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Reach for the Stars

Reach for the Stars


Humankind has always dreamed of reaching the stars. The solar system is collapsing around humanity. Our only hope of survival is to travel into space. We shall touch the stars, but at what cost?

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Humankind has always dreamed of reaching the stars
Existence beyond this ball we call Earth has always captured our imaginations
It began when our first ancestors first looked to the sky to see the star twinkling in the blackness
It shall end when the first human steps upon the surface of a planet beyond our solar system
We shall Reach and touch the stars
But at what cost?

It is the year 2521. Human beings have spread far beyond the atmosphere of Earth. We terraformed Mars and took it as our own. The moon is a sealed metropolis founded in 2067. Earth is decimated, much of its life stripped from it. Even the emptiness of space cannot escape our touch. Enormous satellites orbit our sun, sustaining our population. Space-factories rip the raw materials out of Mercury, Pluto and the many moons. Even the gases of Jupiter are being siphoned to feed our existence.

We cannot last like this. Eventually our system will become like Earth, barren and worthless. Our only hope is to expand, just like it was when Earth began to crumble around us. We looked to our solar system to sustain us, now we must look beyond. For humans to continue to exist we must Reach for the Stars.

Faster-than-light travel, it has always been a dream. As unachievable as efficient fusion. Yet science's urban legends are our gateway out of the range of the sun's light and into the great nether. The greatest minds strove for lifetimes to create experiment technologies from these myths. Through sheer perseverance we managed it, like we outlasted the universe itself.

With the technology available the plans were laid. A ship was to be manufactured, Nyx, named for the ancient Greek goddess of the night into which it would be flung. Entirely self-sufficient, the best the human race had to offer would crew it and the most varied specimens of human would be its cargo. It had no destination and its only task was to save human kind.

The passengers are fortunate, safely stored cryogenically. The crew must age, pass on their knowledge and watch over the sleepers as the Nyx travels at Fast-than-light speed with no set destination.
Tensions will arise, tensions will break.
Friendships shall form, friends shall drift apart.
You are a crew member of the Nyx, how will you cope?


Character Sheet:
Name: Well, obviously all the names of your character. No nicknames here.
Description: What your character looks like, I would like written description. But pictures are acceptable as long as they don't make up for lack of depth.
Personality: Who your character is. How they act, what they like, dislike and more. Reasons can go into here but try to fit them in history. This is where you describe what your characters skills are and their position on the ship.
Equipment: Most of the character's equipment is part of the ship but this is where you describe personal effects and the kind of things they wear.
History: Why your character is who they are, how they grew up and why they ended up as part of the Nyx's crew.

Crew Positions available: These aren't set in stone, while I would like at least one person of each position you don't need to think that because someone else is a particular crewman you can't be. Within reason of course.

Captain: Free - Only one
Is in command of the ship and organises the crew to complete their individual tasks. The captain makes final decisions on the ship, including their destination, as advised by the crew.

First Mate: Lt. Sebastian Grey - As played by Avecess

Is in command second to the Captain. He is meant to act as a go-between between the crew and the Captain, dealing with more menial problems.

Navigator(s): Free
Has access to the star charts recorded before the Nyx departed the solar system and has the capability to understand, from these findings, planets suitable as destinations for the Nyx. the Navigator(s) provide the Captain with advise on the ship's heading.

Enforcer(s): Free
Essentially the riot police of the Nyx. Enforcer(s) ensure that the crew's morale is high and there is no possibility of mutiny or discontent. They advise the captain of the best course of action in order to insure the crew remains content.

Scientist(s): Free
The intellectuals on board the ship, they continue to develop technologies in their specific areas of expertise and advise the Captain according to these areas.

  • Nogond Sword - As played by Nogond - Robotic Engineer/Designer
  • Ezera Jaron - As played by NothernSoul - Doctor - Acute Medicine
  • Free
Technicians work alongside the Scientists to ensure that the Nyx's systems are working properly and do not place the ship at risk. They are largest proportion of the Nyx's crew. Their tasks are not purely mechanical as suggested by the name, essentially they run the ship from the hydroponic gardens to the cyrochambers to the reactors.

This crew list should be good enough. Technicians are the broadest subject and there is far too many positions to name each one so most of them go under technician. This list is only of interest if you want to be the Captain, Navigator, First mate or Enforcer. If you're not going to be one of those just make up whatever you want and I'll find some way to accommodate you.

Toggle Rules

  • I would like literacy, at least a paragraph.
  • Good quality writing, it is up to you to decide whether it is good or not because I'm not skilled enough to judge.
  • Keep up with the roleplay, no disappearing without warning us. I'll chase it up if you suddenly disappeared, I understand that real life will get in the way often enough
  • Normal board rules apply. This is a drama so I'll let a lot past but no going over the top, keep adult material down though.

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Character Portrait: Sebastian Gray
Character Portrait: Garett James Still


Character Portrait: Garett James Still
Garett James Still

A man with no where else to go.

Character Portrait: Sebastian Gray
Sebastian Gray

The Nyx's First Mate and psychosomatic advisor. A man who knows that to find Eden one must wade through Hell.


Character Portrait: Sebastian Gray
Sebastian Gray

The Nyx's First Mate and psychosomatic advisor. A man who knows that to find Eden one must wade through Hell.

Character Portrait: Garett James Still
Garett James Still

A man with no where else to go.

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Garett James Still
Garett James Still

A man with no where else to go.

Character Portrait: Sebastian Gray
Sebastian Gray

The Nyx's First Mate and psychosomatic advisor. A man who knows that to find Eden one must wade through Hell.

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