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Rosalinda Garcia

Nifty fingered, tuneful werewolf

0 · 478 views · located in O'klaren

a character in “Recondite”, as played by FoolMeOnce


Rosalinda 'Rose' Garcia

Seventeen Years Old

Female Wolf

(H) Five feet Seven inches / (W) Three feet two inches

Distinct Markings
It's not really evident until you get a little closer to her, but Rose has a small hairline scar on her lower lip, stretching from the left side of the bottom up towards the left side of her upper lip. This obtained this scar in a fight with another female wolf, defending one of the pack's younger members.

Skills, Hobbies, and Dominant Traits
Rose is very defensive and maternal. If there is a younger member of the pack than her, she will do her ultimate best to protect them. She's very motherly and protective, often putting her own life at risk in order to save others. In her mind, as long as the younger generations are surviving, what importance does she have? Rose yearns for her own pup. A child to call her own. But for that, she needs to find her mate. Rose is a very skilled singer, her voice leaning towards softer, more lullaby type songs than modern charts hits. This translates into her wolf side, as her howl has been said to be almost musical in tune and note. Her voice, both human and wolf, is distinctive. It's soft, yet commanding and strong. If she takes a certain tone that demands business, you don't doubt it. Her barks and howls are quiet but undeniable, and there's no mistaking what she expects of you. Despite her maternal instincts, she is fair and tough. If she feels what you are doing is wrong, or stupid or even can be improved, she will not hesitate to tell you. As a hobby, she likes to weave. Her fingers are deft at weaving materials into baskets, hanging ornaments, little figurines. Anything to decorate the place. She loves patch working too and has made several blankets/throws for her room. Rose has always wanted to be an interior designer, and having these skilled fingers are just another reason why.


Room Number

Rose's first turning was somewhat traumatic. It occurred at school, during a lunch break. Rose had finished her sandwiches and had left the cafeteria, seeking out the shade of a tree on the school's field. Rose spent a lot of time there, be it reading, drawing, writing or stitching. That day, something had been bugging her. Something she couldn't quite set her finger on. In her chest, a tight pain had been pulling at her all day, almost making her feel like her clothes were too tight. Her head had been throbbing on and off, and her vision became blurry once every so often. Rose had asked for her next period off, so she could sit and try to feel a little better. But as soon as the warm, hazy air hit her face, she felt nauseous. Trying to push through, Rose hurtled towards her usual shady tree and leaned against it, as her lunchtime sandwiches made a reappearance. Her head felt as though it was cracking down the middle now, as she slumped down on the ground against the tree. Rose was seconds away from calling emergency when it happened. It was over in a flash, but so much happened that it seemed to have lasted for longer. All at once, her bones realigned, bursting and rejoining in a split second, fur sprouted over her flesh replacing anything human. Her nail hardened and elongated into claws, and her eyes....oh god the eyes. In one swift movement, her irises felt like they burned to a crisp then healed, forming a new, strange vision that was sharp and blurry simultaneously.

Rose had tried to call out for help, asking someone what was going on. But when she opened her mouth and forced her vocal chords to simulate noise, a loud, strangled yelp burst forth, shutting her new muzzle instantly like a snap trap. Rose took off instead, her new four legs colliding with each other in a strange, gangly rhythm until after a few hundred meters, she regained her composure and managed to take a loping stride. She couldn't go home, so Rose spent a few days moping about in the forest, until eventually, her strength weakened to the point that she reverted, naked and cold, lonely and starving, to her human self. Rose eventually made it home to the sheer happiness of her parents, though the little bookworm was never quite the same. She never let herself be alone, she never revisited that tree, and she never went into the woods. Not until the nights she turned. Rose eventually researched 'werewolves' and followed the stereotypes; turning on a full moon, hunting at night and other things. She got by for a year. Then they showed up.

The alpha and his wife. They talked of a home for the wolves, almost a sanctuary. But could Rose really leave her family? In all honesty, yes. After her first turn, things had been strained. Nothing had been the same between them and they almost seemed to know, seemed to push her away. So when she was afforded the offer, Rose took it up, seeking out a life as a wolf. She often thinks the lack of blood related family has lead to her strong maternal instincts and her brooding for a pup of her own.

So begins...

Rosalinda Garcia's Story


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Outdoor pool

Alice grinned to herself from her floating position on a lilo as Roselee began making the water choppy. It wasn't a surprise she'd become victim to the suns merciless UV rays, not everyone could have impenetrable herself. She smiled smugly and peaked out from under her sun glasses to double check she was going a dark brown. There was nothing quite like a hot day relaxing in the pool, with such a heat no one wanted to do trivial things like chores and homework. Even the pack Alpha's couldn't disagree that today was a day to chill.

Alice had ensured she moved as little as possible with a thirst aid strapped to her head aka a beer helmet. The beer cans replaced with two cans of cool coca-cola. She gave her straws a quick draw. If anyone was more lazy than this water babe, they'd be pushing up daisies.
The others sloshed about around her and some, like Rosie hid indoors like nocturnal hermits. Alice was quite content with simply laying. Being bored was actually pretty pleasant.


Leaning into the fridge Callum fixed every shelf with a steady stare, he was searching for the hidden goodies that had to be consumed in the heat, there were certain things you had to eat when the sun was out, it was tradition, a necessary was yesterday's left over burgers and sausages. Scooping up the bowls after a quick glance over his shoulder to check the coast was clear, Callum hastily exited the kitchen.

That was how things rolled in the Pack house, the rules here were the same as they were at home, there were no pleasantries or best behaviour rules here, the Alphas were the parents away from home and they had to deal with exact same shit Callum's real parents had to; which happened to include thieving left over food from the fridge.

Strolling towards the pool where most had congregated he spotted Roselee heading inside looking like a ripe tomato. He gave a wolf whistle and shot her a wink.

"Hey Rose I was looking for some tomato ketchup! Come lay on my sausages" he joked before Rosie started laughing somewhere behind him and pulled Rose towards to kitchen.


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Cassandra Ann Cardy

Cassandra turned to the last page of her book with a frown, because all that was written on it was 'The End' which meant now she would have to wait for the second book to come out to see what happened. She sighed and stretched out on her bed like a cat would before she jumped up and out of it, heading over to one of the many book shelves that was on her walls. Cass had been hiding away in her room most of the day, reading her books with her music blasting through her ear phones. It wasn't the normal songs people her age listened to, they were songs like Daughter - Still and Bon Iver – Blood Bank, she loved songs like those because of how they sounded, the beat in the back ground and how those people seemed to sing with their heart. Cass put her book back where it belonged, because she had everything perfectly organized, and then she changed into a pair of black shirts and a matching tank top, she knew it was a nice day outside, and nearly everyone would be out by the pool, so she couldn't really hide away in her room like a hermit crab all day.

She grabbed a dark red towel, her very worn down copy of Romeo and Juliet that was the same size as her hand, and headed down stairs,she wasn't planning on swimming, just sitting around and relaxing, maybe getting a new tan since her skin was paler than paper. At the house, sometimes she felt out of place, because everyone else was a wolf and well..she wasn't. Cassandra was under the impression that sometimes was very wrong with her, because it wasn't normal for a human to find a mate in a wolf, but she was content with her life on a level, other than the fact that she was the weakest link in their 'family.'

Cass skipped down the stairs, grinned at a very sun burnt Rosalee that was being helped by a very motherly looking Rosie. It was by far one of the funniest things she had seen in awhile, and wished she could have taken a picture as she passed by and headed out back to the outdoor pool, where nearly everyone was. Cassandra layed out her towel beside the edge of the pool and sat on top of it, stretching out her legs and opening her book to her parked page. She sent a small smile to Matthew as he spit some water out of his mouth and into the pool. "Did you have a nice run?" she asked him with a raised eyebrow. She guessed he had jumped right into the pool after his run, because he still had his sneakers on, and he wasn't wearing swim trunks, just a pair of white shorts.


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Rosalee slowly turned in the direction of the familiar laugh, careful to avoid quick movements that would trigger her burn to feel even worse - if that was possible. “Apparently my skin is a lot more sun-sensitive than I thought...” She replied to Rosie as she was driven towards a stool. “I couldn’t have been out there longer than an hour...” Her eyes casually glanced at the clock, noticing that it had been a lot longer than an hour that she floated among a raft, dreaming of what she only wished her life could be like.

“Or not...”

“Think anyone owns a full body suit and face mask? I’d really rather not have to sit inside all day until this heals,” she muttered, compressing the tip of her finger onto her glowing forearm, watching as the spot altered to white and then back to red. “Not that spending time inside is a bad thing...” She quickly blurted after realizing that Rosie hadn’t minded spending her time indoors. Rosalee’s shoulders quickly drew in as the chilled cream made contact with her burn. It stung at first, but then was quickly replaced with a cooling relief. Now to face even more ‘tomato’ jokes like Callums, she thought to herself before making her way back outside where she would be forced to lay undercover. She would shower, later.

“Thanks, Rosie!” Rosalee called out loud enough in case the girl had already made it to her room.

Waddling back outside, Rosalee wondered where Lucy and Mason had gone off to. After getting up early enough, she was able to hear the front door slam and one of the cars engines start and then fade down the dirt path.


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R O S A L I N D A __ G A R C I A
Location; Personal Room
Me Time

With Rose all lathered with lotion, Rosie felt happy enough to see her toddle back outside. "No problem!" she called back, her foot having already reached the bottom step. Rosie hadn't really noticed Rose's remark about being indoors, since she knew the others were very outdoorsy people, and she just...wasn't. Rosie was pretty content to sit indoors, as was Cassandra. Though they interests were different, they were both happy enough to spend their time indoors and avoid sunburn. Nevertheless, as Rosie finished laying her new blanket out on the bottom of her already multi-quilted bed, Rosie considered changing and going outside. Soon the day would turn to duties and chores, and Rosie hadn't been outside once yet.

Opting to reverse french plait her hair across the back and over her shoulder, Rosie rummaged through her neat drawers to find a bikini. The bright rainbow striped set was brilliantly eye catching and fitted nicely, without being too slutty. Rosie shimmied into her swim set and then pulled on a white pair of tracksuit shorts. There. Slipping into some flip-flops, Rosie grabbed her towel and padded outside. Sure enough, the pool was bustling with housemates, one having clearly thought himself the 'big man' by jumping in fully clothed. Rosie parked her towel and draped it over a lounger, slid her flip-flops off and wriggled out of her shorts. Then, in her bikini, she swan dived beautifully off of the side of the pool, making a very small, very feminine splash as she entered the shimmering water.

Rosie surfaced near Matthew, pulling her plait over her shoulder. "Shouldn't you at least take your shoes off?"Ro


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Matthew McCavis

Matthew grinned over at Cassandra, it was a flirty grin but also a smirk. "Why yes, I did. Thanks for asking. " He said and dramatically/ sarcastically ran a hand back through his once spiked hair. Matthew glanced over at Rosie, "Ah, but having shoes on it the more funner part of swimming...You should try it sometime.." he said with another grin. Matthew turned to Cassandra once again, "Wanna join me?" he said with a grin, he was always like this, flirty and devious. "Or later we could go skinny dipping if you'd like. There's a hot tub for a reason." Matthew said deviously, without waiting for her reply to his earlier question. Matthew didn't really know why but he felt an almost...attraction towards Cassandra and it was funny cause there were a lot of great looking werewolves and yet of all of them it was the human Cassandra. He didn't mind however because she wasn't shallow. He knew as well as she did there was more to her than the eye could see. And for some reason Matthew could see that. Even though she was human he could see she longed for being a werewolf but yet she seemed..happy. Cassandra being human was one of the main reasons for him liking her, because she was different and it reminded him of his once humanity..