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Rats Again

The Street of Urchins


a part of Rats Again, by meely.


meely holds sovereignty over The Street of Urchins, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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The Street of Urchins is a part of Rats Again.

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The Lam Family [1] Dustin, Cruz, Jenson, Hadley and Sasha
Tallya Sparks [0] Aka Spark.

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#, as written by meely
"The Shadow strikes again!" the TV blared.
"Argh this is rubbish. I know he struck again, idiot," Jenson sighed, switching off the TV.
"Hey! I was watching that!" Cruz yelled. "I wanted to know if they found The Shadow!"
"I am The Shadow, just like you're Demon Boy," Jenson laughed softly, as not to disturb the neighbours.

Sasha was upstairs, she didn't like this life. "This sucks."
"I know," Dustin replied, tugging at his hair. He wanted it to be shorter.

Outside was a commotion. Hadley was stood outside with a sad look on her face. "P-p-please c-c-c-can I have some p-p-p-pennies f-f-for b-b-breakfast s-s-s-sir," she managed to stutter in between the fake tears. A man smiled gently and tossed a coin at her. She caught it. Even if robbing was way out of her league, she'd have the begging until she grew too big.