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Raison D'état

Raison D'état


Ryan Simon has taken over the east side of America, the other side is full of mystery, blocked by a great wall built by poor souls in prisoner camps. Different souls on different paths merge together to take down a dictator no worse than any other seen.

907 readers have visited Raison D'état since Other Half of Marco created it.



"Without subtle ingenuity of mind,
one cannot make certain of the truth of their reports."

-Sun Tzu on The Art of War

"America is in need of revising, it once stood great and powerful, and now here we are, at the bottom of the countries. Our children without families, our families without care, our system, corrupted. I stand here, at this podium, before you, I stand here before the crowd, before the United States of America, and before the world, to say, I will change all of that!"

No one really suspected, not even I, we all applauded. We all smiled. This president knew what he was doing, and he was going to do well.

Ryan Simon said his pledges as the newly, ecstatic president, his face was bright, and his smile just had an allure no one really understood, but liked. When he got to office, the changes were all unexpected. The congressmen grew weak in power, and the president fought his way to the top. Few people believed his intentions were wrong, to give the president more power and the circle of people around him less. He began with changes, as the already tight security grew tighter.

At this point, the conspirators constant words of hate, of which they believed to be truth, became more and more real. But still, not enough.

The west, had long ago had a wall built, keeping the east from the west. It was not like east and west Germany back at the end of World War II, it was keeping the east from the dangers of the slums, no one spoke of. It was during the year of 2043, the west had fallen into chaotic revolution. The east still stayed on the side of the government, while the west was shut down. But Ryan spoke differently, the year of 2128, he warned people of the constant danger, that anarchy in the west was still in progress. Everyone continued looking down to the west, but more so than ever.

How curious it was, to see the almost forgotten land to be brought up again, how curious it was, the few who questioned were laughed at. The forgotten land became a place to direct our hate, almost like a vile swear word, not even the most vulgar disgust human would dare use.

The attacks began, as if the west had noticed the easterners were thinking more often about them. Bombings which had only been done by anarchists occurred more often, except this time, it was the west's fault. Everyone agreed, security was needed. So once again, security tightened, but more so than it had ever done. The cameras that had been seen everywhere dissipated, replaced with micro cameras. Microphones listening to conversations were placed within houses, and rare was it seen, a street light without a camera.

"He did say he would care for the people, everyone argued. Still, some do."


Children came out of schools, worshiping Ryan's name, more and more of them were called Ryan. The four year election came around once more, Ryan's beaming smile never changed. Up against a man named Trent Weasel, Ryan's debate went splendidly. Trent didn't seem to be the type of man who could speak, and yet his intentions were good. When an attempt assassination on Ryan Simon occurred, immediately, the country was outraged. They blamed the west, at first. But the case was concluded at the very end, it was in fact, Trent Weasel hiring a man to do the dirty work for him. He seemed like a genuine man, everyone was confused. But the people spoke, the most nice, the most passive, the most considerate, could do something so horrible for something they wanted badly enough.

As Ryan Simon was reelected, something changed within the government. His election was permanent, until the end of his life. The people were confused, but they thought it was good. When Ryan got to office once more, his face appeared all over televisions. "My dear people of the United States of America, I wish to convey a message so thoroughly and completely. Cover the eyes of your children, but I do what I must. For all those westerners out there, hiding as spies in the east, here is to you."
Ryan Simon displayed the camera onto the man by the name of Trent Weasel. In front of the country, an executioner had Trent tied to the electric chair and executed, where so many other common criminals had been. Everyone had seen. Yet no one was angry, the press was censored at this point, to keep the westerners for putting any influence over anyone. So any anarchists that had decided to influence, any westerners, anyone with any writing skill at all, was shut down to a few words: Long live Ryan Simon.

Children are brainwashed, adults are too scared, everyone is sheep. There is no more "people" in "we the people," there is no more active anarchists. Bombings still happen, organized bombings at the least, to target the most precious people.

It is a revolution destined to happen.


"If anxious to fight, never meet the invader near a river he has to cross.
Moor your craft higher up than the enemy, and facing the sun. Never move upstream to meet the enemy."

-Sun Tzu on The Art of War

Constant and never ending, it's a wonder we survive.

Something no one has ever seen in the past hundred years was total and complete destruction, but the ones before that knew. They knew, they saw, they still questioned why. Something no one has ever seen in the past hundred years was absolute silence, and the idea of peace. The ones before that didn't know either. The last known peace was a time verging on the twentieth century, the "Golden Decade."
Everything went down after the crash.

The soldiers lined up, swords and spears, skins and red paint decorating their tanned, muscled, war made bodies. They were ready, ready to die for the greatest tribe in all of the western side. The tribe called "Bidai." "Some of you are men, some of you are women, some of you are children, on your way to becoming a full fledged adult. But yet, all of you have a say in this, all of you understand, you are fighting for cause. You are fighting to keep your families safe, your food a plenty, and your safety in existence.

Marching along the desolate, long worn path, of Missouri, the soldiers continued. Several muttered words, but most all were silent. They followed up the river the Wall was built next to, a place where the enemy was near. It was time to set up camp and rest for the war ahead. Each soldier quenched their thirst in the Mississippi River, relaxing their tired muscles and weary bones. They had walked for many mils and finally they were there to meet the enemy. But things don't always go as planned.

Out of the bushes came an ambush no one expected. They were relaxed, they were happy, but that night, their supplies were gone, and weapons were limited. How, what happened? The general only got angrier and more ridiculous. Needlessly, he sent scouts ahead, who never returned. Against everyone's wills, he pushed the people forward, only to meet their deaths.

Some people wonder why I question why we fight them, but I also question why they fight us.


Red flowed downstream to meet the Bidai tribe further south. Corpses laid everywhere, a disgusting stench that made even the strongest soldier retch stunk the air. The Bidai, once grand and powerful was gone in a days worth of fighting. The man who led them into battle was far too rash, and the soldiers were weary from the campaign. It had only taken one ambush. The tribe which had ambushed them moved down south to meet the defenseless civilians of the tribe.

The prisoners out numbered the civilians. Prisoners were spat upon, made into slave labor, the youngest being five, the oldest being ninety five. The cheap labor gave a lot to the Gao tribe, the one that had defeated the biggest tribe in existence. It wasn't difficult to see that soon the Gao tribe would be the greatest and the best, like the Bidai had once been.

It had only taken one person, a single girl. She cried for every single one of the members of the tribe, and while no one was looking, she cut a hole in the fence. She became a legend, a hope of light amongst the Bidai prisoners. Rumor has it she used her bear hands to rip open the fence. And so it was. However, only thirteen escaped prisoners were recorded. Nine corpses were found with the brand mark of the prisoners. The other four were still thought to be alive somewhere.

And here I thought it'd be better on the other side of the wall. Yet it was disgusting in a similar way.

So why was there a hole in the wall, was it the girl?

Character Submission

First: Six positions are available for the westerners. If they don't get filled or outnumber the easterners, than I'll have to confirm one or two dead.
These people lived in the wild. The entire eastern side is unknown until they sneak through that hole to find themselves in a wonderland. However, it's still all English, unless you want to mix up with a bit of Spanish (as Mexico is on their side, and Spanish stays the second language of America) but please, keep it English. Language might be an issue in this type of place, but I believe it should stay the same.
1. Surviving soldier, possibly with post traumatic disorder. Gender can be either, age must be above fifteen, as no one under fifteen joined war (also, make them younger than thirty)
- Open
- Open
2. Civilian, age must be above eight, five is a bit too young to contribute well to the cause.
- Open
- Open
3. A person of the Gao tribe, hunting down the four others, possibly with a partner. This position cannot be filled until one of the top four have been filled out.
There is a lot you can do with this character, make them a soldier, a spy, or someone secretly wanting to escape. Be unique with your reason.

These people have grown up with the government watching their every movement, they are used to keeping their mouth shut, and afraid to speak out. Anyone who speaks out disappears without an explanation. However, if you try hard enough, maybe you'll gather the attention of the people.
Unfortunately for all of you, I am literally the government, catching too much attention catches my attention, you may be bagged and disappear. Then if you want you can create another character.
Ten of these positions are available.
Please do not make yourself all teenagers, as that seems to be the most common thing that I have noticed. It is easier to understand your age group, but come on guys we aren't all that different.
(I'll just copy and paste a bunch of -Opens. <3)
01. -Open
02. -Open
03. -Open
04. -Open
05. -Open
06. -Open
07. -Open
08. -Open
09. -Open
10. -Open

Another type of person you can play is the bad guy. This person can be just a soldier, doing the bidding of Ryan, or they can be a greedy person, desperate for Ryan's position. They can be heads of companies, who try to bribe their way in, or rulers of the state, who use the people to their own benefit.
It is also an option to replace the leader with someone else.
If you're going to do a company or a state leader (mayor), name which state, and how close you are to the president. Hell you could even be Presedent's wife if you wanted, but only one of those are open (thank god he ain't mormon.)
01. -Waifu of da President
02. -Viceu of da President
03. -Dat Company (Taken)
04. -Dat Company
05. -Dat Company
06. -Dat State (must be east coast)
07. -Dat State (Touches the Mississipi on the east)
08. -Dat State (The one with Washington D.C. in it)
09. -Someone important that Ryan likes (like congressman or something)
10. -Someone important that Ryan likes (Senate? lol)

Code: Select all
[b]Full Name:[/b]
[b]Date of Birth:[/b]

[b]Place of Residence:[/b]  (states, look on the east of the Mississippi for options)
[b]Place of Birth:[/b]  (again, east of Mississippi, or west depending)


[b]Occupation:[/b] (what he/she used to be, or current job)


[b]Good personality traits:[/b]
[b]Bad personality traits:[/b]
[b]Mood character is most often in:[/b]
[b]Sense of humor:[/b]
[b]Character’s greatest joy in life:[/b]
[b]Character’s greatest fear: [/b]
[b]What single event would most throw this character’s life into complete turmoil? [/b]
[b]Character is most at ease when: [/b]
[b]Most ill at ease when: [/b]
[b]Enraged when:[/b]
[b]Depressed or sad when: [/b]
[b]Priorities: [/b]
[b]Life philosophy: [/b]
[b]Character’s soft spot: [/b]

[b]Is this soft spot obvious to others?[/b]

[b]Greatest strength: [/b]
[b]Greatest vulnerability or weakness:[/b]
[b]Biggest regret: [/b]
[b]Minor regret: [/b]
[b]Biggest accomplishment: [/b]
[b]Minor accomplishment: [/b]
[b]Past failures he/she would be embarrassed to have people know about:[/b]
[b]Character’s darkest secret:[/b]
[b]Does anyone else know?[/b]
[b]Motivations: [/b]


[b]Drives and motivations:[/b]
[b]Immediate goals: [/b]
[b]Long term goals: [/b]
[b]How the character plans to accomplish these goals:[/b]


[b]First memory:[/b]
[b]Most important childhood memory: [/b]
[b]Childhood hero:[/b]
[b]Dream job:[/b]
[b]Education: [/b]


[b]Current location:[/b]
[b]Currently living with:[/b]



[b]Hobbies: [/b]
[b]Spending habits: [/b]
[b]Smokes: [/b]?
[b]Drinks: [/b]?
[b]Other drugs:[/b]?
[b]What does he/she do too much of? [/b]?
[b]What does he/she do too little of? [/b]?
[b]Extremely skilled at: [/b]?
[b]Extremely unskilled at: [/b]?

[center][b]Traits [/b][/center]
[b]Optimist or pessimist?[/b]
[b]Introvert or extrovert?[/b]
[b]Daredevil or cautious? [/b]
[b]Logical or emotional?[/b]
[b]Disorderly and messy or methodical and neat?[/b]
[b]Prefers working or relaxing?[/b]
[b]Confident or unsure of himself/herself?[/b]
[b]Animal lover?[/b]

[b]Opinion of other people in general:[/b]
[b]Does the character hide his/her true opinions and emotions from others?[/b]

Toggle Rules

1. No godmodding
2. No mary sueing
3. No controlling other characters
4. Try your best to avoid grammatical mistakes, ignore rule number one and two because I have no idea if those are even words.
5. Your character is not invincible, referring back to rule one and two.
6. No sex role play
7. Any questions, please ask, because this was a one day thought process...
8. Please read the whole character submission dialogue. It contains important information about the role-play I wouldn't be able to put anywhere else.
9. No having fun.
10. Just kidding do whatever the hell you want to.
11. Forgot to mention the year is 2134

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Character Portrait: Ryan Simon
Character Portrait: Caspian Darnell


Character Portrait: Caspian Darnell
Caspian Darnell

"There is a world of opportunity in front of us all we need to do is grab it... and survive long enough to utilize it."

Character Portrait: Ryan Simon
Ryan Simon

The President


Character Portrait: Ryan Simon
Ryan Simon

The President

Character Portrait: Caspian Darnell
Caspian Darnell

"There is a world of opportunity in front of us all we need to do is grab it... and survive long enough to utilize it."

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Character Portrait: Ryan Simon
Ryan Simon

The President

Character Portrait: Caspian Darnell
Caspian Darnell

"There is a world of opportunity in front of us all we need to do is grab it... and survive long enough to utilize it."

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