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Shion Kaito

A 17-year-old student with many secrets hidden under his smiling mask

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a character in “random icecream flavors”, as played by Kaito_Shion


Name: Shion Kaito (Real version)
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Personality: A super cute guy who loves IA. He is extremely protective of her, yet he neglects himself, and his own pain. He has multiple personalities and sometimes can't see what's real and what's not.
Family: He believes his family is dead, whether they are or not is unknown.
Nationality: Japanese
Sexuality: Straight
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blue, frames his face
Height: 180 cm
Build: Average
Likes: Ice cream, IA, home economics, his scarf, singing, music, dancing, reading, having fun
Dislikes: Anything that hurts IA, Meiko, death, his true self
Talents: singing, dancing
Flaws: His other personality, the "mask" he is constantly hiding behind
Weapons: None, he is afraid that he will hurt his loved ones if he has a weapon

History: When he was a young child, his parents left him in the rain, abandoned. He was found and taken to a lab where he was tortured and experimented on. His only friend growing up was his other personality, "Haruto Shion". He always wears a coat, scarf, and long pants to hide his scars, and he only cries alone. Also, due to the experiments, his heart is weak and he is afraid of being touched. He only lets "Haruto" touch him or hug him, until he begins to be more trustworthy. Behind his mask, he has suicidal tendencies that he covers up with his long sleeves. When he cannot act even as "Haruto" anymore, he is at his worst stage and will die if he is not found fast enough. When he is wearing his mask, he is either "Haruto" or a student who has a happy life, and is perfectly fine mentally and physically, and most people believe him and his fake smile.

So begins...

Shion Kaito's Story