Stella & Aaron Jameson

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a character in “Reaper Textbook Ch.3: Fallen Souls”, as played by birdguard


Name: English: Stella A. A. Jameson Omaha/Cherokee: Steps of a Ghost
Nickname: Star, Stella, Aly, Steps, Ghost
Personality: Revealed in RP
Elements: Water/Electricity
Equipment: Revealed in RP
Physical appearance: Height- five foot six inches bare foot. Slim but muscular build. Mid back length dark brown on the verge of black hair. She has a claddah ring tattoo on her left hand ring finger.
History-In order to have a world for Zane, Ramona and Alais to come back to, Stella became a viceroy under Aleron. Unfortunately, their meeting after they came back from the gate went sour, ending in Stella issuing the order that they would find their own way to the resistance.

Name: Aaron Jameson
Age: 24
Nickname: Jamie Mine-only from Stella.
Equipment: Revealed in RP
Physical appearance: http://media.photobucket.com/image/brow ... 1.jpg?o=71
History:Once Stella's mentor, Aaron is bonded to Stella for life by the blood they traded to summon the nomads half almost a year ago. He gave subtle hints to the three swordsmen as to the location whee Stella and Walking Earth had hidden away the majority of the Resistance in what was formerly known as Japan.

Full Name:Walking Earth (Omaha tribal name) Alice Jane Abeque (English)
Nickname: Rocky
Age(20-500): 142
Physical:http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/3188364373/
Personality: loyal, cunning, and sometimes ruthless, and of course protective.
Equipment:her scythe, which formed out of sandstone, and whatever else is handy for earth at any given time.
History: Much of Walking Earth's past is still a mystery to most, but she has been known to let some details slip here and there.

Name: Angela DuBois
Nickname: 'Gela
Personality: fiery when she needs to be, but otherwise laid back and hard to phase.
Element: Fire
Equipment: lighter, used to boost her own naturally produced flame.
Physical description-http://www.flickr.com/photos/lovinmysistas/5865162551/
History: The voodoo queen of the Resistance, Angela is still Stella's right hand woman. Not even Stella, her trusted friend and sister knows her complete past.

Nickname: Cor
Personality: she seems reserved, but after you get to know her she is very friendly.
Phsyical: Tall, lean, and well muscled. She is about five foot eight inches tall.
History: A shifter that came back with the three sword seekers in order to help fight Aleron. She changes into an african lioness.

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