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Aura Nightshade

"Don't threaten me just because I'm a woman. I'll break your neck."

0 · 601 views · located in Araluen

a character in “Ranger's Apprentice: Turncoat”, as played by Everscale


Name: Aura Nightshade
Age: 30
Role: Ranger 1 (Ranger of Araluen Fief and one of the closest to King Hebert)
Appearance: Streaming, soft white hair and skin lightly tanned by life in the forest. Her eyes are a brilliant silvery-gray which can make her appear incredibly exotic, though she is pure-blooded Araluen. Her features are very straight and narrow, intense, and slanted in such a way as to give a feral gleam to her face. She is relatively tall, for a woman at least, and very, very strong. She can overcome most men in battle. She has her share of bumps, nicks and scars from her skirmishes over the years. One scar which she is particularly proud of rests just barely beneath her eye; a thin silver line, it was an incredibly deep gash when she received it, and if she had not had the speed of a Ranger on her side she would have lost her eye. As it is, that particular eye; her right eye; can be remarkably sensitive to bright lights, and does not see quite as well as her left. Another favorite scar of hers runs straight across her back from left shoulder to right hip; a wound that nearly killed her, but earned her the fearsome reputation of being able to fight even beyond the limits of death.


Personality: She is bold, intelligent and fiercely loyal. She can not imagine betraying the Corps under any circumstances. Though she loves a bit of fun now and again, she becomes very serious on missions, and during battle. There is nothing playful about training an apprentice, either. She can be friendly, companionable, and she will protect with her life, but as her apprentice it’s “learn fast or die hard”. She takes no pity on an apprentice who learns slowly, and she gives little praise even when an apprentice does well. It is her way of keeping them from getting big heads. She is the same way with her fellow Rangers; though still relatively young, she takes no mercy when someone does not understand what she is trying to convey. She wears a thorny shield and is not afraid to force it on those she cares about. But then, this is how you can tell who she truly cares about; if she pushes you and pushes you until you feel like you’re going to break, it means she cares enough to pay you any mind at all.
Likes: The Ranger Corps, Araluen, forests, forest creatures, rivers, lakes, water, Skandians, ale, wine, dance, song, feasts, parties, hunting, stealth, archery, training, teaching, intelligence, coffee, King Hebert (though she may not act like it), riding, snow, brawling for no reason
Dislikes: Official ceremonies, real battle, getting caught, being chained or contained in any way (you’re likely to have your throat slit from behind some day, if you ever tie her down), anyone who harms her apprentice, anyone who harms anyone she cares about, anyone who threatens Araluen, anyone who threatens the Ranger Corps, vegetables, rain
Hobbies: Stalking, hunting, archery, training, teaching, dancing, singing, partying, drinking, riding, tracking, playing pranks on court officials.
Fears: Thunderstorms (a fear shared with Tibolt), falling (not heights, falling), death (she will never admit it)
Life Goal: To be the best Ranger she can be, and to train other Rangers who can be heroes for this country (she would not admit that she is considered a hero, as well)


Weapons: Saxe knife and several throwing knives, her trusted longbow and her signature white-shafted arrows, some with black feathers whose tips have been dipped in poison, others with gray feathers which are normal arrows.
Clothing: Unlike most Rangers, not just her cloak, but all of her clothing comes in the unusual mottled green. She is not ashamed of being a Ranger, and in fact prefers that everyone knows what she is. This way, she can blend in anywhere, whether she happens to be wearing her cloak at the time or not. She owns normal clothing, of course. She simply prefers not to wear it. She also has a separate set of specially designed Ranger-garb, meant for snow time during the winter. Her cloak and clothing for this time are almost pure white, but speckled with various blacks, browns, and yellows, to blend with the snow, which is not actually perfectly white.
Miscellaneous: There is little that she actually carries with her on a daily basis. She always has extra rags, a needle and thread, bandages, and a medicinal salve of her own design; her basic emergency kit. She carries the antidote to the poison on her arrow tips; an incredibly potent neurotoxin which can paralyze a victim in ten seconds, and will kill them in ten minutes. Her most precious item, which never leaves her person, is the glistening silver oak-leaf that marks her as a Ranger. And her stone-gray pony, Tibolt.


History: Aura Nightshade was born to two court nobles in Araluen fief, where she has stayed throughout her life. Though she was born into it, the court scene did not fit well with her. She was forever skipping ceremonies in favor of running around in the woods with the kitchen boys.
She was ten, when she encountered her first Ranger. She and a group of boys were playing in the forest when he appeared out of nowhere, standing directly in front of her. She ran into him. Most of the boys ran away, but Aura was not afraid. She faced up to him. That impressed him. Five years later, he asked for her as his apprentice. His name was Phillip Amorin.
Aura trained with Phillip for almost two years before she saw any real action. By this time, her training had taken hold, and she was already better than most third-year apprentices. They were sent to the farthest reaches of Norgate fief to investigate a disturbance there by a band of what they believed were unruly thieves. But these thieves were not without a leader; and that leader almost took Aura’s eye out before Phillip’s arrow took his life.
Over the next several years, Aura and Phillip forged the bond of father and daughter, and she learned everything she knows from him. She was not afraid to give all the credit for the things they did together to him; she believed that he was the only reason any of it happened.
It was only when she became a full-fledged Ranger, at the age of twenty, that she began to build up her own reputation as a hero. She was assigned to Araluen Fief, as her becoming a full-fledged Ranger allowed Phillip to finally retire. She began her career carrying messages and solving mysteries for the King. It was only a couple of months before she discovered a plot to murder King Hebert. It was a grand plot, made to make the best impression on the people of Araluen. To terrify them. Aura only managed to find and kill the assassin when he was barely five steps from finishing his deed.
She was rewarded as a hero for saving the king’s life.
The next thing she knew, she was sent out of Araluen to scout for a foreign army, alongside Phillip, who had been called out of retirement. They found it in record time, but not before it was too close to send for help from King Hebert. They sent the army running with their own methods. To this day, no one knows what those methods were but Phillip and Aura. And to this day, no one seems to acknowledge that Phillip was even there.
By now, ten years after becoming a Ranger, Aura has already trained her first apprentice. She is a respected member of the Ranger Corps, and the friend and advisor of the commandant. Her name is known all across Araluen for her heroics, and when she comes into view, in some places, the people bow down. She doesn’t care in the slightest. She is a Ranger. She did what was best for Araluen.
It has been five years since she finished training her first apprentice. She has decided it is time to train another. When she heard that a girl had been chosen, she snatched the chance up instantly.

So begins...

Aura Nightshade's Story