Zane Alsanai

Death is but the first step

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a character in “Reaper Textbook”, as played by kotaro7914


Nickname: Razor
Age(15-18): 15
Build: Slight build in muscle but is stronger then he appears.
Class:(Day or Night): Night
Dorm: Inter
Element: Lightning
Physical description(Picture or written): Zane has sparkling silver hair and bright blue eyes. He has a scar on his left arm from his fathers abuse. He is usually seen wearing a long black and red trench coat and a white shirt with black pants along with black combat boots.


Personality: Zane is very quiet, usually not speaking unless spoken too. He is also very protective of his friends, throwing himself in danger to keep any from getting hurt. It is hard to be friends with Zane, especially since he has trust issues, but once you earn his trust, he is with you 100%


Equipment: Uses an extra long scythe in combat that is dual bladed. He also has special combat gauntlets he wears in fistfights with others.


Revealed in RP

So begins...

Zane Alsanai's Story