Ramona Wyatt

The truth may be difficult, but if you don't face it, you might as well be dead.

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a character in “Reaper Textbook”, as played by ArcticFox


Age: 15
Build: Slight frame and a little on the short side
Class: Night
Dorm: Co
Physical description: http://my.opera.com/NewTonyIc/albums/sh ... 406#bigimg


Personality: She doesn't understand normal emotions and it doesn't seem like she even has any when first meeting her. She doesn't trust people right away but if it is earned she's willing to do anything for that person though if betrayed she'll never trust that person again. She is always willing to listen to anyone's problems or past and doesn't judge them only gives them advice or if it doesn't betray someone the information that they are searching for. She doesn't like to be touched and is always tense and paranoid wondering when the next attack will come.


Element: Wind/Air
Equipment: http://i208.photobucket.com/albums/bb13 ... scythe.jpg


She was on her way home from the fight club when she saw a serpentile going after what she'd thought was a human and jumped in to save him by attacking it not taking in the appearance of the thing. It was only thanks to her quick reflexes and agility that she survived until a reaper came along and killed it then explained to her what had happened and offered to take her to a place where there were people like her. After that she went home packed her things and let the reaper take her to Styx Reaper School without telling anyone a thing knowing that if anyone wanted to contact her they'd e-mail her. More will be revealed in RP.

So begins...

Ramona Wyatt's Story