on pills as well as weed, well that's when her true I don't give a fuck attitude comes out.

Andy has a tendency to make everyone around her as happy and comfortable as she is. There's not really a specific reason why, but she gets very comfortable around people easily. She is known for both being very friendly and funny, and doing ridiculous things, without thinking of the consequences. Her warm and inviting nature makes people want to be friends with her in general, whether it be because she's always straight forward and honest with them or because she's so friendly.

But the truth is, most people don't really know her. This happy, friendly, laughing exterior is only one of show to hide how she really feels. She's angry- all the time about things that are one person's fault, but she blames everyone. Her emotions are hyped higher than the average person, thanks to her meds, and she seems to take things harder, though she doesn't let it show. Her friends, though only a few, don't really see this side of her, the only person who does is the cause, her father.




120 lbs

Still with the same bleach blonde hair she's had since she was a kid, Andy's hair now reaches to the middle of her back at it's shortest points, and the middle of her rump at the longest. Often in a loose low ponytail or a sloppy do of her hair just down, it's something people have always complimented about her. Her second striking feature would be her eyes. They were always talked about by everyone she met, so much so that it got annoying to her, and instead of letting it be and enjoying the compliments, she started trying to make something else more apparent. Her makeup went from nothing to dark black kohl liner and mascara, with the occasional extremely bright lipstick, though it's not uncommon for her not to have any makeup on either, especially when she's out late at night.

When it comes to her clothing, it's rather casual. She wear's a lot of black, though it's not a part of her, and she also wears every other color. Whether she's wearing a loose t-shirt or a tight bralette, it's likely she'll be wearing it confidently, and look good in it. She loves experimenting with clothing that doesn't typically go together, and somehow pulling it off.

Jewelry and Accessories
Andy isn't big on the small pieces adding to make a good whole, instead she likes having one or two big, statement pieces that may or may not go with her outfit. She almost always has her bag with her, is wearing her boots, and is wearing or carrying her beanie, often wearing it in hot weather. Necklaces and earrings are a personal favorite of her.

Her backpack, with the longboard in place, looks like this. On a daily basis, she always has her beanie, longboard, flipflops and boots, a ukelele tucked in the bottom of her backpack, a pipe and bag of weed, a mug of coffee, a large flannel, an extra bra, her sunglasses, keys, money (145$), her pills as well as pain and sleep meds, her phone, a notebook, a pencil, a pack of sour gummy worms, and a pocket knife. Depending on the day, she might have something extra.


Her Father - Greg Carter (43)
Her Mother - Anne Carter (Passed)



Andy's life has been a mix of mess ups, pain, blood, and drugs. When she was younger, her bright blue eyes, long blonde hair, and all around innocent look reflected well on her perfectly sweet attitude. Her mother and father were a great pair, her father was a fireman, her mother a stay at home mom, and they couldn't have bee happier with their perfect baby girl. Well, kind of perfect. Her anger issues were easy to handle, and her ADD could be controlled with strong pills. They were a model family. At age 12, the age where girls normally get mean, Andy was still kind and bubbly. Until tragedy struck.

On the way to one of her concerts, a slightly tipsy Mr and Mrs Carter made their way over, and though the details are blurred, the end result is clear. They crashed. Their car flipped over. And Mrs Carter took most of the impact. Three days later she died.

At first, Mr Carter and Andy were the only two who understood each other, and bonded by being together, whether they were jamming on their back porch or walking around the busy streets. But as the days and months passed, the strain seemed to grow to be too much for Greg, and in result, he started drinking. It wasn't that much at first, only enough for him to get tired, and fall asleep. But it grew to more. And falling asleep became stumbling around, and stumbling around became interacting with Andy.

To her, it didn't make a difference whether he was trying to pull her pants off and stick his hand down there, or making her sleep in his bed, but when it really struck her, at age 14, was when he started hitting her. And not with one or two punches. With bats, and chairs, and pushing her down stairs. Her ribs and arms had broken, many black eyes had come and go, and the amounts of cuts and bruises she was left to explain was hard. But what was hardest for her was loosing both of her parents in one year, and having to go from a loved teen to a girl who had to take care of herself, monitor her pill intake, get her refills. It's only logical that she would turn to something for an extra boost. That something was drugs, and though she would never go to alcohol, she was fine with weed and it's effects.

Her most recent realization, of the fact that she liked both guys and girls, didn't come as so much of a shock to her. She'd always thought both were beautiful, but it wasn't until she tried kissing a girl that she realized she was into it. It was just a problem that her dad found out about it. Especially while he was drunk. Five days ago, he beat her worse than he ever had, starting by throwing her down a flight of stairs, holding a metal bat and going to work. Afterwards, of course she left the house, and since, she hasn't been back except during the day to pick up any new clothing. Andy slept in the street, an alley, and even slept in a friends car, but she's decided to turn to Rainbow alley. Hopefully, she won't regret it.

Face Claim
Taylor Momsen

So begins...

Andrew "Andy" Carter's Story