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Angel Teresa Kennedy

"Yes, my name is Angel. Now fuck off, dickhead, before I kill you."

0 · 967 views · located in Post War America

a character in “Red Dawn: A Second Chance”, as played by Makenna Young


Angel Teresa Kennedy


Name: Angel Teresa Kennedy
Nickname: [none]
Age: 19
Hometown: New York City, New York, USA
Sexuality: Straight
    Rock Music
    Beer (o.o)
    Motorcylces (It's, like, an obsession.)
    Showing Off Skills
    Country Music
    Not Taking Action
    Serious Injury
    Losing her Friend
    Art (practice with fake ids, haha)
    Flirting (xD)
    Hand to Hand Combat (no weapons except knives)
    Being Quiet

Angel's personality is completely opposite her name. She tempermental, and bitchy. Usually I'd try to defend her for it by saying it's not her fault, but won't, as that would be a complete one hundred percent lie that she would take total offense to. Indeed, she's proud of being the ass she is, which is why many do not attempt, or even wish to attempt befriending her. She's considered a bitch by many, a friend by one.

Angel is a bit careless when it comes to analyzing a dangerous situation, thereby putting herself in danger of serious injury and/or death. Many think, for this reason, than that she's suicidal, when she really isn't in any form of the imagination, despite her difficult past. She also appears emo, as she is completely stoic, speaking in a constant, emotionless monotone.

Angel was born to Mildred and Harold Kennedy on October 28th. Mind, she never knew her father, as he left Mildred when Angel was born. For the longest time, Mildred blamed herself for the relationship complications, and Angel lived with a depressed mother. But eventually, when Angel was seven, Mildred decided that her husband leaving her wasn't her own fault, but her daughters. Angel's life became a living hell, and she trusted no one, especially her mother, who began working as a prostitute.

Angel met her only friend (the leader) in middle school, susprised to find that he didn't mind her being around. Everyone else thought she was just a worthless emo chick, not knowing her history and family life. When she learned her best (and only) friend was going to resist the invasion, she naturally wanted to go along. However, she didn't want to just be allowed to join due to her friendship with the leader, so she got a hold of one of her mother's frequent clients, who worked for a black market that sold dangerous weapons unbeknownst to the world. When the man heard the purpose the weapons would be put to, he instantly agreed, and gave Angel everything she wanted.

Angel has a set of fallen angel wings tattooed on her upper left shoulder blade with her name in hot pink in the center.
She also has a lip piercing, nose piercing, belly piercing, etc, etc.
He feelings fr her friend are growing, causing extreme jealousy.

So begins...

Angel Teresa Kennedy's Story