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Cassandra Ann Cardy

"Maybe this is why we read, and why in moments of darkness we return to books: to find words for what we already know."- Alberto Mangual

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a character in “Recondite”, as played by The_Fallen_Ones



Cassandra Ann Cardy


"Did you expect me to have a nickname?" Cass or Cassie..

Wolf Form
"Wolf form? Your kidding right? Weirdo"


17 May 19th

Human Female Four (Mate is a wolf)

5 feet and three inches

Distinct Markings
She has a scar on her left upper arm in the hair line of her fore head from when she was younger and running in the woods, she had tripped and cut open her arm and head. She also has a small wolf tattoo on her right ankle.


Cass likes you run, swim, sing, and go for walks in the forest, she tends to run through the forest at night or during day because there is something so peaceful to her about it. She also likes to go swimming just about anywhere, sometimes she'll swim in random lakes or rivers that she finds in the forest. She tends to just go running when she needs to clear her head or when she is overly stressed out, she hates no being able to go for her runs or walks. Cass also likes to draw and sing, she sings when she things no one else is listening, like when she's in the woods, she also likes to draw, through she's not the best, the only thing she can seem to draw perfectly are wolves.

"Skills, everyone has skills."
☯ She is a runner, one of the fastest on the track team at her school
☯ She is a avid reader, she can read a whole book in only one day
☯ She likes to draw wolves
☯ She can sing
☯ She is a brilliant swimmer

Dominant Traits

STUBBORNNESS: She hates being told what to do and when to do, she likes you go her own way and not listen to people if their being unreasonably bossy.

BIG HEART: She tends to be too trusting and loving, she takes pity on others and she loves everyone.

HUMOR: She tends to crack jokes all of the time, even at the worst of times.

SHORT TEMPER: She has a very short temper, and when it gets off she tends to see red and do thing's she shouldn't do, which never really ends up helping the situation.



Room Number
Room 8

Cassandra is really smart, and she tends to speak her mind freely. If she offends someone by what she says she always points out that its only offending because they know it's true. She doesn't like to be pushed about or bossed around so she stands up for herself but it's never a really good thing when she dose because that tends to get her into more trouble then she was in before. She jokes around a lot and uses a lot of sarcasm because she knows she's smart enough to pull the sarcasm off to such a level that people will wonder if she was being truthful or not. She is always worrying about others and how they feel, through she knows she should only worry about herself and how things are going for her, but she cant help her big heart.

She is very imaginative, creative, and extremely crafty. She likes to think out of the box, no matter how ridiculous her ideas are. She hates being told how to do anything, when she should do it, or that she is wrong. She's very blunt, in your face, and can border line rude because she will not hold anything back, she likes to show off sometimes so she tends to do just that and prove to everyone just how smart she is by doing her best in school or in everything she dose, people say she is an over achiever, but to her that isn't a bad thing, because she knows she'll go far in life because she's working hard.

She often gets that sarcastic and witty look like she's about to mess with you. She is extremely good at lying and fibbing and shes mostly and extremely, painfully, stubborn. However, if you should ever, ever get past that side of her, you see the true happy young woman. From appearance, Cassie isn't exactly what would be expected of a girl her age. She is quiet and focused, almost impossible to distract at times, and she is such a avid reader her room is practically a library. She doesn't jump into situations like most do, she likes to stand back, work out a good plan and then put it to use. Despite this through, she still loves laughing and smiling, or making others do it too. She's a girl who stands up for what she believes in, doesn't let others push her around, and does what she wants. She's headstrong, but she is also loving and caring and just happy.


Eastern Time Zone

So begins...

Cassandra Ann Cardy's Story


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Cassandra Ann Cardy

Cassandra turned to the last page of her book with a frown, because all that was written on it was 'The End' which meant now she would have to wait for the second book to come out to see what happened. She sighed and stretched out on her bed like a cat would before she jumped up and out of it, heading over to one of the many book shelves that was on her walls. Cass had been hiding away in her room most of the day, reading her books with her music blasting through her ear phones. It wasn't the normal songs people her age listened to, they were songs like Daughter - Still and Bon Iver – Blood Bank, she loved songs like those because of how they sounded, the beat in the back ground and how those people seemed to sing with their heart. Cass put her book back where it belonged, because she had everything perfectly organized, and then she changed into a pair of black shirts and a matching tank top, she knew it was a nice day outside, and nearly everyone would be out by the pool, so she couldn't really hide away in her room like a hermit crab all day.

She grabbed a dark red towel, her very worn down copy of Romeo and Juliet that was the same size as her hand, and headed down stairs,she wasn't planning on swimming, just sitting around and relaxing, maybe getting a new tan since her skin was paler than paper. At the house, sometimes she felt out of place, because everyone else was a wolf and well..she wasn't. Cassandra was under the impression that sometimes was very wrong with her, because it wasn't normal for a human to find a mate in a wolf, but she was content with her life on a level, other than the fact that she was the weakest link in their 'family.'

Cass skipped down the stairs, grinned at a very sun burnt Rosalee that was being helped by a very motherly looking Rosie. It was by far one of the funniest things she had seen in awhile, and wished she could have taken a picture as she passed by and headed out back to the outdoor pool, where nearly everyone was. Cassandra layed out her towel beside the edge of the pool and sat on top of it, stretching out her legs and opening her book to her parked page. She sent a small smile to Matthew as he spit some water out of his mouth and into the pool. "Did you have a nice run?" she asked him with a raised eyebrow. She guessed he had jumped right into the pool after his run, because he still had his sneakers on, and he wasn't wearing swim trunks, just a pair of white shorts.


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Character Portrait: Cassandra Ann Cardy Character Portrait: Rosalinda Garcia Character Portrait: Matthew Mark McCavis
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Matthew McCavis

Matthew grinned over at Cassandra, it was a flirty grin but also a smirk. "Why yes, I did. Thanks for asking. " He said and dramatically/ sarcastically ran a hand back through his once spiked hair. Matthew glanced over at Rosie, "Ah, but having shoes on it the more funner part of swimming...You should try it sometime.." he said with another grin. Matthew turned to Cassandra once again, "Wanna join me?" he said with a grin, he was always like this, flirty and devious. "Or later we could go skinny dipping if you'd like. There's a hot tub for a reason." Matthew said deviously, without waiting for her reply to his earlier question. Matthew didn't really know why but he felt an almost...attraction towards Cassandra and it was funny cause there were a lot of great looking werewolves and yet of all of them it was the human Cassandra. He didn't mind however because she wasn't shallow. He knew as well as she did there was more to her than the eye could see. And for some reason Matthew could see that. Even though she was human he could see she longed for being a werewolf but yet she seemed..happy. Cassandra being human was one of the main reasons for him liking her, because she was different and it reminded him of his once humanity..