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xxxxsantiago alvarez
xxxxxxxxxx[ dialogue: #CE7D9A ]

Southsiders were so infuriating, he thought. His dark green eye focused on the male before he left. Why were they so fucking irritating. He had so graciously offered the male something he could do, he definitely deserved to be shown how Northsiders are superior. He would begin to concoct his plan, as he moved to his last class of the day. Theater. His favorite class, as it should be. Something he excelled at, being the center of attention. They had just started going over this year's musical, The Heathers, which Santiago had made a possibility. He'd be playing the HBIC herself, well himself, Heather Chandler. Having a good part of helping the department out, he found a genderbent version of the musical. And was very proud of his findings.

An hour of running lines with Meaghan and Charlize his two right hands, he would hear the lat bell of the day begin to ring and would send kisses to them before walking out. His bag on his shoulder, as he moved to where Antony always picked him up. Not saying a word as he got in, he spotted Cameron and waved him over getting out of the back of the car and he would motion towards Cameron once more to hurry up.