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Hipponax Serin

W.I.P 80%

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a character in “Re-Union: Marriage of Sky and Earth”, as played by Percival


Hipponax Serin
"The world cares very little about what a man or woman knows; it is what a man or woman is able to do that counts. "
~ Virgil


Full Name: Hipponax Serin
Nickname Knox (Derived from "nax")
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Class: Stealth
General Stats Overview:
Melee - 5
Shooting - 1
Tolerance - 3
Teamwork - 2
Strategy - 5
Command - 0
Synchronization Level (Espers)- 10%

Positive Traits:

Capable - Knox is very young and new to piloting. This does have it's drawbacks, (e.g lower synchronization level, less experience = rookie mistakes) as anything. The benefits of this is that he is more optimistic, absorbs knowledge easier, and is quicker to learn from his mistakes. His mech is brand new, and ready for wherever the force takes him.

Sympathetic - Hipponax is understanding of emotion and feelings. He can easily put himself in others shoes and see their perspectives. People are more prone to like him for his compassionate nature and general caring for other human beings.

Respectful - He is respectful and loyal to his superiors and equals. A trait derived from his recent departure from training. He follows orders to a self-destructive degree, completing the objective at all costs. He seems humble and soft-spoken because of his respectful nature.

Temperate - Cool-headed and clear minded, he doesn't let anger cloud his judgement, and such emotions are hard to conjure from him. He is more rational because of this, and can think more clearly and strategically in the face of danger. Although angering him may be hard it is not wise. Due to his high tolerance for anger when he does get angry it is disastrous.

Reliable - His reliability is desirable, as stated above he intends to complete objectives at all costs. In general however you can rely on him to be there in a time of danger for you. If he sees a comrade in such a position he is more than likely to assist you. This also makes him very trustworthy, and gives him a good reputation.


Negative Traits:

Distrustful - He is not very trusting of others, paranoid in a sense. He always questions other motives. He racks most coincidences up to nefarious plots, and is not quick to believe most things he hears. He typically has little sleep because of such thoughts. This gives him less morale and reduced stamina.

Secretive - Knox is a very "I don't wanna talk about it" kind of guy. He bottles up his emotions and is secretive about his actual feelings. He does like talking, although the conversation dies when the topic changes to him. He dislikes talking about his past, as it can be depressing for him; and himself in general because his emotions can confuse him at times, and he fears others will not understand him or reject him.





hmm... What do I fear? Well, I guess I share the same fears as anyone else. In six years, will they let us go? But I suppose I fear Transcendent because of their technological superiority. What else should I fear? Trivial fears such as spiders are quite irrelevant at this point.


I'd have to say I like the small things really. Things that don't have to be serious, or are just normal. Like regular conversation. My father always used to tell me that it was useless, and a waste of breath to (and I quote) "have a bullshitting contest". But I really don't think so. It's essential in building relationships in my opinion.


I dislike what I fear obviously, so that should be a given. Besides that I don't like arrogance. Of course, there is a line between pride and arrogance which I think I'm firmly behind but I hate blatant arrogance. People who are just condescending and think they're better than everyone else. Just gets on my nerves.


I hope one day that we can get free of these shitheads. Plain and simple. My goal is to help accomplish that. I have bland goals besides that really. Silly stuff really.

Tattoos/Markings/Scars: Yea I have one, the mark of the hunter. Just some stupid thing my squad did. I like it, and I like what it stands for so, I'm pretty happy about it.
Weight: 173
Height: 6'2
Brief Appearance Description:

Mech Spec and Details - MBF-P02, a light-weight, fast, maneuverable machine it has light armor and features the following weapons a 75mm multi-barrel CIWS, two back mounted beam sabers for CQB, A single arm mounted shield, Caletvwlch, (mass produced,The Caletvwlch is meant for cutting and induction welding, but can be used for combat.) and, the primary weapon "Gerbera Straight" Katana, the Gerbera Straight is extremely sharp, and does not rely on the kinetic energy of a high-speed swing to cut through its targets.

In short, a light, fast machine which is made for sealth, and CQB.

Non-Offensive Equipment - A flight unit, (jet-pack, detachable with duel fuel tanks on both wings.) and a Temporary Invisibility System. It grants the suit invisibility for a minute.




FC: Zero from "Vampire Knight"

So begins...

Hipponax Serin's Story