Aleron Edgefield

"Now the play really begins" "Goodbye Ramona, you have always been the first girl to bring the light to my eyes"

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a character in “Reaper Textbook Ch.3: Fallen Souls”, as played by zane saphire


Aleron Edgefield
Nickname: Nightmare, Abbadon, The man whole lives with a curse, The demon emperor, Zeal Edgefeild is one of his many fake names, Kamui Dizefall is his real name though no one but Setsuna and Arawn know that.
Age:Turned 22 not to long Ago
Build: Sleek black hair and a muscular frame, Aleron shows, not physically, to be extremely strong. His hair falls down toward his spine and get in front of his golden green and half golden green and violet eyes. Aleron, When taken over by Oba will usually wear a collared shirt which has some buckles on it,over that is a cravat, a pair of white gloves, black pants with a strap around the left leg - closest to his hip that holds a gun of his, and a black coat. He also wears black boots that some what have a heel to them and are pointed at the tips.
Personality: Aleron has showed to be a pure actor that directs all of his former friend's hatred toward himself. He seemingly has zero to barely any emotions left, he usually puts on a façade of expressions and emotions, though he still truly loves Ramona. Rest will be showed in the rp....
Element: Light
Aleron hold three different forms that can be called his weapons, each one is extremely powerful.
Power form
Dragon form
Oba's appearance
Oba's appearance.

History: Zeal came to Styx Reaper School six years ago to learn how to control his element but there were suspicons that he trained in controling it before that. During his first year the male proved to be a outstanding student and a qualifed reaper in the future. Zeal after finished with his first year returned to his parentsVillaand stayed there for the year waiting and training to get stronger and much more powerful. Unknown to many before Zeal had become a reaper he was a powerful and ruthless assassin though he never said anything about it. He keeps that part quiet and doesn't say anything about it if he isn't trustful to that person.

When Zeal returned to Styx Reaper School for his second year he arrived latter then he was supposed to and arrived to room-less room, he was secretly happy about that, and another thing was that the dorm was one that he was in last year. Zeal taken a little rest and exit his room to look for something fun to do. Zeal had soon arrived to a group of 1st years surrounding another 1st year. Zeal quickly dispatched them and befriend the guy his name was Zane. The two had then journeyed to the cafeteria to get something to eat and had sat at empty table that soon got another visitor.As Zeal was finishing up his lunch a fight broke out well it was a cat fight and he was eager to watch it but it was soon disbanded, he then returned to his room and got ready for his class.

When Zeal had started his first class he had to spar with the teacher a good friend of his he soon was nailed to the ground and had waited to get to his next class. When he got to his next class he saw a demonstration of how a teacher had destroyed a serpentile. When he had said something about the way it was killed, he soon found himself in a conversation with Ramona Wyatt. They had talked for a while until he left since it seemed that class was over. Later when a fire appeared in the forest Zeal was one of the first to go into it and help put it out; Zeal had then helped the others with it and helped carry Ramona out with the help of Lily Alais another second year student. At the end of the day he went to sleep.

On the new day many things happened, Zeal had spared with Alais. There were also a few other things one of them led to some important things, the thing was his confession toward Ramona which she didn't understand what he said. Zeal also asked her on a date that never happened. Later in the day Zeal had arrived to see Ramona say that she was leaving that had crushed him infuriated him in almost killing Zane the cause of the problem in Zeal's eyes. He then after talking to Ramona had manged to stop her. During that day other things had happened those things were ones that he wished he could forget. Zeal had gotten in a fight with Ramona in which he had faked his death the plan was successful and had other motives for doing that. He soon was captured two reapers and whipped thankfully he was rescued by Ramona. He soon was in a coma which lasted two days, when he soon awoke Zeal had lost his memory, in that short time Zeal had learned things he knew already but strangely his feelings for Ramona stayed. When the boat was attacked Zeal's memory returned and he went to combat against a reaper, when he finished Zeal had talked with Ramona shortly then went away and had surgery to his face. Zeal's appearance was change and he killed his brother when he had returned to the docks that Ramona's boat was located at. He killed the guy right in-front of Zane the escaped when Zane blew a fuse. Zeal now works as a general in the serpentile army but he has his own personal army comprised of 500 reapers, out of the 5000 he chose 14 that he saw amazing skill in and has personally trained with them, even spared with them though they never were able to beat him.

Second Part
Prelude to the madness~ Over the five years that Aleron kept hidden, he worked with the serpentiles, which he hated to the very level of sending them to their own deaths. Aleron had spent time with his fourteen personal numbers, though he spent most of his time with Arawn, Setsuna, and occasionally his sister, Lexi, who has disappeared. During the days with the serpentiles Aleron created many inventions and tools that would help end the war, but none of them could actually surpass what he had gained. A forbidden knowledge of weapons, swords of mass destruction. He had used this to find and gain Oba - a soul stealing sword which uses its stealing function to increases its function.

The Madness

At the beginning of the second part Aleron showed up with a average group of serpentine to kill Zane and the others, though the serpentiles were killed, Aleron survived without any confrontation, though he did have one with his lips. Sad to say the boy showed no feelings when that happened and went away with his sword. Later Aleron had carried orders for Cyrus, a number, to kidnap Serra, Zane's sister, and hold her as a hostage. All was going well, nobody had intervened until Ramona showed up, Aleron could have easily killed the girl with one blast but instead he had her trade places with Serra, taking her as his hostage. Not much had happened from there on until Aleron launched a attack on the school

The attack on the school was suppose to make the reapers retreat so that Aleron can search it for the book, Song Of Ancients. It had happened, but only one person remained, Zane. At that time Aleron wanted to accurately measure the boys power so he sent the sixth number, Masmune Ikaruge to attack him. The fight ended with Aleron saving Masmune, and having the serpentiles arrive. When they arrived Zane had escaped.

As Aleron found the entrance to the labyrinth he began to search for the song of ancients, while searching he encountered Ramona. It was an awkward time for him to see her, Aleron wanted her not to find him until later, that is if she had gotten out of the dungeons at his castle. As the two searched for it, Aleron told Ramona, painfully, that he didn't need her, he was actually more hurt then she probably was by it. This was followed up with him flying away with Oba in full power.

After the encounter with Ramona Aleron stayed quiet, while the reapers side prepared for a attack. He sat at his bed emotionless, yet having a sad expression due to what he had said and done to the girl (Ramona). When the reapers attacked Aleron instructed for the numbers to prepare themselves, so during the fight Aleron had his second in command lead the troops against the fenal serpentiles, they were able to do a staggering amount of damage, though they did lose allot of troops. Aleron had his second in command also kidnap Serra, and bring her to him. When Serra had gotten to him so did Ramona, the two had a brief conversation in where they fought, it wasn't much of a fight when Ramona couldn't deal any real damage to Aleron. Zane had also showed up, the two fought, again even with the Sentrada Zane couldn't do any real damage to Aleron. During the fight Aleron had impaled Oba into Serra's body resulting in Zane gaining the full Sentrada. This had made the fight even more interesting, though Aleron could not have been hurt by any attacks Zane did. After the battle with Zane, Aleron fought Tsukasa and won, this had resulted in the man dying.

After the whole battle Aleron began finishing his castles, making him disappear from the reapers eye. When Zane, Alais, Ramona and Kamui disappeared Aleron began his conquest of taking the world over. It had succeed without a problem, during that short period of time Aleron rebuilt many cities and made sure everything was in order. Now Aleron fights against his strongest opponent Oba, the sword has been trying to take him over slowly, but Aleron has steadily kept a powerful resistance no was that resistance weavers what can the world expect from Oba.

His scythe


Kamui Ragnarok
Nickname: None, though he is often referenced to as "Shell"
Age: 14 but he will turn 15, but truly he is actually 1
Build: Kamui's body is not the same as a humans, his body is more durable, able to take on the hardest strains without much effort. He is stronger then a team of steroid enhanced jocks, as wells as faster then a cheetah. The boy shows to have a large amounts of stamina
Personality: Kamui used to seem rather childish from time to time, he did his absolute best to fit in as a Reaper, please both Ramona and Arawn, however sometimes he tried too hard and thus ended up looking like an idiot. Now Kamui appears to act emotionless, not wanting to talk since he was told the the truth of his existence by Zeal, his inner concious and the person that the group met at boat five years ago when Aleron had lost his memories. This has turned the boy into a suicidal person craving to kill himself, the boy has exhibit doing these things frequently... The rest will be showed in the rp
Element: He is the same as Aleron so his element is light
Equipment: Kamui's shows to have menger sponge for his sword, the weapon shows to be able to change into anything need though it most changes on it's own, not listening to what Kamui wants it to be. The sword ironically choose to be a nodachi, a weapon that the boy has no experience in using. It chooses this because the sword has seen Kamui's memories, which were Aleron's, and saw the amazing swordmanship of the man's use with a nodachi and it expects Kamui to be able to use it like Aleron does. It sometimes does turn into the nodachi that Aleron used for his spar against Alais those five year's ago. The scythe that Kamui summons has a bright gold and follows in the same way as the boy does, the shaft is empty with nothing in it, allowing for the scythe to shine brightly when in the light.
Physical description: The boy has black hair that can often appear blue under certain lights with it's shine, It falls down bellow eye level, and spikes up on the left side. His skin is pale except for an odd green coloring on the lower half of his face. Kamui wears a weird outfit off a deep blue jacket with large amounts of silver buckles. Around his wrists are two large bracelets that have small knobs diverge from it. His hands are usually covered with black gloves which hide scars and cuts that he has inflicted on his body. Kamui's shirt underneath is black with blue strips, and a logo reading "Suck it!". His pants are kept together by a belt which shines blue no matter what kind of light you put it under with a cross in the middle.
History: Will Add

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It was the first time for him to actually see snow. The frosted flakes that fell down toward the earth were only shown in his memories. Well, not exactly his. They were Aleron's, but he wasn't in full control of them, and even if he wanted to pick a single memory; a tremendous amount of pain would suddenly pop up out of nowhere. Looking over to Ramona, Kamui wondered why she was wearing a winter coat, could she not generate a warmth from the light around her. Climbing out of the sub, Kamui jumped into the air, spinning, before landing a few feet behind Ramona. "Wait up! Its a little hard to maneuver in this snow." He was having difficulty following her, it was either because of the snow or because he slightly lost sight of her.