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James Vaughn

"I got stories to tell for every type of person here, if people would just listen."

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a character in “Rapture Origins”, as played by Belshazzar


"There are no rules in film-making. Only sins. And the cardinal sin is dullness."



James Alexander Vaughn
25 years
Cisgender Male
Director. Relies on commercials and
smaller works to make his money for his larger
Olympus Heights, Athena's Glory (he does not
exactly have the image to reside in the more
luxurious Mercury Suites.)


The Architect (INTJ-T)
Chaotic Good
Quite rational and very patient. Though realistic, he manages to produce strange
and wonderful ideas. He is overflowing with creativity and strategy. James is independent
and strong willed, though open to new ideas. Idealist, at times (at his core he is kind-hearted).
Loyal to those who are close to him. Emotionally sound.
Paradoxical; cynical but also idealistic. This often confuses observers. Can come across as
insensitive (the needs of the many over the needs of the few). Indecisive and a people pleaser.
He worries too much about what people think of him. Afraid of relationships and tends
to keep most people at a distance.
His father was a realistic man that instilled the same values in him. His mother, however, was
a devout Catholic that tried to raise her son the same way. James agreed with everything his
father taught him, and abhorred everything his mother tried to do, in all things, not just
religion. He doesn't call himself an atheist, however. He is open to the possibility that something
exists. What matters more to him is political beliefs. He is far-left leaning, unfit for the world
of Rapture, and extremely collectivist.
He is extremely dedicated to his father and extended family. In fact, he mentions them quite
a bit. He realizes that this could easily be used against him (hindsight is twenty-twenty). He has
a weakness to red-haired women as well, he's enchanted quite easily. He always
wants to impress people and is constantly striving to do something big and important.
He will never be satisfied with himself, he's kind of a perfectionist with some things.
Always looks at the bigger picture rather than small details. He's very creative and can work his way out of almost any situation, if he has the time to think of an idea. He's got the hands of a surgeon, careful and precise in movement. Knows machinery pretty damn well, can fix any basic problems. Quite the visionary, many people find his stories and ideas refreshing and interesting.
James has gotten a bit of a reputation around Rapture as the 'troubled artist'. Not exactly in the sense of his mental state, but more for his unfortunate luck combined with his driven, strong-willed personality. The man has a passionate love for film-making, writing, everything and anything related to art. He can be quite talkative when someone brings up the topic, but otherwise, he remains to be a bit of an introvert. Talking to others for too long tires him out, and he would much rather spend his nights drinking scotch alone than out at a party. He knows he has to network though, and so he has bumped up his charisma. Many people would describe him as kind-hearted, jovial, creative, and optimistic, while the next person might describe him as cynical, brash, and a bit of a bootlicker. These are, in fact, the same person, but just different impressions he seems to give off. Depending on your beliefs, and who you are, you might see him as one or the other. In fact, he can be cynical, and is dying for people to like him, but the point is that it all comes from a good place. He believes society can be something amazing and beautiful, but just does not believe in the people running the world today. He does strive for people to talk well about him, not just who he is, but what he does! He wants others to appreciate his art, and he wants to produce art that will have people questioning and thinking about it for weeks on end. James is a man that sets the bar high, but never too out of reach. After all, he is a realist, but that does not mean he can't be a bit of a dreamer.


Confusion. You'll glance at his suit the way he moves around and guess that he's some
sort of artist. Then you'll notice his hands and see that they look like working hands; covered
in scars, a bit of grease or oil between his fingers. His eyes will be narrowed in concentration, like
he's thinking about something really hard. You will call his name or gather his attention and his face
will light up in greeting. Before you know it you're lost in his story-telling or his political tirades,
wondering who the hell this guy is, but almost one hundred percent sure you've heard his name
somewhere (was it on the television?), and you wonder if you should feel privileged talking to him,
or the other way around because you just can't seem to figure out what he belongs to.
154 lbs
Very very dark brown, nearly black. You usually can't even tell it's brown
unless you're in good lighting. He styles is every time he goes out, parting it heavily
to one side and shaping the rest to move neatly over his forehead.
A muted grey. Some people call it blue, but it just doesn't have the same brightness. His brow
is almost always furrowed in concentration and thought, giving him a serious look.
Ectomorph: long, lean body type with a small frame. He does do physical work
and so his arms are toned, as well as his core. He finds it hard to gain or lose weight.
He looks good in fitted shirts where he can show off his good arms. Long fingers that
would be great for an instrument, but he never got to learn.

Light, not as deep as other men's voices. It reaches no where near a baritone or bass level, but approaches more of a tenor. He is very energetic and bright when he talks, his voice flexible when he wants, smooth when he needs it to be. When he's sombre or serious, his voice takes on a new personality and is rigid and mild.
In bright lighting his grey eyes take on a new life and fill with light and the colour of the room, like water in a pond.


West End of Boston, Massachusetts, USA.
Arthur Vaughn and Mary Campbell
He's got a big family. Four sisters and a brother. Sue Vaughn, Deborah Vaughn,
Alexandria Vaughn, Alice Vaughn, and Jeremiah Vaughn.
None. Not considering them either.
Single. Trying to find a partner, but it is not a priority.
Born into a (mostly) Catholic family, James was the middle child. Like all siblings, he and his older brother tussled a bit, and he watched over his sisters like a hawk. His father was a construction worker in downtown Boston, his mother a typist for an office. His father always instilled the values of hard work and community. You work to help people, to help others, not for a personal gain. His mother was almost the complete opposite, and James wonders how they ever ended up together. Though she followed Catholic verses and teachings, she often twisted them to mean what she wanted them to, and often used the words against her children and husband. As a result, James came to abhor his mother and her teachings, separating himself from religion of all types. His fondness towards his father and siblings grew from the absence of love towards his mother. His fondest memory is visiting the theatre with his father and siblings, watching the massive screen in front of him play with the image of robots and cities of skyscrapers from Metropolis. The movie showed the working and ruling class joining together and becoming one. All people being equal, all people working together. The image stuck with him for years. His love of cinema, theatre, and movies grew and grew until he was writing his own screenplays. He pitched numerous ideas to many studios, but all were rejected. His ideas were "odd" and too surreal for the regular viewer. They asked him to dumb down his ideas until they were the most basic films that anyone could watch and enjoy. But James didn't just want agreement. He wanted it to be art, he wanted discussion and disagreement and excitement. His passion never ran out, only continued to fuel his drive and desire for success. Apparently he had gotten quite the name for himself amongst studios and theatres. "The Dreamer", "The Man Who Wouldn't Shut Up", and many other disagreeable attacks on his character and film-making. It was after another disappointing pitch that James was approached by a man in his 30's, claiming to have seen a few of his pitches and comparing his ideas to those of great artists. He encouraged him, saying that he could rise to the top if he continued on this path. With that, James was alerted to the existence of Rapture. With much difficulty, he said goodbye to his family and moved to the city with Ryan's blessings. There, he still found difficulty getting work. He was employed mostly under other larger film-makers, and created mostly short films to tell the story of Rapture's creation, as well as commercials for products and enhancements. James has created little from his own mind, but is not yet swayed and is still working hard to make his name well-known. His ideas have shifted in their form, however. James longs to create a film that shows the plights of the common man and how the workers are just as valuable as the artists and scientists. Many have scoffed at his ideas, and this has separated him a bit from the art world of Rapture. Unfortunately, his higher status also has separated him from the workers of Rapture. James exists somewhere in between, and is still struggling to find his place.

So begins...

James Vaughn's Story