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Hisoka Akio

A surprisingly mopey character hailing from the country of Japan. His rather bleak outlook is odd for one of the divine, however he will not hesitate to aid those in need.

0 · 161 views · located in England

a character in “Rarely, They Meet”, as played by CHain_Way


Species: Angel
Age: 23
Height: 6'2
Birthday: 27th April


General Likes: Reading, coffee, mumbling sarcastic comments, snoozing.

General Dislikes: Demons, work, being woken up.

Greatest Desire(s): To rid the world of as many Hellspawn and unnatural beings as possible, hopefully staying alive in the process.

Greatest Fear(s): To loose his 'wings' (figuratively: He has none.) and become human and also to loose a friend in the line of work.

Main Positive Traits: He is a valuable member of any team, what with his knack to diffusing arguments, the fact that he begins a great number of them doesn't matter. he is also very eager to help people, despite what his rough outer appearance says about him, and he uses his healing talents to support his allies as much as he can, being devoted to the task of vanquishing evil; he did leave his country to do so, after all.

Main Personality Flaws: He has something of an outer shell that keep people at a distance with an array of quiet sarcastic comments and the use of the cold shoulder (his favorite). This often gives people a bad impression of him, however once this is broken through, as highlighted above, he is a very caring individual, as is fitting of his species. When confronting a demonic force he sometimes has a tendency to become carried away, perhaps because of how his personal force directly opposes that of a demon, and so he can rush ahead without thinking on the consequences.


Weapons: Not being much of a fighter, more a supporter, he has little in the way of weaponry, namely a small silver switchblade in his back pocket, and a simple handgun loaded with silver bullets. While he keeps perhaps two spare clips on his person, his main use is to heal and protect.

Magical abilities: As one of the divine, he has several abilities that are well-suited for tackling unnatural forces. His main ability is the talent of healing - With physical contact upon a wound he can stitch together flesh and bone, however the latter takes a great deal of focus and time, often leaving him exhausted. Of course, depending on the severity of the injury, he may not have enough power to heal it fully, however he would certainly try to do what he could.
He also has the ability to place magical glyphs of warding upon the ground, halting the progress of any non-human entity, pushing them back several feet should they come into physical contact with it. This is limited however, in that it will only hold for approximately five minutes, less if under intense attacks.
Finally he can create a small orb of light to drift in the air, obviously this can be used to light the way in darker areas, however should the need arise it was be forcibly expanded, causing it to explode in a brilliant burst of light. This would burn any vampires caught in the glare, and blind any that look into it. The initial crafting of the orb takes little time and effort, however for the blast to occur, Hisoka must focus for a small amount of time while he gathers his energies, during which time he is vulnerable and able to be interrupted.

So begins...

Hisoka Akio's Story