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Alice Ramsley

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a character in “Recondite”, as played by LittleRedDucky


Alice Ramsley

Awl, Ramsley etc.

17 until the 15th of November

Female Pack Member


Wolf Form

★Distinct markings★
The only distinct markings Alice has, are a few tiny burn scars on her hip where she stood too close to a very hot radiator. Other than that the closest other thing to distinct would be her gorgeous face and that doesn’t count.

Alice is particularly good at swimming, so good she does wonder if she was really destine to be a fish.
If eating and talking (at the same time) an excessive amount counts as a skill Alice has nailed them both.
~ Obviously swimming is a hobby of hers, she spends a fair amount of time in both pools and surrounding rivers and lakes.
~ Starting a havoc or debate should be counted as a hobby for Alice, she does love the sound of her own voice especially in an arguement.

SLOTH: Alice can be incredibly lazy when she wants to be.
OVERPOWERING: Alice is reknown for being quite loud and opinionated, she can really overpower a shy person. Being so opinionated it's difficult to tell Alice she's wrong about something, she can be very stubborn when it comes to her point of view.
TEMPER: When she gets in a temper it's difficult to calm her down because everything stokes her fire, she can rant for an eternity. Her temper also leads her to pick on the biggest person in the house to almost duel out her anger on someone who will one, give her a response and two, not crumple under her rage.
SENSITIVITY/GRUDGES: Just like a diva she can really shove her fist down a person's throat but being sincerely insulted or hurt by someone sends this little furry mermaid to pieces. A damaged relationship with Alice is difficult to repair because she holds grudges and she can hold them for a very long time.


★Room Number★
Room 4

Alice grew up within the pack, the Ramsley family had been around for quite some time, her older brother James had only spent a few months within the pack house as his mate revealed herself to him rather quickly. It was quite the unusual thing and due to the suddenness of the mating and the following maturity and clarity the couple gained they moved out far sooner than any normal youth.

Alice is hoping to stay in the pack house for as long as possible. She doesn't much fancy having a mate. Her brother used to be fun and hang around with her, now he was boring and every time he visited she was right at his side. It was brain-numbingly sickening. Alice did want a mate but she didn't want the life sucked out of her and she certainly didn't want some guy rammed up her backside 24/7 because of destiny.

Her parents Hayley and John have done their best to raise her right, just incase she's in line to be the next Alpha female, however everyone is born with a personality and Alice's is certainly hard to swallow at times.

So begins...

Alice Ramsley's Story


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Outdoor pool

Alice grinned to herself from her floating position on a lilo as Roselee began making the water choppy. It wasn't a surprise she'd become victim to the suns merciless UV rays, not everyone could have impenetrable herself. She smiled smugly and peaked out from under her sun glasses to double check she was going a dark brown. There was nothing quite like a hot day relaxing in the pool, with such a heat no one wanted to do trivial things like chores and homework. Even the pack Alpha's couldn't disagree that today was a day to chill.

Alice had ensured she moved as little as possible with a thirst aid strapped to her head aka a beer helmet. The beer cans replaced with two cans of cool coca-cola. She gave her straws a quick draw. If anyone was more lazy than this water babe, they'd be pushing up daisies.
The others sloshed about around her and some, like Rosie hid indoors like nocturnal hermits. Alice was quite content with simply laying. Being bored was actually pretty pleasant.


Leaning into the fridge Callum fixed every shelf with a steady stare, he was searching for the hidden goodies that had to be consumed in the heat, there were certain things you had to eat when the sun was out, it was tradition, a necessary was yesterday's left over burgers and sausages. Scooping up the bowls after a quick glance over his shoulder to check the coast was clear, Callum hastily exited the kitchen.

That was how things rolled in the Pack house, the rules here were the same as they were at home, there were no pleasantries or best behaviour rules here, the Alphas were the parents away from home and they had to deal with exact same shit Callum's real parents had to; which happened to include thieving left over food from the fridge.

Strolling towards the pool where most had congregated he spotted Roselee heading inside looking like a ripe tomato. He gave a wolf whistle and shot her a wink.

"Hey Rose I was looking for some tomato ketchup! Come lay on my sausages" he joked before Rosie started laughing somewhere behind him and pulled Rose towards to kitchen.


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(OOC: Hola everyone. ^^)


Matthew felt the heat vibrate off of his body, sweat poured from his head, drenching his hair and making it stick to his forehead. He breathed in the hot fumes around him as he went on his daily jog. Though to him it was like running in a desert, he hated the feeling of the hot sun beating down on his shoulder. He would be sore tonight that was for sure. He was shirtless of course reveling rather large toned muscles, he wasn't majorly buff but he had his moments of strength. He was the type of guys who is mostly always doing fitness, not necessarily a good thing but he was as healthy as a horse.

Matthew sighed, he turned his last corner with his white sneakers. His light gray shorts absorbed most of the sweat as it continued to run down his chest. The rather large house was in distance and Matthew bunched his muscles and let out a last sprint, opening his legs as he ran like a gazelle. He stopped to catch his breath, leaning up against the side of the house, splashing in the back made Matthew think that someone was in the pool. With a cocky smile he quickly opened the gate to the back and dove into the pool, making a huge splash and most likely splashing everyone around. He let his grin appear on his face as Matthew came back up for air, he floated on his back of a moment glancing over his shoulder as he let a sigh of relief. "Oh man! That feels great!" he said with a shout, he opened his mouth to let some of the water in then he spit it back out in an almost fountain like stance.

Jake glanced over as Matthew came storming in and jumped in the water with such height. Jake laughed and clapped his hands, "Nice job, I'd give it a 5." he said with a grin. Jake cleared his throat and rolled his eyes as water splashed everywhere, even with the distance it still reached close to Jake's feet. Jake glanced down at the small picture he had began to draw. He wasn't sure exactually what it was, it looked like a small detail paw. Jake tilted his head in wonder as he began to draw somemore.

Jake glanced over at Alice a small smirk covered his face. "Hey! Alice..Coke me will yah?" he said with a cute boyish face.