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Reality's Truth: The Dark Gaurdian

Reality's Truth: The Dark Gaurdian


Humans purpose and history altered to hide what they truly are, and the time that the truth is to be revealed draws near. With other races looking to take this chance for their own purpose, only a few humans can stand against them.

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Alien sightings, ghost detection, fantasy creatures, and myths. All of these things have spread through different cultures and history, but all share one large connection. They are the reality that humans were meant to become after a certain amount of time. When did this truth get covered and vanish from everyone, and why? It all begins long ago, when Earth was fresh and new.

Humans have been the "base" to all other races that exist int he vast universe. All of them starting off as humans while settings and events have them develop into the race they are now. But as races began to declare war with one another, they all began to try and out number the other, taking and forcing humans into more of their kinds. It reached a point where the most ancient of races took action, taking the remaining humans and sealing them in the base form that they had. This action not only kept them from being misused by the other races, but it also caused the humans to have their lives drastically shortened. But the other races didn't give up, from time to time making brief hidden contact with the humans to attempt to motivate them to break from their seal. Those brief contacts are what started the myths and fantasies that people know of today. Their history altered to believe that they have always been humans and forever will be and let them live on in a cycle of reproducing and dyeing off while the other races continue to grow. But the activity of the other races started to grow more desperate, as a number of them turn to even abducting humans and try forcing them into becoming more of their kind. This action caused of weakening the seal on one human, causing him to break off the short living cycle humans were in now and develop abilities to fend off those races that wish to still "harvest" humans for themselves.

It has been about 500 years since that guardian was set up for the humans as time and time again, he's fended off races attempting to take humans for their cause. But after so many years of being on his own, guarding the humans without their knowing all alone, the seals have begun to weaken a bit on the humans. In effect, the activity of the other races have begun to increase and 4 more humans will discover the truth of their world and take part in protecting their home along with the long living guardian. In the year 2012, the lives of all humans may suddenly change drastically for the better or worst.


Races(More races will be added as the role play develops)

Humans - The base and beginning to all races, humans were once capable to develop into other races, a sort of base for all races. Because of that, more and more races began to "harvest" them to increase their own numbers in times of war. To stop this, the Ancients sealed the human's potential, shortening their lives and erasing their history of such pasts. But after so many years, the seals have began to weaken. If one with the knowledge and ability to fully break the seal takes action, the humans would return to their past life style and the races would swarm in to harvest them clean for their own.

Ancients - The oldest of all the races, wise and skilled, they were the ones to seal the potential of the humans to avoid them from being misused. Not a lot is known about them or their appearance, except for their hand in the human's lives.

Code: Select all
[center] [b]Appearance[/b]
(Either an image or very well written out details. Also add any extra details in typing.)

(simple right?)

(I want creativity so there are no limits to the ages, just don't make them a baby or something like that)

(I'm very sure you know what this is)

(if their one of the humans that will take part in the protecting of the humans or one of the other races. If a new race, give extra details about it to add to the list of races)

(Both powers that he or she might gain and natural skills.)

(things he or she enjoys or simply likes)

(things they hate or just can't stand)

(anything he or she might do out of reflex, knowingly or without knowing)

(everyone has them, it's proof that their "human". So what do they fear?)

(explain a bit how they are. At least write about one paragraph of explaining them)

(explain their life, family, etc. At LEAST 2 paragraphs of info)

(any other information)

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