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Dorian Ti'ushi

"To be honest, I'd rather not get involved with all this mess."

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a character in “Red Apotheosis”, as played by The Based God


"To be honest, I'd rather not get involved with all this mess."


Name: Dorian Ti'ushi
Age: 28
Race: Caucasian/Japanese
Height: 6'0"
Build: Strong, Stout, Lean

Appearance: Dorian's genes highly favour his American side over his Japanese roots, which can be plainly distinguished by his red hair and lightly tanned skin. Standing around the average height for a young man his age, Dorian's lean yet stout figure is surprisingly built and well-toned despite how it may well appear at first glance. His muscular figure has been clearly sculpted through years of intensive exercises, though not enough to make him seem like a muscular brute, allowing him to retain flexibility and fluidity in his movements. His most notable apparent feature that Dorian possess is without a doubt the eye patch covering his right eye. Where in a deep green emerald color use to reside, now only find a a pale milky whiteness can be found.


General Mentality: Dorian is fairly direct in the way he operates in day to day life. He himself believing that Humans, nor Mages, are granted enough time on this world to worry about trivial matters Dorian strives at living in the here and now. His rash and brazen policy in always being honest often causes more undo rest for him than he needs, never believing that a lie is the correct answer to any course of action. This almost otherworldly degree of openness coupled with his thrill seeking nature has brought more unwelcome trouble on his head than any one man should care to have, however; it does not deter him from living his desired lifestyle among the other denizens of New Cairo. When it comes to the growing number of Mages seeking a reformation of order in New Cairo, Dorian for the most part in uninterested. They preach about equality for Mages but Dorian himself has never been oppressed by anyone, maybe other than having to be ID'd as a Mage, and doesn't see the point in starting a mass protest about it. Whatever the case, Dorian isn't a fool and when the chips begin to fall, so to will he fall towards the most favourable side.

Aspirations: Growing up in Japan Dorian ,like many others, grew an attachment to historical dramas featuring Samurai heroes. While though the Samurai died out centuries ago Dorian decided at a young age to model himself in the light of their oaths and code. As time drug on and Dorian grew from a small boy into a young adult he knew this was impossible in the modern world, yet he still fancies himself a modern day Samurai even if it a far-cry from the truth. One such aspect of his love for the ancient Japanese culture that did in fact never seem to leave him was the love for the art of duelling. Nothing on Earth seemed more honourable to Dorian than two warriors pitting skill against each other in a fight to the death, and it is this which he seeks most of all. Dorian firmly believes that residing in New Cairo is a mage he is destined to duel with, and when they duel Dorian will ascend to a state of living Nirvana.

Fears: Though not his only fear, Dorian's biggest phobia is of dying alone. It is a common, but often understated affliction, especially for one such as Dorian that lives his life in self inflicted solitude. With his father joining his mother in the next life Dorian has no family left in the physical realm, and New Cairo is an all to unforgiving place for those seeking the solace of another. Dorian knows this so he conceals his dread and pushes on, knowing that it will be his time one day and on that day no one shall mourn.


Magic Level: 3

School of Magic: Tempering

Clothing: Dorian more often than not dresses in a practical manner, not being one focused on eccentrics. His everyday attire normally consists jeans, boots, and a t-shirt, making it quite easy to mistake him for an average everyday young man his age. The only truly notable item in his wardrobe is the eye patch that always remains over his right eye, making him easy to identify if you are able to see his face. While out on jobs he often adorns leather fingerless gloves and a hooded jacket just in case he needs to conceal his face, though he tends to avoid doing things that may require such action.

Fighting Style: Being born in Japan and fascinated with the Japanese culture, Dorian began studying the martial art of Aikido. Consisting of striking, throwing, and joint locking, Aikido focuses and rapid fluid movements that are meant to blend and mesh with an opponents attacks instead of meeting force with force. After his powers manifested the more spiritual teachings of Aikido allowed him the mental fortitude to deal with his newly developed powers more than most, and offered and outlet to focus them in until he was able to successfully control them. Since then Dorian has been able to blend his Tempering abilities into his Aikido martial arts increasing both his strength and speed exponentially, making him a force to truly be wary of.

Occupation: Dorian's current occupation is the sort of a Jack-of-all-Trades, which basically means he will do near anything for a pay check. Though not the most lucrative source of income Dorian has found that this job fits him better than any other, having both flexible working hours and more often than nought interesting clients. Though in recent years Dorian has often thought that perhaps it is time for a change in occupation due to the increasing tension between the Mages and the government. Dorian knows that it is only a matter of time before nameless and lesser Mages like himself are put to the block for things he did not do, therefore he is actively seeking a more reputable source of income.

Hobbies: Dorian is a philanthropic youth, and as such has many active endeavours in which he considers hobbies. He is an avid practitioner of Parkour, which one can clearly see most nights as he leaps and bound over rooftops and through alleyways. He also loves, though he will not admit it, to gamble which has on more than one occasion lost him all of his savings. However; the most notable activity he delves into is his continued practice of his martial artist training in Aikido. Making sure to keep both his body and mind in tune, and allowing it's teaching to guide his life.


Place of Birth: Okinawa, Japan

Personal History: Born on one of the smaller out laying islands surrounding Okinawa, Dorian was the son of a coupling between a Japanese father and an American mother. The early years of his life proceeded like that of most young boys, he went to school played with his friends and things of that nature, however; his father was a tad overly strict. Despite this however his childhood was filled with the same mundane happiness that most experience when they are young. His avid love for his Japanese culture even at a young age was something to be marvelled at, devoting much of his free time to watching old historical dramas and reading books detailing the period. He wanted nothing more than to be like the heroes of old, so at age 8 he enrolled in a dojo teaching Aikido. Years went by and the young starry eyed boy that grew up yearning to be the Samurai heroes from his favourite movies all but died out, and a young man lving in the real world emerged. He still practised Aikido, however; due to the manifestation of his Tempering abilities his instructors deemed him to strong to spar normal students and dismissed him from the dojo. After his father died he found himself alone in the place he was supposed to call home. Everything seemed foreign and distant as if he didn't belong here any more, and he began searching for a new place to settle down. It was then he found New Cairo, the city of Mages.

Settling in to life in New Cairo had not been near as difficult as Dorian had originally suspected. Life in New Cairo was fast paced and everyone seemed to be acting out their lives on multiple fronts. That being said it wasn't difficult for a young man with the skill set that Dorian had to find work of some sort in such a large and bustling metropolis. He started doing odd jobs for various people and businesses within New Cairo, and though he never accumulated much income he did manage to raise his reputation within a few certain circles. By the age twenty-two Dorian managed to start his own small business of sorts that provided various services from courier delivery to protection, and though it did not have an official name or license he never ran short of contracts from the lesser end of society. Thus Dorian managed to carve out a living for himself in new Cairo.

In recent years, with unrest between the Mages and the governing bodies of New Cairo growing at alarming rates, Dorian has found himself in need of new affiliations. Though he has tried to distance himself from this rising tension, every Mage has been on edge lately. Whether or not he shall ally of defy these new Mage equalists Dorian does not yet know, however; he has determined to keep an eye out and wait for all the pieces to show themselves before he too makes his move.

So begins...

Dorian Ti'ushi's Story