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Christian Luchars

"I'd risk my life for each and every one of them. That doesn't make me weak, it makes me committed."

0 · 733 views · located in Post War America

a character in “Red Dawn: A New Fight”, as played by xxtensionxx


Christian Luchars


Name: Christian Robert Luchars
Nickname: Chris, C, anything affectionate from Isabella
Age: Nineteen
Hometown: Small Town in Indiana
Sexuality: Straight

Likes: Jinx | Summer | Fruit | His Girlfriend | Caffeine | Warmth | Surfing | Sports | Hugging | Comfort | Longboarding | Naps | Sun | Laughing | Photography | Cowboy Hats | Horses | Farm | His Family | Crops | Working Hard | Hugging His Girlfriend From Behind | Having His back Scratched | Apples | Dogs | Having His Hair Played With
Dislikes: Winter | Snow | Being Cold | Foxes | His Uncle | Violence | Chaos | Dancing | Guns | Bullies | Sweets | The Dark | Being Alone | Large Crowds | His Glasses | Too Much Work | Being Flustered | Not Having An Answer | Sleeping Alone

Fire |: Not only is he scared of it, it terrifies him. When he was younger, he and his sister were nearly burned alive, and because of so, he hates it. When he sees it in small amounts, he gets uncomfortable, but if its a larger amount, he freezes.
Losing Someone He Loves |: At this point, Isabella is really all he has left. And he plans on keeping her there.

Skills: Running Fast | Leading | Making People Comfortable | Has Great Balance | Good Aim | Strong, Muscular
Deficits: A Horrible Liar | Has Strong Morals | Can't Dance | Gets Quiet Sometimes | Overly Protective | Gets Hurt Easily

Biography: Still learning constantly from his surroundings, Christian is one of the kindest people you would ever meet. The long hours of work on the farm that he lives on has lead him to be a hard worker and a calm kid when it comes to having to do stuff. He's passionate about what he does, and gives things his all, sometimes to a bad result. If he can't complete something he's started, it'll be evident on his face he's upset. He's an expressive person and isn't afraid to show his feelings, though it's not often that he will cry. His sister's quiet nature, and the fact that he was often with her has led him to be extremely talkative, often to the point of annoyance. He tries to do the right thing, if not for his sake then for those around him. He can be obnoxious and unruly, and often gets stubborn like a typical kid. At the same time though, he is very good with people. HIs bubbly, open and friendly nature makes other people trust him.

Lying isn't something Christian has ever felt the need to do, and because of such, he's rubbish at it. His family was very close knit and tight, and he's used to the comfortable environment where telling a fib was unheard of. He was one of two kids, him and a younger sister, Hannah, who was 3 years younger, and they were what many parents would consider perfect kids. The family of four lived on a small farm in Ohio, run by them and the 10 workers they had had hired for many years. They were each well aquatinted with the many parts of the farm, be it the chickens coop or the horses barn. They had any animals you could think of, and crops as far as the eye could see. It was perfect, until the war hit. Because their farm was separated from all other parts of the town, it was a long drive home. While driving home from school with his sister, he got a text from his mom telling him to turn around. His sister had also gotten it, and while he stared at it in confusion and shock, she'd gotten out of the non moving car and started sprinting towards their house, now just down the street. He'd gotten out and was about to follow her when she was snatched. Taken by a truck that seemed to come out of no where, and they were instantly speeding in the other direction. How it had happened, he is still unsure, but as it became evident that this was a war, it only seemed natural to him that he would make a group and fight back.

As far as his relationship with Bella goes, he's extremely into her. To himself, he would call it love, but he wouldn't admit that outloud. But it's obvious how much he likes her, from the small actions of kindness like giving her flowers to the feeling of need to be at her beck and call. He's rather infatuated. As for his relationship with Jinx, that's a different story. It started when they were both young, one day when Christian was getting bullied and Jinx had stood up for him, then he'd split his sandwich with her. Every since, they'd been best friends. Their friendship is one of a kind, from co-ed sleepovers being the norm to showering at each others houses, they are extremely close to each other. It was easy for him to decide he loved her because honestly, he does. He just hopes he can keep her and Bella safe and friendly.

Other: Christian has no tattoos, though he almost always has a plain back NorthFace backpack with him.

So begins...

Christian Luchars's Story