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Callum Hollings

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a character in “Recondite”, as played by LittleRedDucky


Callum Hollings

"What? Other than Dickhead?"
Cal, Cally, Hollings, Holler etc.

19 yrs old / Born the 9th October

Male Pack member


Wolf Form
"That's right I even get it from the human chicks- wolf style"

★Distinct markings★
"There is a distinct marking on the end of my penis, care to take a look?"
Callum has several abrasive markings over his body from previous incidents and accidents (no thanks to his Jack Ass tendancies) Other than that he has no significant markings on his human body.

"I turn into wolf...that counts as a skill, right?"
Callum has no particular skill set other than looking incredibly bulky. He works out casually and eats a shocking amount of protein. It pays off.

~ Winding the girls up. He's full of wolfy hormones and is ready to share some love.
~ Hitting on human girls, it's not much of a challenge because they're all hopelessly infatuated, it's almost cruel.

"Oh my god, that guy in skinny jeans looks so manly!- Said no girl EVER!" - (from the guy who thinks he's hilarious A.K.A Cal)
PROTECTOR OF THE PLANETS FEMALE ORGANISMS: Hopelessly protective of anything female, hurting something female feels wrong. If he stamped on an ant and you told him it was a girl, the guilt would be overwhelming. Still he may not be hurting them, but what about all the human girls he's left in the dust?
STUPID PILLS: On the rare occasion Callum turns serious people often ask him if he forgot to take his 'stupid pills' because generally Cal's a class A clown. He loves to muck around and keep the atmosphere light, however this does tend to leave others with the impression he's immature and puppy-like. Its difficult for others to take him seriously when Cal get's stern.
TEMPER: Terrible temper, when coaxed into a mood Callum is tirelessly angry.

★Room Number★
Room 7


So begins...

Callum Hollings's Story


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Outdoor pool

Alice grinned to herself from her floating position on a lilo as Roselee began making the water choppy. It wasn't a surprise she'd become victim to the suns merciless UV rays, not everyone could have impenetrable herself. She smiled smugly and peaked out from under her sun glasses to double check she was going a dark brown. There was nothing quite like a hot day relaxing in the pool, with such a heat no one wanted to do trivial things like chores and homework. Even the pack Alpha's couldn't disagree that today was a day to chill.

Alice had ensured she moved as little as possible with a thirst aid strapped to her head aka a beer helmet. The beer cans replaced with two cans of cool coca-cola. She gave her straws a quick draw. If anyone was more lazy than this water babe, they'd be pushing up daisies.
The others sloshed about around her and some, like Rosie hid indoors like nocturnal hermits. Alice was quite content with simply laying. Being bored was actually pretty pleasant.


Leaning into the fridge Callum fixed every shelf with a steady stare, he was searching for the hidden goodies that had to be consumed in the heat, there were certain things you had to eat when the sun was out, it was tradition, a necessary was yesterday's left over burgers and sausages. Scooping up the bowls after a quick glance over his shoulder to check the coast was clear, Callum hastily exited the kitchen.

That was how things rolled in the Pack house, the rules here were the same as they were at home, there were no pleasantries or best behaviour rules here, the Alphas were the parents away from home and they had to deal with exact same shit Callum's real parents had to; which happened to include thieving left over food from the fridge.

Strolling towards the pool where most had congregated he spotted Roselee heading inside looking like a ripe tomato. He gave a wolf whistle and shot her a wink.

"Hey Rose I was looking for some tomato ketchup! Come lay on my sausages" he joked before Rosie started laughing somewhere behind him and pulled Rose towards to kitchen.


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Rosalinda Garcia Character Portrait: Callum Hollings Character Portrait: Rosalee Matthews
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Rosalee slowly turned in the direction of the familiar laugh, careful to avoid quick movements that would trigger her burn to feel even worse - if that was possible. “Apparently my skin is a lot more sun-sensitive than I thought...” She replied to Rosie as she was driven towards a stool. “I couldn’t have been out there longer than an hour...” Her eyes casually glanced at the clock, noticing that it had been a lot longer than an hour that she floated among a raft, dreaming of what she only wished her life could be like.

“Or not...”

“Think anyone owns a full body suit and face mask? I’d really rather not have to sit inside all day until this heals,” she muttered, compressing the tip of her finger onto her glowing forearm, watching as the spot altered to white and then back to red. “Not that spending time inside is a bad thing...” She quickly blurted after realizing that Rosie hadn’t minded spending her time indoors. Rosalee’s shoulders quickly drew in as the chilled cream made contact with her burn. It stung at first, but then was quickly replaced with a cooling relief. Now to face even more ‘tomato’ jokes like Callums, she thought to herself before making her way back outside where she would be forced to lay undercover. She would shower, later.

“Thanks, Rosie!” Rosalee called out loud enough in case the girl had already made it to her room.

Waddling back outside, Rosalee wondered where Lucy and Mason had gone off to. After getting up early enough, she was able to hear the front door slam and one of the cars engines start and then fade down the dirt path.