Allyster Nightingale

This bitch bites.

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Name: Allyster Nightingale
Alias/Nickname: Allys (Pronounced 'Alice')
Age: App. 19 yrs in human form, doesn't know for sure
Contestant Number: 79
Race: Pricolici - Her natural form is that of a large, undead wolf, though she can shift to human.
Home Dimension: Eden Delta
Appearance: As a human, she's very pretty, with long black hair and electric blue eyes. Generally wears dark clothing, and has wolf ears and fangs. She's 5'8"; tall and well-fit but not athletic.

In wolf form, which is her usual, she has somewhat of a zombie-like appearance. Her fur is black, missing in patches. She has one bright blue eye, and the other is gone - simply an empty socket with a deep scar across it. Her ears are large and pointed, though torn, and her teeth are long and sharp - the only part of her in perfect condition. A deep, perpetual gash runs down her right forearm, a wound that never actually healed. She has half of a once-large, bushy tail, and is extremely skinny, though don't be mistaken by this - she's still unusually strong.

Personality: Allys is a trickster and a sly animal who loves to manipulate others. She's untrusting and easily angered, with a fiery temperament. Cold and ruthless toward others, she will fight rather than talk where possible. Extremely intuitive about animals, and concerned for their feelings, but not so about humans or humanoids. Logical, creative thinker; amazingly intelligent and likes others who are smart as well. She always tells the truth, especially if it insults people, and has no tolerance for those who tell white lies to make others feel better.
She hates people and humanoids, water, and being controlled or contained, and will avoid crowds like the plague.

Maestro: N/A ATM

Weapon(s): Long black whip when in human form.

Abilities: She has no powers in human form, but in wolf form she can ignite fires by striking her tail against the ground. She also has an extremely powerful bark that can momentarily stun people, freezing them for an instant. This only works on humanoid creatures, and does not affect four-legged animals.

Coup de Grace: By emitting an unusually high-pitched howl, she can summon a ball of electricity, similar to ball lightning, which which send out lightning bolts to strike anyone in the vicinity with repeated jolts of electricity.
As she howls, wind surrounds her and the ball forms in front of her like a magnet collecting shards of metal, starting with one tiny spark of electricity and accumulating more and more until she has a large, concentrated sphere of power. It glows brightly, emitting an intensely brilliant white light, and lightning bolts can be seen momentarily as they shoot out the sides.

History: Allys is very young by Pricolici standards, approximately 30 years. She was abandoned at birth, and nobody knows who her parents are, so they don't know how her species came to be. Anyways, that's not the point.

When Allys was abandoned, she was taken in by a witch named Rheia, who lived on a large island, more or less alone. Rheia was an antisocial old woman, outcast because of her dark magic. She had no friends, and taught Allys not to trust anyone. Since the only people the Pricolici girl ever met were the witch's customers, who were generally cruel and evil, she simply believed everyone was that way.
At this point, Allys was a regular Pricolici, that is to say, she was a wolf who could morph into a human, similar to a shapeshifter.

Growing up with no one to talk to, Allys had quite the boring childhood other than the times Rheia experimented on her.
The first experiment was one to heal, and since Rheia usually used dark magic, the healing spell was not one she was familiar with. Needless to say, it went wrong. The witch tried desperately to fix Allys's predicament, as Rheia had changed her to an undead creature. The Pricolici was distraught, as she had always been beautiful and was extremely proud.
Rheia could only reverse the spell so much. Allys' human form was returned to its original state of beauty, but her wolf form... Was not. She remained the only undead Pricolici, and because of it, she became even more of a social outcast. Leaving the witch when she was a mere 13, she set out on her own, trying to find a purpose.

Though she hates humans and humanoids, she still searches for one to relate to. As of recently, she was travelling through the outer regions of the island, looking for a way to cross the water.

Water is her weakness. When wet, she loses her strength and her ability to morph. If she gets wet in human form, she is pretty much powerless until dry, as she is just as weak as a regular human with the effects of water on her. In wolf form, water makes her lose her ability to ignite fires, and her bark can only startle a humanoid.

She loves fire, and if she had to make a friend, she would prefer it be a creature that could conjure fire as well. She generally likes - if you can say she likes anyone - those who have fire-based powers more than others.

Also loves music, though rarely gets a chance to listen to it.

Wears a black leather collar in human and wolf forms; not to signify that anybody 'owns' her, she just likes it

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