Phantom Hive

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a character in “Realm of Demons: Possession”, as played by TheLastHunter


At first glance, he looks child-like but he's actually one of the older demons. His eyes vary in color along with his mood but the original color is blue. He has several tattoos but the largest is the one on his left under his ribs. He also has wings, claws and curled horns but hides them well.


Phantom is arrogant. He knows everyone's move before they even do. He seems to everything there is about everyone. He's a little childish and hates to lose anything. His creative mind and confidence makes up for his small size.


He only needs his cane, which is equipped with a hidden blade and poisonous gas. He has dark bat wings which are well hidden.


His father and mother died in a fire and he's whored himself out ever since. He was never picky about clients but they had to have one thing. Power. If they didn't have power, they could forget it. He would consume power from his "clients" and leave the now useless body in a river. He heard of Durian's power and wished for it greatly.

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Phantom Hive's Story