Ramona Wyatt

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a character in “Reaper Textbook CH. 2: Return to oblivion”, as played by ArcticFox


Nickname: The Grim Reaper
Age: 20
Build: Slight frame and a little on the short side
Physical description: http://my.opera.com/NewTonyIc/albums/sh ... 406#bigim


Personality: She still doesn't fully understand normal emotions but she has the basics down now and she doesn't seem too be as robotic when first meeting her. Over the years she's learned how to display certian emotions to her advantage to gain what she wants from other leaders and power players. She still doesn't trust people right away but is more open to trying and if it is earned she's willing to do anything for that person though if betrayed she'll never trust that person again. She is always willing to listen to anyone's problems or past and doesn't judge them only gives them advice or if it doesn't betray someone the information that they are searching for. She still has issues about being touched by anyone except the ones she has come to view as herr true amily and is always tense and paranoid wondering when the next attack will come. Now she is anxious for her family's safety whenever she has to send one of them to the field to fight, but she is still confident in their abilities as she had helped them train in between war and political matters and knows their abilities almost as well as they do. An odd thing that has come out of this is that she now has a tendency to mother Serra, her charge and Zane's younger sister, in a way that she has always thought that mothers shoupld care for their children.


Element: Wind/Air
Equipment: http://i208.photobucket.com/albums/bb13 ... scythe.jpg


It is no secret among the ally forces of felan, reaper, and human how Ramona's life started out, ever since she could walk she was forced to fight to the death by her parents (she calls them her keepers) for their own greed. After every fight they would throw her in a cage, she was treated like an animal so that is what she became, a bloodthirsty animal with no records or name, simply know as beast. That is, before she escaped when she was five and returned a year later knowing basic hygine, clothes, basic speech, basic ettiquitte, and a name; before the war she told none except Zeal how this came to be in a mutual exchange of information then during the war she told. Serra Alsanai, Stella Abeque, Walking Earth, and Lily Alais all of whom she considers to be her family as well. Before gaining the 'sight' she traveled all over the world helping people in trouble, training, trying to control her element, and reestablishing the old Landora ties and creating new ones as head of the Landora criminal empire. The Landora's were once thought to be the most powerful of the crime syndicates were thought to be wiped out by the Alsanai when Zane's father, Edward Alsanai, came into power, but Ramona's father somehow survived, a feate only known to her.

While at the school she met the people that she now calls family and they accepted her as she was and taught her to understand emotions and other basic things that people do or say. Although she still refuses cry, seeing it as a weakness of herself, her laugh is not so hollow she has a more normal sense of twisted humor, and she hardly calls people 'human' anymore, recognizing herself as part of the human race. She also came to find love with Zeal, who was an assassion sent to kill her by Mr. Alsanai but couldn't because he fell for her though only she knows that. After that she helpd Zane rescue Serra from a serpentile and offered her protection which he agreed to and Serra reveal that the two of them were guardians and Zane was a sentrada. Then when Zeal faked his death she ran with Serra and after discovering him on the docks being tortured she lost control and almost went on a rampage to rescue him then she revealed her heritage and declared war on the Alsanai. They soon set aside their differences when a more pressing war against the feral sepentilie made itself known with the world hanging in the balance.

Mr. Alsanai and Ramona collaborated their resources in secret to create new devices that would help their human subordinates join the fight. More will be revealed in RP.

So begins...

Ramona Wyatt's Story