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Sebastian Gray

The Nyx's First Mate and psychosomatic advisor. A man who knows that to find Eden one must wade through Hell.

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a character in “Reach for the Stars”, as played by Avecess


Time has taken its toll on Sebastian’s mind, and one can see it reflected in his appearance. His solemn steely blue eyes can often be found peering at something intangible. And the streaks of grey in his parted dark brown hair and short cropped beard betray his age.

A noticeable posture and sharp jaw give him a hint of bravado. While a firm stride in his step always presents a sense of urgency and passion.

Standing a good 6 feet in height and of proportionate weight, the first mate’s stature is more often felt in sheer presence then in girth. Even though being more then physically fit for the age of 42, Sebastian walks with a heavy limp. Over the years it has hindered him little, and now merely serves as a reminder of days long lost to memory.

The First Mates uniform is of a ridge format, though usually Gray can be found with his cuffs folded up and the collar open. Formalities are carried out as needed but when it comes to illogical restraints in the form of a dress code, Gray won't have it.
The metallic blue sheen of his jacket is offset by the black insignias embroidered across its chest, while he's navy blue pants crease down over his heavy black boots.


Gray had always believed that as long as there was conflict there was hope. Whether it be internal or spanning the planets. It was when mankind chose to because docile that we would cease to exist. To a man like Gray, the word peace meant the death of man’s ability to evolve. No, it has always been in our darkest moments that we found the will to engineer our salvations.
These were the thoughts of the man who came to be known for earnest action in grave matters, and who then was offered a place on humanity's newest salvation – Nyx.

As such, Gray finds it imperative to surround himself with others, and is very intent on listening to what those around him have to say. Always intrigued by the workings of the human mind, Gray's top concern/priority is the mental health and integrity of not only the crew but it's utterly invaluable cargo.

A smile is never far from his lips, though neither is a piercing glare from his eyes. Gray maintains a no nonsense attitude but always assures an environment of leniency. He addresses every person as an equal, until they prove to be otherwise.

He has a peculiar fondness for insects, and keeps a small collection for study and observation. After all, their sheer ability to survive was the key to many breakthroughs on advanced cryo-stasis.


The physical and digital journals Gray brought aboard that faithful day are collections of data he's never far from. They embody his life's work. Every story, every report, every thesis, every script, and more importantly, as many documents from the origins of Nyx he could collect through the years. Gray believes that no matter what, above all else, the preservation of who we were and what we are is paramount.

The only other item of personal value he carries with him is a holographic pocket watch. An ancient outdated gadget which looks to be a small metal ring box, but in fact is an unusual item that when opened produces a digital projection. The instrument keeps perfect digital and astrological synchronization, yet falters in its display from being worn and tarnished.

As for ship equipment, around Gray's neck hangs a personal comms relay device the size of a small battery, issued by the captain. Allowing for private communication across decks if needed.
Secure on his black angled hip belt, is the Nyx's biosystems data pad. Enabling easy access to readouts on various vital stats across crew and cargo.


Gray had once been a war journalist, turned solider, turned psychosomatic adviser.

In 2509 at a particularly volatile time in political assurances a group of neo-monotheists instigated an insurgency in the Embassy Colony on Mars. They believed that the human race was betraying the will of a higher intellect by not acknowledging that it was our time to parish and in doing so that we had begun to create our own Hell.
At the time Gray had been putting together a rough draft of an initial article bringing to light details from historical battles and their correlations with recent ones.
When the new feeds had relayed the situation about the attacks on Mars, Gray tried everything in his power to pull the right stings and get a transfer galleon to the Embassy Colony.

The only family he had ever known, his younger brother, died in an attack on the morning Gray reached Mars.

Gray spent the next 5 years as a field officer on the Magus VI. The prime vessel charged by the Mars authorities to hunt down and bring to justice the remaining insurgents. And every day Gray would clutch his brothers pocket watch in his palm, hoping for closure.
But in five years they never did manage to procure the leader of the cell.

In 2514, a ruptured hull and containment breach rendered the Magus VI decommissioned and many dead. The disaster had left Gray's left leg only semi-functional. No conclusive evidence was ever found relating to the accusations that the ship had been sabotaged. The reports stated human error in maintenance.
And so Gray retreated to his ever present journals and writings. The one thing that brought him purpose.

Years later, after getting his doctorate in psycho-solar and stasis analysis Gray came into the folds of the planetary commonwealth study group, sub-sectioned to managing the mandate of the Omega project. Later to be renamed the Ark simulation. And then finally the Nyx platform.

So begins...

Sebastian Gray's Story