Reality Shift: Inked Blood...


Everything you knew is about to change...

Before her Revenge...


She was In love....


Before his Promise....


He was called a failure....


Their goals made them different....But destiny would reunite them..


"There's so much more to you then you know..Not just pain and anger..There's good in you to....You posses a power no one could imagine...Not even me.

"I don't just want power..I want revenge."


Now it's time for two unlikely friend's to fight for human's freedom...even if one of them is not fully human..


"Listen to me very carefully my friend..Killing will not bring you peace..."

"Peace was never an option"





Two vampire hunters are sent on an important mission; but also a very dangerous one. They are sent to be kidnapped by powerful vampires, that will drag them into the Vampire Realm and to the largest city in the realm; the capital, Moros City. Which is greek for Doom. This is where the elegant and powerful royals live; The Prince and Princess of all Vampires.


As they are sold as servants to these great vampires,, their mission is to kill and to run. They have been ordered to assassinate these great and flawless beings, but it isn't as easy as it sounds. The royals are strong and intimidating; with guards and other powerful vampires around them. These two hunters will have to work together and manage to not be found out, or all will be lost. But will their past's catch up with them?

Will these hunters manage to kill these great beings? Or will they fall under their charming spell... or maybe, even fall into a forbidden love?


Character Descriptions:


The two Hunters- Male and female. Ages... between 19 and 23. These hunters are young but they really aren't supposed to be very young, but they aren't supposed to be old either. They each must have a unique talent,power and a unique weapon; these hunters cant have the same weapon or the same personality. The female hunter is driven on revenge and will kill any vampire that get's in the way of her killing the prince *will explain later* the guy hunter made a promise to the person he loves. you can come u the his big promise and why. if not i'll help because I have a few idea's.

The Prince and Princess- Elegant, powerful, and flawless. They are strong vampires who know they wield a great amount of power. It takes quite a lot to impress them. But their personalities are up to the people who play them; and they can be however old. It doesn't matter. They each have three powers. The Prince killed the female hunter's family. She want's revenge.

Advisors- These can be advisors to the prince and princess; female or male. I'll permit 2 max for each royal.


Servants- I'll only allow about 3 other servants in this roleplay; who either are already working there or being sold at the same time as the two hunters are moved into the palace. But seriously; I need at least 1 male, okay? Um... age doesn't matter. Just at least 16 and up since all ages of humans are captured and brought to the palace; younger the better since usually older teenagers are stronger.

Other Vampires- These can be stronger and powerful vampires who reside in the palace; dukes and such. You can make them out to try to steal a position, or steal a servant or something like that.

Characters: [Taken and Available]:

The two Hunters:( I might add one more hunter... because I'm feeling nice)

1. Nikki Shift ~ Taken by me

2. Male - Open

3. Heather Red ~ Taken by wolf1911.45

The Royals:

The Prince: Open

The Princess: Reserved by Slendyman

Advisors:(one for each)

1. Taken

2. Open


1. Open

2. Open

3. Open

Other Vampires:(will allow more)

1. Open

2. Open

3. Open

Code: Select all
[center][size=200][font=Gill Sans MT Condensed][b]PUT FULL NAME HERE[/b][/font][/size]
[b]Gender:[/b] [Female or Male]
[b]Age: [/b] [See Character Descriptions for preferences]
[b]Race:[/b] [What type of creature. Human or Vampire.]
[b]Role:[/b] [Hunter, Vampire, ect.]
[b]Location:[/b] [Where do they live.]
[b]Orientation[/b]: [Straight or bi ]

[Picture goes here. Real life or realistic drawing preferred.]

Below the picture; type a small thing of what your character looks like. Include their height, weight, skin color, hair color, eye color, hair style, fashion, what type of clothes they wear, What makeup they were, ect. Add anything that is not in the image



Here; type a paragraph of what your character is like. Include their moods; their natural personality, hobbies... tell us what they are like when they are happy, sad, angry. Include if they are shy, if they have a temper... all that stuff. Be detailed and creative.

[Picture goes here. Real life or realistic drawing preferred. (if wanted)]

[b]Likes:[/b] [At least 3]

[b]Dislikes:[/b] [At least 3]

[b]Hobbies:[/b] [At least 3]


[Picture goes here. Real life or realistic drawing preferred.(if wanted) could be of them as a child teenager or now.]


Here you will type a paragraph of the history of your character. Explain what type of past they have had; important events that are significant to them, include injuries or fights or battles, if they've lost siblings. Include their family and other things they have done and what it was like for them growing up. Again; detailed and creative. [really only hunters and the servants have to write this but it would be okay if everyone did..but again only hunters and servants have to.]


Toggle Rules


1. Only join if your gonna post!!

2. Be respectful. No drama outside of the roleplay.

3. No sparkling vampires....please!!

4. Be creative with your sheets and your character.

5. To reserve a spot; post in the occ or pm me.

6. I only reserve spots up to 2 days max.

7. Have fun!

8. The female hunter is going to be the servant for the prince and the male hunter for the female princess.

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Character Portrait: Nikki Shift
Character Portrait: Heather Red


Character Portrait: Nikki Shift
Nikki Shift

" Peace was never an option..."


Character Portrait: Nikki Shift
Nikki Shift

" Peace was never an option..."

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Character Portrait: Nikki Shift
Nikki Shift

" Peace was never an option..."

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