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"My skin was still. No longer tingling with nighttime sensations. The room became stifling. I walked out into the party I had crashed. No one had noticed before, no one noticed now."

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"When you die a little inside. When you lose focus. When you can't cry, laugh, even breathe...
That's when you realize eternal life was the greatest problem rather than a glorious blessing..."

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Character Portrait: Sebastiane Delacroix
0 sightings Sebastiane Delacroix played by Kurokiku
Sooner than the dreaming ends, morning of the dawn will bring another day.
Character Portrait: Zora Bihari
0 sightings Zora Bihari played by Kurokiku
"As though you ever had a chance."
Character Portrait: Kassiel Mubarak
0 sightings Kassiel Mubarak played by Yonbibuns
"What do we say to the God of Death? Not today."
Character Portrait: Malta Patigneau
0 sightings Malta Patigneau played by Yonbibuns

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Re: [OOC] Reborn

S'okay, Yonny, I love all of the characters. All of them.

Re: [OOC] Reborn

Ohhhhh. I was scared that everyone fled from this. So, ultimate high fives! Speaking of, did I actually decide on a power for Kassiel?

I have an unhealthy crush on our gang of Hunter's.

Re: [OOC] Reborn

Gais, gais, where are yoooou? I finally settled on Zora's powers, so she's done now.

Re: [OOC] Reborn

No problem. Hey, I'm hardly active and I don't really have an excuse. Recently got laid off (You'd think that'd give me all the time in the world to create characters and post and just appear a lot more often. But, I'm a rare wild Pokemon, dammit!) and I'm just unmotivated. Hope things aren't too terrible for you, Lovely!

/ wink wink / Of course, I was kind of leaning in that direction, so I'm glad you caught the reference. It would make sense. Like you said, we don't want to have a world with random supernatural creatures or humans who're born with a multitude of abilities, mutations and such. This isn't X-Men! Well, not really, anyway. So, the concoction could be blood of some kind. Maybe an old Ancient creature whose worked alongside the Hunter's for eons; generations where this traditions been upheld. Or it could come from an Ancient tree. Drink it's sap and you'll gain random personality-specific abilities. Some may be completely useless or minor compared to others, depending on their heart and ambitions and whatever. Luck of the draw. I hate using references but there's one notable tree in both LotR's and Skyrim: Eldergleam and something else I can't seem to recall. They're trees that are revered and worshiped (In this, they could be protected by higher ranking guardians in their main hidden HQ). I'm still working on Kassiel's power, too. Hahaha... Chivalrous!Roz would be so disappointed even though I see him as a flower-power kind of guy.

No, no, no! I agree. As much as I hate the idea of vampires having babies (Honestly, it's only because I think it's impossible. Aren't their sperms and eggs dead, along with everything else! But no, I actually hate it because of Twilight. WHY MUST YOU RUIN EVERYTHING FOR ME TWILIGHT WHY?) I like the idea of female's acting as a host and then dying after the birth. Makes it seem a little bit more realistic.

Oh, and thanks for answering all of my questions. Yer' loverly, m'dears.

I'm working on Malta and Sebastiane's past. Well, her history, mainly. And then I'll send you some stuff so that we can expand some things on your end.

Re: [OOC] Reborn

I think a vampire birth, should we choose to include them, would end up creating a being of equal strength to the average of its parents. Half DNA and all that. Ordinary changing naturally dilutes things a bit, which accounts for some of the differences in ability between people. Maybe a common myth is that vampires gain strength with age, but maybe they just figure out how to use it. The real strength is the degree to which they share in the blood of Vlad the Impaler, the original vampire. Having been changed directly by him, Sebastiane's seriously dangerous, and Malta and Violet, changed by him, would be too. One of the reasons the VA doesn't like him/them/wants to control Violet?

Killing the mother would be an interesting twist.

Re: [OOC] Reborn

AAAHHH!!!! This week has sucked mass balls. Terrible, terrible things have happened and my new CNA class is a JOKE!

And that is why I have been practically invisible here on RPG.

I really like the idea of the potion/concoction thingy for giving the Hunters powers at their initiation. It would make becoming a Hunter very prestigious, as if being one meant being someone with great importance and not just some mercenary. Not to say that most act like mercs, but the idea is that they are well revered. (And I can't help but laugh at what Roz's reaction would be if he got a "girlie" power. HA! Still working on that, however.)

To expand on our Vampire lore, from what Kiku was talking about. The aging process for Vampires (being changed at a young age and maturing physical until their prime) would be a nifty way to explain Vampire born. If we wanted that to be a possibility, we could introduce the idea of Vampires having children. Obviously the births wouldn't be anything like human births. Perhaps they last much longer, and the "host" is killed in the process? You'd have to think, something purebred like that would be incredibly dangerous.

I'm only saying this if we'd like to explore that in the story. It's something I've always thought about, but it might crowd the main and subplots we've got going on. -shruggage- Perhaps I am just babbling.

I SHALL RETURN TO MY WORK. A little bit tonight, a lotta bit tomorrow night. ;D

Re: [OOC] Reborn

Haha, I'll answer the way I was thinking, but by all means if anyone has better ideas, chime in and I will gleefully change plans.

So I gave the Malta thing some thought. There would probably be a few years in between Sebastiane's changing and hers, during which he was off going insane because he could see the future. So. I was gonna say that they knew each other as children, and Seb was changed pretty early in life, say in his early teens. He goes off, gets over the insane, and comes back because he thinks she's gonna die.

I think maybe if someone is changed as a child or whatever, they age normally until they hit their physical prime, so to speak, then stop. People who get changed beyond that (which doesn't happen often, but Sebastiane has done it) just don't age anymore, but get all the extra strength, etc. The whole process is really difficult, and kills quite a lot of people the way it's usually done. Sebastiane makes a point of remaining around for the whole deal and explaining every step of the process to them, as well as restraining them if it looks like they're going to go nuts, which is something he would have done with Malta also.

As for the hunters, I was wondering about when they got the powers, too. I think we say with the rites of initiation, since otherwise we might randomly have a bunch of superpowered humans running around for no reason, or hunters without powers. I was thinking that it was kind of like the Wardens (there's a reference for ya, Yonny) in that they drink a cocktail of supernatural stuff, which does some voodoo math with their personality and gives them powers. I think the additional strength/reflexes/whatever is standard, but every once in a while, someone gets something else too.


Re: [OOC] Reborn

Bah, I know, eh? At least we're all incredibly patient with each other. Like, I definitely won't leave this. No one can make me, as long as you guys' put up with my slowness. I'm almost finished with Kassiel, just need to work out the kinks of his history. That's seriously the most tedious part of creating a character; I secretly hate it.

Oh, oh. I actually have a few questions regarding Malta. When Sebastiane met Malta, were they the same age or did Sebastiane come to her looking as he does now? Also, do the Vampire's get stuck at a certain age, the age which they were turned or do they gradually look older by hundreds of years? Just wondering before I start on her history. Oh, yeah. And powers? The Hunter's all have their own subsequent powers, right? Something like a mutation or superpower or do they just all have general abilities like flexibility, strength, hand-to-hand combat, archery, acrobatics and stuff? Are they born with this superpowers, or are they bestowed on them during the Rites of the Hunter, depending on their personalities? Man, I had a lot of questions I shoulda' asked a long time ago.

Re: [OOC] Reborn

It just occurred to me that we are probably the slowest collection of three people ever.

Not that I'm complaining. You guys do lovely work; I'm just occasionally surprised when I remember that I still have work to do for this. (^_^)

Re: [OOC] Reborn

I think he would probably know because of his own. He'd wait until she was ready to discuss it with him, unless he thought it was going to drive her crazy like his did to him, so I'll leave that up to you.

And yeah, he'd probably insist that she live with him, since he probably has a fair idea that the VA would be after her by this point.

Re: [OOC] Reborn

>_> I just had a thought...

What if Violet hasn't shown Sebastiane what her power is? Or would he know by default, because of his own power? <_< If that's the case, perhaps they've never openly talked about it?

Also, I would guess Violet lives with Sebastiane as his "ward"? I can change it, but I just wanted to make sure.

Re: [OOC] Reborn

Seb is DONE! Well, mostly. I might add a few touches here and there, and I think you and I should discuss backstory a little more, Yonny, but other than that, he's ready to roll.

Now, to get crackin' on Zora...

Re: [OOC] Reborn


I'm such a nerd. I got a heap load of PS3 games that have been nabbing all my time. Not to mention a new sewing machine. It's now my baby, I named it Watson. Which songs! I didn't notice but I actually have some Civil War songs on my iPod. Too many songs remind me of AcexAstrid. Specifically: Travelling by Ambulance by Monarchy ; Shelter by the XX ; Heart Skipped a Beat by the XX ; Bleed Like Me by Trapt ; All the Same by Sick Puppies ; and Cold Desert by Kings of Leon.

I love me some song matchin'.

DEFINITELY. I wanted to bug you, but I knew that the holidays had you bogged down. No worries. I didn't forget!

Re: [OOC] Reborn


But I did discover this song when I decided to actually listen to the entire The Civil Wars album. My first thought was AcexAstrid, but it could also definitely suit SebastianexMalta.... maybe.... from what I know so far it seems like it might fit.

Def AcexAstrid. (Which, Yonny, if I can get the FRIGGIN' TIME, we need to get started on that little 1x1 doozy.)

Re: [OOC] Reborn

That's seriously awesome. Merry Christmas, folks! You definitely have to Capella some of our character themes AND Reborn's theme. And before Christmas. Le gasp. Actually, that's alright. Seems to me that we have Christmas a little earlier each year. We're celebrating today, with loads of finger foods and corny movies. Huzza' for weird traditions.

Pshaww; Kuku. You guys' are way faster than me. At least you have both your characters up there. I'm still dinging away at Kasse and still need to form Malta's base. Damnit.

Re: [OOC] Reborn

Yay for awesome gifts! Congratulations, Vonny!

And Zora would probably say he deserved it for being dumb, but she'd actually super-respect him for it. Family is pretty much the only thing that matters to her, which is kind of a shame, because... well, I'll leave that one a cliffhanger until I get her history sorted out exactly the way I want it.

My characters are taking so long. >_<

Re: [OOC] Reborn

OF COURSE, Roz wouldn't like to take ALL the glory, but I would suppose he would be more likely to save a fellow hunter's life. THAT IS, only because Zora seems so friggin' angry and she'd (I'm guessing) would be more like... "You idiot... you deserved it." Amiright? Or Amiwrong? CORRECT ME PLEASE

HAPPY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL!!! My fiance and I have already exchanged gifts and he bought me an entire studio recording microphone setup. Filter, stand, mic, and shock absorber. I squeed until I passed out and then started singing into it. Hurry Hurry!! Let's get a theme song for this RP and I will do some a capella crap on it! (Still working on the editing software to put the music in with it.)

Re: [OOC] Reborn

DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT WAS TO FIND A PICTURE OF A ONE-ARMED DUDE? I guess I could've just sketched him. Anyhow, so at least Kassiel's general profile is up. I'm still workin' away at him and Malta. Oh, oh. And I was wondering: Kasse lost his arm on a mission that went awry (Something like that, anyway. I haven't worked out the kinks, yet) and I was wondering whether or not either Roz or Zora would have been there. Witnessed it. Which once and how would that affect them?

I keep having this corny image of some kind of cliff-side battle (Definitely wouldn't be surprised if Lion King or this weird cartoon I can't remember that had this woman who grappled at the side of a bluff, trying to save her brother before he fell to his death... what the hell was that? Later on, that brother or friend or whatever ended up being trapped in a panther body. The ladies' name was something weird. Something like numbers. Uhf, I forget) and trying to pull a fellow Hunter up. Perhaps, a relative. In doing so, it lets his guard down and some nasty comes up behind him and slices his arm off, effectively letting the Hunter / relative / whatever plunge to his death. He'd pass out. Roz or Zora might've been the ones to save him. Ideas, ideas?

EDIT: OH MI GAWWWWWWWWWWWWD. It was called Cybersix. What a great series. Anyone remember it?

Re: [OOC] Reborn

Kiku, I can't find the linkage you gave me for the picture/banner deal for the Intro. Mind sending on here so that I might posty-post it? :D


Re: [OOC] Reborn

Oooo, yes, great idea! Constant contact for .... an approximate amount of time. We won't put a number too it, just say she usually needs a bit alone with whoever is the victim.

Teehee at awesome scene!