Kermit the Frog (Master Yoda)

'' hard to see the darkside.....ugh...uh I'm sorry Geroge I just can't talk backwards like this ''

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a character in “RE-CAST! Star Wars: Episode I”, as played by Mr. Fly on the wall


The wise head of the Jedi Council on the planet of Courasant. Master Yoda Though small and seemingly Fragile is on the other hand Possibly the most powerful of the Jedi. Though his alien species is Fairly unknown. It has lead to believe that his race of small green pointed eared alines has either became extincted or that Possible he is not even from the known galaxy. But Where ever his species originated. Yoda has A exceptionally long life span. When dieing at the age of 900 years old.


Yoda is the awesome source of Knowledge and power. Jedi Often come to him for guidance, Yoda also the Instructing of Jedi Young lings.
He finds there young minds Fascinating and full of joy. " Truly Wonderful the mind of a child is.'' Yoda: Star Wars Ep 2 Quote. But Though he enjoys Instructing. He also knows when time become serious. He Keeps a constant knowledge of the conditions of the force. And when something arouses the forces of darkness. Yoda is the one who will be the one to take action.

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