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This is a list of locations that can be found in Re: Start.

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❝The little bird forgot how to sing.❞

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|| Weight of the World || Nier: Automata ||

Luna had already escaped through the window, because she knew Ronan had the key. What she didn't expect was for someone to grab her and push her to the grassy lawn below. "Hey! Let me go! Jerk!" She kicked, almost kicking off Mizuki's nose as she held her down. "Wait, why are you here?" Mizu grinned, pushing her back into the room. "Ren told me he had a feeling someone had to stop you." Ren had exams to study for but after that he'd be free. Luna glowered as she watched the First Lady surround the house with Enforcers. Luna wasn't going to be able to escape, it wasn't as if she had powers anymore.

The door creaked open and so she sprinted right at them, trying to sneak through Ronan's legs to get to freedom that way. Ronan was able to hold onto her ankle and then he picked her up with a hug. "If she's just a robot, why are you trying so hard to run away?" He asked, key in hand as he placed her on the table. "You know the truth, don't you?" She refused to look at it, her heart too empty to ever let something in again. "No! I'm leaving!" She tried to fight but Ronan's grip was too tight. He sighed, looking at Yui again. "Y'know, she hasn't had a tantrum in a long time." He told clearly Fake-Yui with a shrug. "I guess you being back's having an influence on her already."

"No! I'm a cool and calm Enforcer!" Tantrums? No, that was for children! She didn't have those anymore!

Yui waited patiently as Ronan opened the door, the room empty, the window open. "I knew she was mad, but I didn't think it was this bad." He scratched the back of his neck as Yui poked her head into the room to see if Luna was hiding, but no, she was gone. The front door burst open, Luna being thrown inside by Mizuki. "Mizu!" Yui ran over to hug her, she hadn't seen the First Lady and Empress yet, who hadn't been able to come the night prior due to having other arrangements in the bedroom. Yui watched as Ronan lifted Luna up and placed her on the table, saying that she hadn't acted out in a long time. Yui smiled, glad that she was able to make Luna feel something, even if it was anger. "It's okay," Yui smiled "I have that effect on people. Or so I'm told," she strode over to face Luna, hoping that Lulu would at least look at her.

Luna, I've been waiting a long time for this day, when I would get to see you again. Please, look at me. At least acknowledge that I'm here."

"Welcome back, Yui." Mizu ruffled her hair. "Haru would be here but she's busy planning a surprise party for -.... for no one, just for a squirrel." Mizu laughed smugly, having done that on purpose, and closed the door to give them their privacy. Yui was imploring, she wanted attention, she wanted to be acknowledged. "Why weren't we allowed to come too?" Luna asked suddenly, still looking away. Ronan was quiet, he wasn't going to interrupt now that she had finally seemed to give up on her escape plan. "Why did this world still need us here? Why are you even here?"

Luna pressed a hand to her chest, it beat but even now it wasn't going as fast as they expected it would. "We should have let K win." She had thought this for quite some time now. "Then at least I wouldn't be empty." Then Yui wouldn't have lost five years, then the family would still be closely knit. Everything had gone wrong when Yui vanished, why was that the will of the Stars?

Yui beamed up at Mizuki, who seemed to leave just as swiftly as she had come. Or perhaps she was simply guarding the door? Yui turned to Luna, hoping that she would look at her. Instead, Luna asked a question, wanting to know why she and Ren had been left behind, why they hadn't been allowed to come too. "It was a glitch," Yui replied, having asked Cirque the very same inquiry so many times that she had the answer memorized by heart. "Because you and Ren were artificially made, you weren't supposed to be the angels. Cirque tried to bring you here at the same time, but was met with resistence from the universe."

Luna's answer didn't surprise Yui, in fact, she had expected Luna to say that sooner. "You aren't empty," Yui tried to take Luna's hands. "You just don't want to believe, you don't want to hurt again, so you closed your heart away, but it isn't too late. You can still open it back up," would Luna glance her way? Would she acknowledge her presence or continue to act as though Yui was a figment of everyone's imagination come to haunt them? "I came back because you still needed me. I missed everyone, I didn't want to be in the star realm and I think Cirque finally realized that." She didn't want to be in a place where her family wasn't. "I watched you everyday, I saw you cry, I cried with you, but you couldn't see or hear me. I wanted to hug you and hold your hand, but I couldn't."

The pinkette stared at the ground, at her hands, anywhere to evade those piercing blue eyes that bore into her soul, threatening to break the shell that had kept her safe from the hurt all this time. She didn't do it on purpose, but her heart had frozen over to protect her. Losing Mina nearly broke her, what would losing Yui do? How hard would she have self destructed? She was still Aria's daughter after all. But after breaking into pieces, would she have been put back together again too? She did not resist her hands being taken. "But we were given those wings, we should've been allowed to go too." It wasn't fair that Yui had to be all alone.

"You claim to be the Star of Happiness, but then why after you won, was it nothing but empty and pain?" The Star of Happiness's job was to give happiness to the world and let everyone have smiles, right? She was supposed to show the beauty of humanity, and show that even a greedy horrible people like them could be happy and content. "If you're really back, then prove it." She pressed Yui's hand to her chest, then lower, under the pants of her uniform. Until Ronan smacked her. "What the heck, don't do dirty things with my sister!" He barked suddenly. Luna looked numbly at him, still too pained to look Yui in the eye. "But aren't these physical sensations proof of love?" Would she do it, would she prove that she came back for her? Luna pinned Yui down, planting a despairing kiss on her lips, having had much practice over the years thanks to Ronan.

"It wasn't my choice," Yui was glad that Luna didn't pull away or resist her hand holding. "If it had been, I would have stayed, I wouldn't have gone," but Yui couldn't continue to allow the world to go the way it had been. She had seen the blood and gore, she had watched as all of Australia commited mass suicide, as Damian killed children, as her family became monsters for the will of the supposed Star of Freedom. Yui's heart still ached, thinking of all of those souls she could have saved if only she had been a few minutes faster. If only, if only, Yui could ask herself a million times and she was certain it would never change anything.

"I didn't want to," Yui placed her hand over Luna's heart. "I tried to send you happiness, but you always rejected it." Eventually, she had managed to get through to the others, but Luna had never wanted it. "What do I need to do to prove it?" Yui asked quietly, wanting Luna to be happy again, to be able to smile and sing and restore the color in her eyes that she had lost. The world was not black and white, it was full of beautiful hues and shades, if only one had the ability to see it. Luna grasped Yui's hand tightly, pressing it to her chest. Yui could feel her heart beating slowly, unmoved by what Yui had said, it seemed. She went lower, into her pant's line. Both Yui and Ronan's eyes widened, Ronan attempting to stop it.

"No," Yui replied, "If this is what Luna needs me to do then I will," she would be brave, even as Luna pinned her down and kissed her, Yui doing her best to keep up and kiss back.

Luna kissed Yui, right on the lips, tongue going in, invading Yui's own. She was rough, she was forceful, she was dominant as she took control. Ronan was frozen in shock as he saw it happening, but Yui told him no and that was the only reason why he wasn't intervening. He had to have faith that Yui knew what she was doing. "Why are you letting me do this?" Luna pulled away, a trail of saliva connecting the girls together. "Why aren't you stopping me?" Suddenly her eyes began to water as she clung harder to Yui, not sensual this time, but she didn't know why she did. "Why does it hurt so much?"

It was almost as if she were able to see color again, her heart was slowly defrosting. It hurt, five years of pain all coming back to her, echoing and resounding and it was agony. Yet still Luna had no idea what else to do, what else to say. It was going to take her a while to be able to fully fix her heart and bring herself back to the world of light. As Luna wept and clung desperately to Yui, sobbing as if she were but a child once more, a part of her felt comforted. No matter how long it took to teach her to see the light again, Yui would be here. This was their happy ending, even if it hurt, even if it was torture, the sun was shining and Yui was here to stay until it was time for them all to go together to the forever after they longed for.