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Durion Silverwind

"Even silence speaks."

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a character in “Rebellion: Rebirth”, originally authored by Siryn, as played by RolePlayGateway


"Viva La Rebellion!"

Name: Durion Silverwind

Age: He appears to be in his early twenties, but in actuality is closer to a hundred.

Race: Forest Elf

Gender: Male

Eye Color: yellow

Location: Longbourn, Everingham

Appearance: Image

Long pale hair brushes down past his shoulders, framing a fair face and yellow eyes. He wears very light armor that is made from the woods. He stands at a height of five feet and nine inches. His body is lean, but well toned from years of training as a hunter. He wears a silver necklace and ring; both hold an intricate design of leaves and an arrow through the center.

Strengths/Abilities: Durion is a great hunter, one of the best. He is all stealth and silence. Tracking is another of his abilities that he excels at. He can track any creature effectively and quickly. His senses are very keen, sharpened by years of hunting.

Weaknesses: Though he can hold his own in a fight, close combat is not one of his strengths. He will last only a short while fighting hand to hand, his preference is being at a distance. The woods are his home, being in large cities makes him uncomfortable. Overwhelming smells will make him terribly nauseas, usually rendering him useless for a time.

Personality: Durion is very trusting, (can be considered a weakness), he will aide anyone that needs help. He is not prone to anger very easily, but it doesn’t mean he won’t get annoyed if provoked. He will protect what is close to him, his home, friends and family.

Hobbies: He enjoys practicing with his bow, spending time with the wildlife, and friends

Orientation: Straight

Occupation: Hunter/Tracker

General Equipment: His bow and a set of knives

History/Bio: His father trained him at an early age how to track and hunt. The day he was old enough to draw the string of the bow back, he went with his father on each and every hunting trip. His mother was an herbalist and often helped the clerics with making potions and such. His mother died from an illness before she could see him marked as one of the renowned hunters. Several years later, his father died as well. By this time, Durion was grown. He continued living his life, hunting the forests and supplying his home with needed materials from the woods.

So begins...

Durion Silverwind's Story


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#, as written by Siryn

Kaida looked up immediately at the call from the front of her shop. The small girl looked at her nervously before sputtering out what was on her mind. The lycan listened intently, her gaze never leaving the young woman's. Finally, she held out a piece of paper to Kaida, who took it gently. She eyed the notes, names and address written on it and then looked up at the girl.

"I know of Saoul, he is an apprentice to another blacksmith here in the city," Kaida stood from where she had been sitting. She walked over to the table that held all of her finished weapons and set the blade down there. Turning back to her visitor, she handed the paper back to her. "I'm Kaida Vylin. I will show you to Saoul's shop," she felt a kind of relief that she had an excuse to leave her work. Besides, she enjoyed her city and she'd only seen Saoul in passing several times. It was probably about time she officially met the young man, after all he was a blacksmith just like herself. She held a high love for the craft, and was interested in how far he'd come as an apprentice. Kaida left the shop, only looking back once to see if the girl would follow, and started down the street towards Saoul's shop.


The beautiful city of Longbourn welcomed him as he came back from his hunting trip. Two deer pelts were tossed easily over his shoulder as he made his way through the trees. The elves built their homes and shops using what was around them. Trees, bushes and vines all woven together to form homes for each of them. Durion walked up to one such house peeking in to see if anyone was there. Two children skipped past him as he stood by the open doorway. He sidestepped, smiling as they rushed passed him giggling.

"Come in, Durion. You have what I wanted?"

"I do, Alianti."

The woman named Alianti came into view after he stepped inside her home. He handed her the skins from his shoulder and she busied herself with putting them up on a rack. She would make leather from the skins, a favored trade item with other cities. Durion waited for her to finish. Once the skins were up on the racks, she walked back to him and handed him a small leather pouch. He heard the coins inside clink together as she placed it in his hand. He reluctantly took it, having never asked her to pay him for hunting for her. Still, Alianti insisted on doing so whether he wanted it or not.

"Thank you," he would have continued but she held up her hand cutting off the rest of his reply.

"You're welcome, now I'm sure you have other business to attend to other than entertain me for the rest of the day."

Durion smiled, a soft laugh filling him. He closed his fingers around the pouch and left her house. He made his way back to his own home to put away his weapons. Afterwards, he planned on going to the springs that was at the edge of the city.


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Character Portrait: Durion Silverwind Character Portrait: Velyssira Thynin Character Portrait: Nanami Luix Character Portrait: Kaida Vylin Character Portrait: Saoul Cronos
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#, as written by Siryn

Kaida returned to the shop with the water. She set it down next to Saoul who had wiped his face, but had only managed to make the mess... messier. She smiled up at him before she got up and went to lean against the wall of his shop. She rested one hand on the hilt of her sword. Kaida wondered how old the lycan was, he looked young, but she too looked young and she had lived for quite some time.

"How old are you, Saoul? And happy birthday," she said softly after reaching up and brushing some silky strands of her hair from her face. It felt nice to speak to someone who shared her craft. In fact, she hadn't really spoken to anyone since the loss of her father. Talking to the attractive looking lycan was... calming.


Durion was back in his house, waxing the string of his bow when the commotion started. It wasn't loud, but there were whispers from the other elves, someone had entered the forests of Longbourne and they were unsure of the persons intentions. He finished his bowstring quickly and then strapped on the quiver to his back. Once outside he made his way towards the edge of the city to see what was going on.

In a matter of moments, a silver fox came trotting into the city. As Durion watched, the fox blurred, the form seemed to disintegrate before reconstructing and blurring back into view. The woman stood there watching the elves as they watched her. Deep blue hair flicked across her face and shoulders from the soft breeze that shifted through the city. Her bright eyes narrowed in on Durion. He wasn't sure he liked the look on her face.

"Do you need help?" one of the elves called.

Her gaze shot to the man then back to Durion, she never answered his question, instead she imposed her own, "I'm here on behalf of Prince Lucian. I seek his sister and I have been led here. Where is she?"

There was an underlying threat to her tone that didn't sit well with Durion. He watched her warily, moving his bow in front of himself, preparing to knock an arrow and fire if needed. The woman noticed his movement and she bent down into a defensive position. Her lips pulled back, showing the sharpened teeth of a shape shifter. This isn't good...