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Velyssira Thynin

"Revenge is bitter sweet."

1.4142135623731 · 116 views · located in Everingham

a character in “Rebellion: Rebirth”, originally authored by Siryn, as played by RolePlayGateway


"Viva La Rebellion!"

Age: She looks to be very young, twenty or so, but she’s actually almost eighty years old.

Race: Wolf

Faction: Shapeshifter

Shapes: Image A white wolf, Image a silver fox and Image a white falcon

Gender: Female

Eye Color: bright teal blue

Location: Thorton Lacey , Everingham


Appearance: She has long blue hair that is thick and slightly curly, the locks of curls fall passed her shoulders. Her bright blue eyes reflect her every emotion at all times. She has fair skin, a very small nose piercing and long earrings. She wears light leather armor that leaves her arms and shoulders bare. She isn’t very tall, standing at five feet and four inches.

Strengths/Abilities: She is very good with a sword and throwing knives. She’s got deadly aim with her knives, and can hit a moving target. She’s very agile, able to dodge attacks from close combat. Velyssira is a practiced shape shifter, making her shifting a little more easily done.

Weaknesses: Aside from the shifter limitations and weaknesses, Velyssira doesn’t handle long ranged weapons very well, (her throwing knives can only go so far), therefore if she is without her sword or knives, she’s is useless in battle unless she can shift form.

Personality: She holds a deep dislike for the Werewolves, their rule over her people (and most of the land) is tyrannical. She wishes for nothing more than to overthrow their power, but cannot do anything about it because of her people’s wish to keep out of the affairs. She will fight to the death for anyone she cares for, especially other shape shifters. Since the loss of her parents to the Werewolves, she hasn’t been the same. She is cold, throws herself into fights often (it’s almost like she wants to be killed) and doesn’t let anyone too close to her.

Hobbies: Fighting

Occupation: City guard

General Equipment: Her one handed sword and a set of throwing knives

History/Bio: Her blood line consists of shape shifters whose forms consisted of a white wolf, a silver fox and a white falcon. The wolf was her father, the fox her mother. The falcon comes from her grandmother and her great grandmother. Her parents were a part of a resistance of sorts against the Werewolvian Empire. However, upon scheming with their fellow shape shifters, they were found out, most likely via the use of the crystal orb that the Werewolves have. The rebellion was shut down, and with it, her parents followed in death. Velyssira had turned forty when the incident happened. After the death of her parents she enlisted to be a part of the armed guard for the city of Thorton Lacey. Ever since, she has guarded its walls, and always at the back of her mind she seethes for revenge.

So begins...

Velyssira Thynin's Story


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#, as written by Siryn

Kaida couldn't help the small smile that formed on her lips as she listened to Nanami's rush of questions. She walked down the street slowly with the girl following her and the horse padding behind.

"Yes, this will be the first time I've officially met him. I've seen him in passing only, but never talked to him."

The next set of questions was a little more personal. Kaida ignored the crushing rage that filled her as she thought about her father and how he'd been taken away from her. She was determined to figure out where he was and get him back.

"I've always been interested in blacksmithing, and yes, I've always been one. I made my first dagger when I was very small. My father took me in as his apprentice and taught me everything I know. Since then I've practiced the craft every day. Many people ask me to do things for them, whether its weapons or armor. I do what I can to help my people. Its a passion, not just a craft."

She purposely left out the part of her father being arrested. She wasn't inclined to talk much about it to the girl that she'd just met. Kaida had tried to keep the clip in her voice at bay, and could only hope that the girl hadn't picked up on her unease. She'd never talked to anyone about her father, nor about what had happened that day. Kaida kept walking forward, waiting for more questions to answer. They soon came upon Saoul's shop, and Kaida slowed her pace, letting Nanami tie up her horse before going to the shop.

The loud sound of something crashing in the shop halted Kaida's steps completely. Her immediate reaction had her hand out behind her to keep the smaller Nanami from going any farther. Her other hand drew out her knife from her hip and she quickly lunged inside the shop. Upon seeing the young man seated upon a barrel and no one else inside, she felt slightly embarrassed. Slowly, she put away her blade and looked out to where Nanami stood watching with wide eyes. Kaida motioned that it was alright for her to come inside.

"Please, forgive my barging inside. From what I heard I'd thought there was a fight happening," Kaida said softly to Saoul. She looked down at him. Having only seen him in passing, she'd never gotten a good look at the man before. His silver eyes watched her, but she couldn't tell what he was thinking. His long hair fell around his shoulders, some of it in his eyes. After a moment, she realized she was staring and quickly looked away. Kaida crossed her arms over her chest and glared at the ground.

"I'm Kaida, this young woman asked me to bring her to you."

Thorton Lacey

Her hand rested easily against the stone wall that she stood atop of. The other hand held the pommel of her sword that was sheathed at her hip. Sharp blue eyes swept the area outside of the city. She wore the traditional armor of the city guard, light leather with the cities emblem on it. The wind took hold of her blue locks, tossing them in her face. She ignored the irritating wisps of hair. The day had started off with no problems, nothing alerted her of anything out of the ordinary. In fact her shift was soon to be over.

However, as she stood there, her replacement guard making his way towards her, there was a sound of hooves pounding through the city down below. Turning, Velyssira leaned over the other side of the wall and watched as two horses rushed headlong through the opened gate. The shape shifter switched sides to watch the two as they streaked out into the open. Her eyes narrowed and her jaw clenched as she recognized who they were. Taking two steps back, she then rushed the wall. Leaping up onto the stone, she threw herself off the edge. She could hear the other guard shouting in shock as she went.

Halfway down her fall, she let her body take on the form of a white falcon. The shift didn't take too long, but even so, she was fairly close to the ground before she finished the transformation. Velyssira's wings beat hard, pushing herself to her very limits. She shot off after the two horses, determination fueling her. She wanted to know what was going on. Before long she'd caught up to the horses and leveled herself with the head of the one that bore the shifter prince. She landed on the pommel of the saddle and cocked her white head to the side to look up at him.

"My Lord," she asked, her voice vibrating through the little birds form, "What has happened?"

The setting changes from everingham to Thorton Lacey


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#, as written by Siryn
Velyssira listened intently to everything that her Lord told her. He spoke quickly, but clearly. His first order was for her to keep silent on what was going on. Perhaps she had been the only one who had noticed the sudden commotion. Her falcon eyes narrowed slightly to show her own concern and irritation at the situation. The night shift had been hers.

"My Lord, please forgive me. The night shift was mine. I accept any punishment you see fitting for my allowing this to happen," she fluttered her wings in agitation, "I will help you find your sister."

The shifter took off from the saddle, shooting straight up into the sky. She pushed her wings to fly faster, her head cocked off to one side so her eye could inspect the ground beneath her. She changed her direction to fly back to the castle where she circled around the living area of the royal family. Her eyes sharpened as best she could in order to spot the footprints that Lord Lucian had told her about. She caught sight of the footprints leading away from the castle in large strides. Velyssira didn't like the look of them at all. Her heart clenched. Lord Lucian had said something about the possibility of the culprit being someone who already had access to the palace and the rooms.

She mentally shook herself, needing to concentrate on the task at hand. However, she still berated herself for missing something so essential. Diving, she followed the tracks, lowering herself to the ground and flying quickly over the trail. Her eyes followed them as best she could. Her wings were beginning to tire as she'd flown quite a ways away from the castle. Still on the trail she knew she couldn't stay in the form of the falcon for much longer. She slowed her body and began shifting back to her human form. It hurt to get back into human form having been in the falcon one for quite a while.

Velyssira didn't waste any time and continued on foot following the trail. She went through thin trees, up a hill and stopped at the ridge. The trail continued on down the other side of the hill. She knelt down, her eyes narrowing as she looked into the small village where she was sure the tracks continued on. There was only a handful of houses down below her. The girl couldn't be too far. Velyssira sat a while longer. She couldn't shift into any other form at that moment, but she couldn't just sit and do nothing either. She had two choices. Go into the town herself and find the Lord's sister, or go back and find the Lord to tell him what she'd found.

After a moment she stood. Finding the girl was priority. Who knew what would happen to her if she was gone too long. Velyssira started down the hill.

The setting changes from thorton-lacey to Everingham


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#, as written by Siryn

Kaida's eyebrow rose as she watched Nanami attack Saoul with the cake that she held in her hand. After a moment, looking between Saoul's face and that on Nanami's she couldn't help but smile. A soft laugh escaped her before it became uncontrollable. Of course it only lasted for a moment before she composed herself and stood with one hand over her mouth to cover her smile. The look on Nanami's face was most hilarious as the girl wasn't entirely sure what to do next after shoving the cake at Saoul. Kaida tried hard to keep her laughter under control.

The lycan looked startled, but she wasn't sure how long that was going to last, so she moved next to Nanami and put a hand on the girls shoulder. With one hand on her hip next to her weapon she gazed at Saoul. He was quite attractive, even if he did have the sugary substance on his face. Reaching over she took a bit of the frosting from his cheek with her finger and put it in her mouth. Kaida looked down to Nanami, gave a hum of pleasure at the taste and then walked over to an empty bucket.

"I'll get you some water to wash with. Try not to eat the girl, I'd like to keep her around," Kaida said softly before leaving the shop to get water.

Thorton Lacey

Velyssira moved swiftly down the slope into the town beyond. The footprints were fading away, getting mixed in with that of the people's in town. The shape shifter glowered at the ground as she tried to make out the wolf prints. No matter what she did, though, she couldn't pick out the trail. She'd lost it, and that thought alone was enough to put her in a very sour mood. Glaring at anyone that dared to look at her, she walked through the small town in search of the girl, hoping that she'd gotten away from her captor.

She had run through every alley and shop that she could find, and still she didn't see anything. Finally she resorted to asking the villagers if they had seen anything or heard anything peculiar during the night. She was making good progress with that approach, some villagers reported hearing 'something' moving through the village. However, they couldn't exactly tell her what it was they heard. No one saw the beast either. Frustration fueled her as she entered another shop. She moved to the man behind the table.

"Did you see or hear anything strange last night?" She demanded, her patience worn thin.

"No I didn't, so leave," the man replied in kind.

Velyssira noted the hesitation in his voice, the lie slipping between his teeth was too obvious for her to ignore. She gave a growl of rage, drew her dagger and reached across the table to grab the man by his throat.

"You realize who you're speaking to, don't you? Tell me, or I'll have your head brought to the Prince."

"I didn't see anything!" He stuttered out.

"Who are you protecting? You saw something, didn't you? Speak!" She gave him a hard shake, her cold blade pressed harder into his skin.

"It looked like a wolf! A big one, it was too dark to tell exactly what it was. It moved fast too, it didn't stop, please... let me go," he wined at her.

"Which direction was it heading?"

All she got from him was a shaking finger pointing in the direction that led out of town and towards Pemberly.


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#, as written by Siryn

Kaida returned to the shop with the water. She set it down next to Saoul who had wiped his face, but had only managed to make the mess... messier. She smiled up at him before she got up and went to lean against the wall of his shop. She rested one hand on the hilt of her sword. Kaida wondered how old the lycan was, he looked young, but she too looked young and she had lived for quite some time.

"How old are you, Saoul? And happy birthday," she said softly after reaching up and brushing some silky strands of her hair from her face. It felt nice to speak to someone who shared her craft. In fact, she hadn't really spoken to anyone since the loss of her father. Talking to the attractive looking lycan was... calming.


Durion was back in his house, waxing the string of his bow when the commotion started. It wasn't loud, but there were whispers from the other elves, someone had entered the forests of Longbourne and they were unsure of the persons intentions. He finished his bowstring quickly and then strapped on the quiver to his back. Once outside he made his way towards the edge of the city to see what was going on.

In a matter of moments, a silver fox came trotting into the city. As Durion watched, the fox blurred, the form seemed to disintegrate before reconstructing and blurring back into view. The woman stood there watching the elves as they watched her. Deep blue hair flicked across her face and shoulders from the soft breeze that shifted through the city. Her bright eyes narrowed in on Durion. He wasn't sure he liked the look on her face.

"Do you need help?" one of the elves called.

Her gaze shot to the man then back to Durion, she never answered his question, instead she imposed her own, "I'm here on behalf of Prince Lucian. I seek his sister and I have been led here. Where is she?"

There was an underlying threat to her tone that didn't sit well with Durion. He watched her warily, moving his bow in front of himself, preparing to knock an arrow and fire if needed. The woman noticed his movement and she bent down into a defensive position. Her lips pulled back, showing the sharpened teeth of a shape shifter. This isn't good...