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Dania "Diana Jones" Jimenez

"I like to play characters in my music, like a woman in love, or even a fly on the wall, but without soul, and funk, the music just isn't tasty."

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a character in “Ready to Go?”, as played by Jaybt9


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Full Name: Dania Jimenez
Alias: Diana Jones (Named after character from Dreamgirls, and the musician based off of the character(Diana Ross))
Age: Eighteen; April 6, 1993
Hometown: Atlanta, GA (From Dominican Republic)

Talent: Diana Jones is a Dramatic mezzo-soprano singer with 3 octaves. Even though she plans on expanding it, she feels that she is okay for now. Influenced by Jazz, R&B, and the Disco, and Soul era of the 70s, she uses that inspiration to her music. She also wants to compose her own music. Her influential artists include Neo-Soul artists (Amel Larrieux, Erykah Badu, and Bilal), House Artists (Daft Punk, Adeva, Dimitri Max), and 70's artists (Roy Ayers, Ahmad Jamal, Tata Vega). She also likes A Tribe Called Quest, Beyonce, and Fantasia. She also knows how to play the piano, but she only uses that as a source for vocal help and some producing, rather than performing with it.

A song sung by her (This really is sung by her)

Clothing: Her style is what she describes as “street chic”, mixing outfit and accessories until it suits her. She wears more neutrals than colors of the rainbow. She likes to wear glasses (even though she has 20/20 vision), having 20 pairs of glasses, including sunglasses. Loving to show her long legs, she wears shorts and skirts during the spring, and summer. During the fall and winter, she wears skinny jeans, or tights. She also has many different shoes; tennis shoes to high heels.

Physical Appearance: Standing 5'9”, she looks rather mature for her age. Her build is petite, with her long legs standing out more than the rest of her figure. Her skin is a copper shade, while her black hair lays below her shoulders. She curls it, or puts it into an Afro, occasionally. Her full lips come from her mother, while her eyes are as brown as dark chocolate.


Intelligence: Isn't the smartest person in the bunch. She has more street smarts and knowledge in common sense than smarts in Education. She's able to maintain at least A's to C's.

Education: High School Diploma.

Occupation: Works at a local mall in the JCPenny's store as a Customer Service Specialist.

Crush: TBD

Casual: Honest, yet playful, Diana has a type of humor where she isn't trying to be funny, nor goofy, even though she tends to express goofiness from time to time.. Attending some acting classes in school, she loves to use this in real-life situations, and also just to play fun with her friends. She even knows how to impersonate Beyonce to a tee, voice and all. She also likes to watch reality shows, just to talk about them with her friends. She's also a mother figure to her youngest sibling.

Under pressure: It depends on how under pressure she is. If she is “angry” under pressure, she'll become a little more talkative. She isn't aggressive when angry though.

Drunk: Diana hasn't drank alcohol in a long time, and when she did, she was described as even more “comedic”, and “happy”. She also starts speaking Spanglish.


Age 0-2-Dominican father Miguel Jimenez (an aspiring filmmaker) and Mulatto American Anna Wilson (An aspiring singer/nurse) gave birth to fraternal twins in Santiago de los Caballeros, Santiago, Dominican Republic. One of them is their 1st daughter of 3 other siblings: Miguel Jimenez Jr. (Three years older), Domingo "D.J." Jimenez (Twin brother), and the youngest, Mercedes Jimenez (Two years younger).

Age 3-5-Young Dania was introduced to the Hippest Train in America, “Soul Train”, and her life started from there. The angelic voice of the late Minnie Riperton usually put her to sleep, while the soul music itself made her dance.

Age 6-8-Dania and her family all moved to Anna's hometown, Atlanta, Georgia, which caused everyone's lives to change.

Age 9-11-The first time she discovered that her brother was being bullied at school, because of his thin figure, and his inability to speak English fluently. They were 9 at the time. Miguel Jr., after being informed by Dania, regulated the situation. Domingo, however, obliged to his brother doing that, because he felt as though he wasn't a man after.

Age 12-14-To perfect more on her singing ability, she began to sing in a local church choir that her mother's family attended, and still does.

Age 15-17-The family took a drastic turn once Domingo ran away from home with his girlfriend/soon-to-be mother of his son. Dania and Domingo were 16 at the time. His girlfriend's name is Aliyah Miller (which explains the tattoo on his shoulder). It hurt Dania the most, because she interacted with him the most out of her siblings, counseling him from his depression. She has not seen him since then. She used this as her muse for her music, but eventually she had to learn to focus on her own future.

Age 18-She graduated from The New Schools at Carver (Performing Arts). She plans on attending Clark Atlanta University, unless her singing career starts early.

So begins...

Dania "Diana Jones" Jimenez's Story